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  1. Thanks for the link. I found the files in the .sync folder. Nevertheless, i find this approach dangerous. The user should be informed clearly about issues and conflicts. Like with the Windows Offline Files mechanism:
  2. Hi, I'm evaluating Resilio Sync for maintaining a local copy of my NAS on my laptop when I'm away and resync it when I'm back on the network. I made this very simple POC: 1) synchronize the laptop, 2) get the laptop offline , 3) modify a file on the laptop pc, 4) modify the same file on the NAS, 5) reconnect the laptop to the network. I expected Resilio Sync to warn me about a conflict. It didn't. It just erased the version on the latpop with the one from the NAS. I guess, because it was newer. Is there a way to have Resilio either warn about the conflict or, at least,