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  1. Hi, I just installed resiliosync_x64_dsm7.spk V2.7.2.1375-3152 but nothing works and I don't understand if I'm wrong, or if the downloaded package is not compatible with DSM 7 (On the Synology page I found the architecture of my DS918 + and on the Resilio page of the sync versions I chose x64 indicated for ApolloLake) : If I try to open Resilio by starting it from the URL lower left (http://mynasname/, from the installed packages page, or from the Package Center I get "page not available" (pagina non disponibile/ pagina non trovata) - see the screenshot: while i think it should launch a setup screen. Where am I wrong? the same thing happens if I install the version proposed by Synology in its package center .... It is the first time that I use Resilio, I have read some posts, but nobody helps me in this case ... EDIT: in the registration I have indicated a wrong domain in my email .... now I have canceled the previous registration and in the new registration I have changed my email