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  1. It's been almost 10 days, and I don't see any effort in trying to get the problem fixed. No answer on the email to support either. A cold backup is supposed to be cold. If I need to keep it plugged in hot to make things work, it makes the whole thing pointless. I was even considering buying the family pack license (this would relieve me from setting up NextCloud, SSL certificates etc etc etc), but with the lack of interest from Resilio to even try to help users, that's a tough sell.
  2. If it helps, I wanted to have a cold storage backup of this pool. So I plugged an USB drive to my Windows workstation, installed Resilio on it, and invited it to share these files too. Suddenly, the transfer speeds went up to "normal" (40~80MB/s), and it appears the original server (SERVER) was transferring it to the desktop (cold backup), which was transferring them back to the second server (hot backup). But as soon as I pause the cold backup, transfer speeds go back to a halt. And something new also happened: the sync manager on the SERVER started to crash - doesn't load. I then have to restart the service/jail, and it keeps working for a while before it crashes again. I don't even know how to get started.
  3. Hello all. New user here. I'm using the Resilio Sync plugin on two TrueNAS Cores (formerly FreeNAS). Transfer speeds are awfully slow - in the range of B/s (sometimes stuck at 0B/s), and both computers are on the same LAN, on the same switch (no VLANs or subnets involved). If I disable folder_defaults.use_tracker and folder_defaults.use_relay, the hosts don't see each other. I have UPnP enabled on router (if that makes a difference). What else can I try?