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  1. If it helps, I wanted to have a cold storage backup of this pool. So I plugged an USB drive to my Windows workstation, installed Resilio on it, and invited it to share these files too. Suddenly, the transfer speeds went up to "normal" (40~80MB/s), and it appears the original server (SERVER) was transferring it to the desktop (cold backup), which was transferring them back to the second server (hot backup). But as soon as I pause the cold backup, transfer speeds go back to a halt. And something new also happened: the sync manager on the SERVER started to crash - doesn't load. I then h
  2. Hello all. New user here. I'm using the Resilio Sync plugin on two TrueNAS Cores (formerly FreeNAS). Transfer speeds are awfully slow - in the range of B/s (sometimes stuck at 0B/s), and both computers are on the same LAN, on the same switch (no VLANs or subnets involved). If I disable folder_defaults.use_tracker and folder_defaults.use_relay, the hosts don't see each other. I have UPnP enabled on router (if that makes a difference). What else can I try?