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  1. Hi, I'm a long time Sync user but new Sync Pro/Family user. My server is running the latest and greatest. I have a directory full of large files that I need to one way sync to 2 devices. In the past this folder was setup as a Standard read only share. Requirements: 1. Server files remain safe and unmodified no matter what, regardless of what happens on my phone or sisters computer. 2. My Android phone will AUTOMATICALLY sync the entire contents of the directory except 1 or 2 folders in said directory. 3. If a file or folder is deleted on the server, that same item(s) will be deleted from my phone. Issue 1: Files and folders that are deleted on the server are not being deleted on my android phone. Issue 2: Since purchasing the license it seems that my sisters computer might have owner permissions as it shows up under linked devices? On my sisters computer I want her to have to use selective sync to choose what she wants to download but without having any potential for changing things on the server. Thanks in advance!