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  1. ITS ALIVE!!!! All going now. That last lot of permissions did it. Thanks for your help.
  2. I tried that. (Might give it another go when I'm sure all files are ingested) I definitely need to fix the permissions. I'm still working on it slowly. I'm making sure all files are ingested first then hopefully I can fix them. It's just 1 share of retro game roms now the rest of my library is done working as normal. I'm using the synology software for that one folder. (Once it's synced it's unlikely to change again anyway so no real worries anymore.) Thanks though.
  3. Its a 916+ with 8gb ram expansion. Resilio is hogging most of its ram now I'm doing a full rebuild but it's coping OK just about. (And I never did get the rest of the files fixed)
  4. Thank you for the explanation. As you've stated root is not always visible to the user. I've been through file station permissions that's how %90 of it was fixed already but no way of setting root (that would be to easy wouldn't it lol) I'm definitely indexing now so we're moving again. (Hopefully) I'll know more in a few days (the synology only has an atom cpu) Hopefully that's done it. You don't have to answer this one but maybe a script that ran the chown command every day or something would prevent this. I'll look into that Thanks
  5. so create a user called root? what even is an octal anyway? winscp just as well be written in Klingon because it makes no sense to me. i can't see any reference to octal in the synology at all. I've managed to get the number of effected files to 1650 and the permissions of them look different to other files when viewed with windows explorer. I can't understand how Resilio managed to move the files to it but now can't do anything with them, yet the other 25TB is not effected. no files have root present as a user not even the good ones The user of the good fi
  6. Awesome. I'll have a look. Many thanks.
  7. so my current work around goes like this. Synology drive takes files from the pc to the synology and back then from the synology drive moves them to a VM where Resilio is then (magically) able to work with them again and move them into to the unraid drives. I'm hoping once i get all the conflicts that this will generate resolved i can fix the permissions and go back to a 3 way sync. But for now apart from being slow (and silly) it seems to work I should not need to spin up a VM just to handle this ( i guess i could try vm straight to pc but that doesn't really stop me hav
  8. windows has the same issue even just between windows and unraid permissions in windows are set to "everyone" and "full control" manually for all files but it wont index I'm going to try Synology's DS Cloud app instead to just to see what happens. this has been going on for weeks now sometimes it go's to 1% and I've seen it stuck as high as %20 but normally %0 and at the moment it go's between 0-1 then back to 0 Update DS Cloud (now called Drive (shows how long i've been using Resillio)) seems to be unaffected. I'll see if i can use it to juggle the files o
  9. Could you walk me through what ever your saying (google has no reference to synology acl only windows acl) well i've done everything i can do to make the permissions workable. there were permissions problems in windows they are now ok.. IIn synnology i've given rslsync permission as a system internal user and checked all advanced permission options look correct. i don't see anyway to do what your saying. I didnt yet try with out the synology paired (i wanted to see if i could figure out what you were saying first) But obesely that wouldn't fix anything just help
  10. In synology they seem tto be check box. (allow permission yes or no with no mention of a octalal i'll play with the idea for a bit and see what happens It may have coincided with a large number of Amiga Roms hitting the system so permissions is a good shout. Its been working this way for 6 years now so it seems strange
  11. i don't know how to do that but i've been trying. before i go any further I'll test syncing to the windows pc only. (synologgy removed from equation) Unraid has a permission utility so that defines what it's set to ( 000 user / group nobody i think ) (yyou'll have to fforrgive mme if i come accross as foul tempered .. My keybord iis not working ccorectly aas this text shows ((very frustrating to type)) if pc works i'll try again tto do as you say. Thanks,, Mat
  12. Has anyone//how do we submit a bug report then because its annoying and i cant work round it? i need sleep but none of my data is safe!!
  13. I have the same issue (on certain tasks)) This needs fixing !! i run this on 3 machines. Two docker instances on machine 1 running unraid both from different repos (they each handle half of my data because I run out of watchers (separate issue that also needs fixing) Machine 2 is the synology that receives everything.. Machine 3 Is a Windows PC All 3/4 Have the Issue. All 3 machines AUTO update to the latest STABLE and ii don't know how to downdate especially with unraid or synology also they would just auto update again. I'v been battling thi