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  1. Thanks - that says: "Warning appears if there's less than 1Gb of space left on the disk where default folder location parameter in Sync General settings points", but I have 7TB free at that location
  2. ^can anybody help here? (the support ticket form doesn't work for me, as I'm trying out the personal version, but if I can't get it work, I guess there's no point upgrading to a paid version)
  3. I have just installed home version on a Asustor NAS and Synology NAS, I created a folder with one file, on the Asustor NAS, and successfully synced to the Synology NAS by sharing the key. Then I shared the key for another folder and set-up the link to the remote Synology NAS and but this time the triangle popped up on the dashboard with message "Running out of free space in storage location", when in fact there are many TB free