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  1. Wow thanks everybody for your great advice. I was about to bite the bullet and start learning docker - but then jayjay just explained exactly what I originally had in mind - so I think I'm gonna go with that and then over the holidays I'll figure out docker and see if I can get that working with multiple instances. What a great community!!
  2. Hi I'm trying to figure out the best way to setup sync on my home linux server so all 4 members of the family have an 'always on' client ready to receive syncs from each persons phone, tablet and pc. My idea is to have 4 instances of sync running in parallel so they all get their own web-gui as well to help with setup and maintenance. Once the instances are running 24/7 (and configured to sync to folders in user's own home directory) then any time one of us opens sync on a device like my phone - it syncs the photos to the linux server. i would then do some manual pruning and moving files i really want to keep to a separate folder for backup on a raid disk. Moving the files would also then ensure they get cleaned off the source device. Does that make sense or is there a way better way of doing it? The problem I'm having is knowing how to run 4 separate instances - ideally using systemd to auto start them at boot - and how/if to get those instances to run with 4 different users. Any help would be appreciated