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  1. Hello all, We have been suffering from this problem for years and it really sucks bad. But first: In the above thread, both Robotnik and Zeuskabob have the exact same issue, they just described it differently. After a file is renamed, Resilio will resync the old file name to the device because it cannot always tell the difference between "user deleted file" and "user has never seen the file before so sync it". With small files this can happen quickly if peers are online so one might not notice it, so they might not understand the cause. (Online state flapping of peers is a whole different headache i won't get into here.) With large video files it's horrifically obvious what is happening. We've seen this happening in all cases and our users are terrified of renaming anything. Please say for the record what we need to do to stop this, or if it's just a failure of the software. If "overwrite changes" is the cause, then this should be explained because on Android clients, it is default OFF. Is it the reason duplicate files are so often getting created? This setting is buried in the 'scary by design" area so I am hesitant to touch it, because come on. Who on gods green earth would want file duplication on rename actions to be a default behavior?? By the way this does cause data loss. When humans are renaming lots of files and folders while playing whack-a-mole deleting all the files that come back from the dead with old file names, they make mistakes / get confused due to the synchronize lag, and end up deleting files before the rename propagates everywhere, so then both versions can disappear. For this I am very happy for the archive "trash can" backups. But still, why put us through the whack-a-mole game? Any definitive advice on what we end users need to do to stop rename duplication (if even possible) would be appreciated. It seems to be a wide spread problem and a default behavior. In our resilio cloud are Linux desktops, windows desktops, android phones, and a synology NAS running the synology app package. I'm not playing with the advanced settings, and rename-duplication is a constant headache making my users ask me to change providers. Apart from this one horror show of a problem (and the client state flapping) our users generally like the solution. But i'm being pressured to dump it and change providers. Thanks in advance for the help!