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  1. Resubmitting now that my account is approved. Please add support for external authentication providers for user accounts that access the management dashboard. We are in the middle of a rollout to 10s of thousands of devices in the coming months and need to be able provide access for a number of support users to the management dashboard. Using standalone accounts on the management server is not scalable and does not comply with our security requirements for user access. We need to have the ability to use either Azure AD or SAML based authentication from an external authentication provider. SAML would probably be the best to start with for you since it is supported by a large number of authentication providers. We could also use RADIUS auth if necessary, but would prefer SAML / Azure AD. We are deploying all of our management systems in Azure and therefore cannot use LDAP since we do not (and will not) allow Azure systems to communicate via LDAP with our on prem AD servers. Thanks.