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  1. I'm trying to reinstall resilio sync after doing a fresh install of a new linux distro. Every time I do so, it's a huge struggle to get resilio to recognize my previous settings. I'm currently running Kubuntu 20.10. I installed resilio sync, and made the changes to the systemd configuration file so that I run it in user more. I then have to shut down the resilio sync service that was automatically started by the installer. I then do systemctl --user enable resilio-sync.service systemctl --user start resolio-sync.service and point my browswer to https://localhost:8888/gui/. Unfortunately, this will start a new user setup. I want to just continue using the setup that I had before. To that end, I tried copying the .config/resilio-sync folder from my previous linux installation back to the current installation. I then restart resilio-sync and my browser (firefox) now complains that So how can migrate a previous installation of resilio sync?