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  1. Thank you, yes, I hope deleting everything and setting it up again would work, but I still hope someone can point me to the log files, since it'd be nice if I could report that bug to Resilio, as it's actually not the first time I encountered that. It's not nice when the app just finishes itself, without any way to find out what the problem is or to report it. Best regards, Hans-Peter
  2. Hi! I currently have the problem that Resilio Sync crashes on my Android (7.1.1, Nokia 7) Handy about one second after I start it, after having worked faithfully for years. Unfortunately the crash is so quick, that I cannot report the problem via the menu. It also doesn't show any "Application has crashed" screen - it looks like it just finishes itself. What to do? I had enabled the debug log, but I'm not able to find it with a file explorer. Where is that file saved? BTW: I think the problem is related to long file / directory names and / or unusual characters in file names. This started happening shortly after I introduced some new files with pretty long names which also contained characters like ' . But it doesn't go away now even when I remove that folder or the toplevel folder via a file manager. I also removed those files from the peers, but that doesn't help. Thank you so much! Hans-Peter