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  1. I'm a Sync Home Pro licensed user looking for advice on how best to perform the following steps: I have a set of Folders (from my NAS) that are synchronized to an External HD on my home PC for backup purposes. - This part is done and within my network. Take the same set of Folders (from NAS), or the External HD containing the backup, and sync with a remote machine at my home office (off my network) with encryption. - This is the part I am unsure how to perform. Step 2 is the part that I'm confused on how to achieve. When I attempt to add an encrypted folder I receive the following messages: If attempting to start with the set of folders on my NAS the message I receive is - "Selected Folder is already added to Sync Home" It is true that it's already added (see Step 1 above) If attempting to start with the External HD on my home PC the message I receive is - "Cannot add "X:\". It contains a folder that is already synching. Please chose another folder. It is true this folder is already synching. It will take another few hours for the sync to complete. I'd appreciate any advice on how to achieve my goal. I'm wondering if I need to let the Step 1 process finish it's sync before attempting to go to Step 2 or if there is a different approach all together?