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  1. Thank you all for the replies. I don't expect new features every month just for the sake of feigning activity. In fact, I hate programs that turn into bloatware for that reason. I much prefer periodic bug fix releases that improve stability and functionality, with, as Andy says, a reasonably frequent release of new features based on user feedback. The reason I like to buy licenses even if I don't need a paid feature is because free is not a sustainable business model. If a tool helps me save time and effort, I'm happy to pay and do my little part in supporting development. Especially a tool that is centric to my workflow. If there are external circumstances that currently prevent on-going support/development, communication, brief as it may be, with users is a key. Uncertainty is the worst position to put users in. I'm not criticizing anyone, just stating my opinion here. Resilio works well for me and I didn't notice any bugs in my use-case, but I'm uneasy about the lack of any apparent development/support, which I fully acknowledge might resume before long.
  2. I've been testing Resilio Sync for the last couple of weeks and it's working well for my needs. While the free version seems to suit most of my needs, I like to support the development of tools that save me time and effort by buying a license. That said, I have had bad experience in the past with buying licences of programs that were still functional at the time but development/support seem to have begun to wither, eventually stopping and forcing me to move to another solution sooner or later. Are there any plans to continue the development and support of Resilio Sync at least to a reasonable level, or is the focus is solely on the business solution?