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  1. ## still fail still happens in sync 2 on android/windows repro add folder C:\data\DCIM in windows check share/read & write add folder /storage/emulated/0/DCIM in android take a photo delete it from windows it's moved to /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/.sync/Archive/Camera ## clear data fail i tried clearing settings before repro with the same result open settings/apps/Sync in android, force stop, clear data, clear cache delete /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/.sync ## another app that doesn't fail? my only reason for using this app is to move photos from /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera (synced to C:\data\DCIM) to C:\Users\User\OneDrive\public\Pictures\phone when the phone storage is full. with as little manual work as possible. since this app fails at this can u suggest another app for this? i don't wanna sync it directly to onedrive and use placeholders in android because i'm concerned that an app fail or my fail will accidentally delete all placeholders and therefore all my photos. i wanna completely remove the files from android ## workaround fail the workaround to create an empty file called /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/.sync/Archive to block the apps attempt to create a folder with that name and move deleted files there fails too because it fails the whole delete function. when this is the case the deleted file comes back to C:\data\DCIM\Camera a few seconds after it's deleted from there
  2. ## disable? how do i disable .sync/Archive in the android app? ## reproduce reproduce my fail by doing this fill the nexus 5 storage with videos during 1 day empty DCIM/Camera from btsync after auto backup has completed next day my nexus 5 storage is still full but the files are in .sync/Archive instead ## fail this attempt to manually edit the settings file failed Save Sync settings. change the setting delete_to_trashi1e14 to delete_to_trashi0e14. Import Sync settings. this sync.dat is saved as sync.dat.1410504049.bad
  3. ## Run btsync_arm.tar.gz on non-root Android How's btsync_arm.tar.gz run on a non-root [samsung S7560]( ## Problem Login to S7560 through SSHDroid from another device ssh -p 2222 root@ "./btsync --help" on S7560 return "Permission denied" # the shell don't have root access id uid=10106(app_106) gid=10106(app_106) groups=1015(sdcard_rw),1023(media_rw),3003(inet) # system information uname -a Linux localhost 3.0.8-1224927 #1 PREEMPT Tue Jun 4 18:13:02 KST 2013 armv7l GNU/Linux # run btsync wget -O btsync_arm.tar.gz tar vxzf btsync_arm.tar.gz btsync ./btsync --help sh: ./btsync: Permission denied ## Reason The reason to run btsync_arm.tar.gz rather than the Android app is * administration through is faster than through a touch screen or TeamViewer QS (the Android app don't allow HTTP administration) * option to enable "Folder Preferences > General > Store deleted files in SyncArchive" (the Android app don't allow the SyncArchive option) ## Root Does it work with root access?, because * according to [1clickroot S7560]( it's safe to root S7560 The device in the topic "Problem" isn't rooted because the owner don't have knowledge about what 1clickroot does (i.o.w. the probability for a non-reversible problem)
  4. ## Answer Reply to post [66440]( because * it describe that the question in the first post in this thread isn't answered
  5. ## Seagate Wireless Plus Explain if btsync_arm.tar.gz run in Seagate Wireless Plus I.o.w. in [2.6.32 #339 Fri Feb 22 16:29:32 IST 2013 armv7l]( By testing the procedure in the topic * Run * Auto start ## Run 1) Login to a Seagate Wireless Plus # password: goflex telnet -l root 2) Running btsync in a Seagate Wireless Plus wget -O btsync_arm.tar.gz tar vxzf btsync_arm.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin btsync btsync 3) Syncing a folder from ## Auto start 1) Auto starting btsync mkdir -p /home/.btsync; btsync --dump-sample-config > /home/.btsync/config.json Write this in /etc/rc.local btsync --config /home/.btsync/config.json Restart Seagate Wireless Plus Test if btsync is running ps aux | grep btsync
  6. ## iOS >Please correct me if I'm wrong. You have Seagate Wireless Plus device and iPad and you'd like to play and >manage files from Seagate device on your mobile device. >Looks like you don't need BitTorrent Sync for this, you only need a WebDAV iOS application. >Why do you want to use BitTorrent Sync iOS in this case? Because the data come from Internet computer with BTSync > iOS > Seagate Wireless Plus rather than iOS > Seagate Wireless Plus ## Seagate Wireless Plus >You don't want to install BTSync on Seagate. The reason I want to copy the data from Internet computer with BTSync > iOS > Seagate Wireless Plus rather than Internet computer with BTSync > Seagate Wireless Plus is * it's easier to run BTSync in iOS compared to in Seagate Wireless Plus * I don't know that btsync_arm.tar.gz run in Seagate Wireless Plus because [this]( question isn't answered
  7. ## OS >You can use SMB folder as a shared folder in BTSync without any issues Clarify that you're talking about BitTorrent Sync iOS (rather than another OS) by * describing the GUI actions to do this because * the Android BTSync GUI don't allow a SMB folder as a Sync Folder because the GUI action "Add sync folder > Choose folder" don't allow typing a Sync Folder path (f.e. smb: // rather than selecting it in a folder browser (where a SMB folder can't be mounted on a non-rooted device) * it's possible that the iOS code is similar to the Android code. I.o.w. don't allow a SMB folder as a Sync Folder
  8. ## Clarification for the topic "iOS SMB or WebDAV Sync Folder" >That's not the purpose of the program, also its technology doesn't allow that. It relies on bittorrent technology. Not smb/webdav. This reply understand the question as being about sync through SMB or WebDAV rather than BitTorrent This is wrong because * the question is about using a SMB or WebDAV folder as a Sync Folder, that has meaning because wired (rather than wireless) iOS storage is limited
  9. ## iOS SMB or WebDAV Sync Folder Can BitTorrent Sync iOS use a SMB or WebDAV folder as a Sync Folder? ## Reason The goal is to use a Seagate Wireless Plus smb:// or folder as a Sync Folder in an iPad Using SMB or WebDAV as a Sync Folder has meaning because iPad * built in storage is 16 GB * SD card connected to Lightning store at most 32 GB * don't support (non-jailbroken) mounting an external USB disk connected through Lightning, except * [HyperDrive Hard Drive for iPad]( that cost $400 compared to Seagate Wireless Plus that cost $200
  10. ## Link synchronisation It's a problem that linked folders are synchronised because * it can lead to unwanted synchronisation An option per synced folder would be meaningful because * some folders should synchronise its links Without an option it's better to synchronise (rather than not synchronise) because * it's useful for efficient sharing