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  1. I have looked through these options and I can't see anything that would help. Was there a specific option you had in mind?
  2. Thanks. I had seen this but unfortunately it doesn't help for the situation I describe where the same file on two offline systems are both updated, and then the systems go online to sync. It would be GREAT if a file with ".conflict" were created (as in your link, also Dropbox does this).
  3. If a file is updated on two offline PCs, and then the PCs go online and are sync'd, there is clearly a conflict. It appears that the most recent file gets copied across, and the old file gets put in .Sync\Archive with any deleted files. How then is it possible to look out for conflicts (and not deleted files)? I have never seen a ".Conflict" added to the filename as the Help suggests can occur in some circumstances. The only possible help that I can find is that subsequent conflicts seem to cause a .1 .2 .3 .4 etc. to be put before the file extension. But how is it possible to spot that first conflict - no ".0" is added!?? This seems to be a pretty fundamental problem. I hope there is some sort of solution, even if it involves looking log files or something.
  4. Agree - this is a very dangerous approach. I am very surprised there is no warning when there is a conflict. I never found a file in Archive with .Conflict either (in the case that a file is updated separately on both a laptop and a PC and the two are then later sync'd)