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  1. I think I've found the source of my problem -- the new SAN which serves as storage for the files is a Linux box with some custom management UI interface that seems to have been set using only the Pacific Standard timezone and doesn't have the option of setting the timezone to Pacific Daylight time ("daylight savings time" means that those of us on the West coast of the USA are at UTC-7 this time of year rather than UTC-8). So the SAN controller itself has a clock set an hour into the future, and I don't seem to have the privileges required to fix it. Corporate IT is now on the case. I'm pretty sure that in my case at least this is not exactly Resilio's problem. Though it does make me wonder how Resilio handles syncing between users in different timezones, I guess maybe it just normalizes all times to UTC, in which case the ones stored on that SAN would be an hour off.
  2. I'm running into the same problem on Resilio 2.7.2 on macOS 10.13.6. Sometimes when I move a folder into a folder that's shared with others using Resilio, I can watch the folder's date modified change from the correct time to an hour into the future, and then I start seeing errors and having files not sync. For what it's worth, both of the computers that subscribe to this share are running macOS and are set to the Pacific Daylight Time time zone, and their clocks are synced to the same NTP server and are showing the same correct time. I have watched the Date Modified value change an hour into the future as I move the folder into the folder that Resilio's syncing. I do not see this behavior when I move folders into any other folder. I do have Resilio's Power User "ignore_mtime_assign_errors" setting set to "true" on both machines. I wonder if that has any relevance. I don't recall why I have that set to 'true', it may have been a workaround for some other issue I experienced long ago.