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  1. Hi In DSM6 I needed to force TCP and edit the debug.txt file. To get consistent high speed. Updated to DSM7 and the new Resilio app, No its seems to be screwed up again. Because can't get consistent download speed.. The speed peaks and bottoms out and peaks again.Anyone know where debug.txt is located on DSM7? And will it help to edit the debug.txt to force TCP ?
  2. Hello. Suddenly I don't get consistent download speed. It jumps up and down, from 1,4MB/s to 34MB/s. Before I used to get an consistent high speed maxing out my 500/500 connection about 59mb/s from 0-100%. No it jumps up and down up and down between high and low speed. I tried updating the debug.txt file from "0" to "2" to "4" Before I hade to force it to use "2" to force TCP but after an update it was reseted to "0" and no I don't get the high speed I use to have. regards LL