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  1. Probably a completely obvious fix, but I can't seem to sync two folders which already exist. So I have a folder I periodically pull over to my synology NAS device, I know pathetic & crude backup method, so I've decided to start using Resilio. I did have Good Sync, but it's choking on my server & wants me to buy a 'server license', no thanks. So I have the folder which exists on my PC & I want to sync it with the already created folder (which has most of the contents already loaded) on my server. I can't figure out how to do that and I've watched several tutorials, every one of them just seems to create the new folder & sync it up. I don't want to 'recreate' it. I want to use what is already there and in the location I want it to be in. Advice, recommendation would be appreciated. BE NICE!! ☺️