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Found 1 result

  1. Using v1.0.134, and syncing around 30 folders containing a total of 200,000 files my BT Sync has started to hang. It does it every time now. Memory usage peaks at startup (1.2GB-1.5GB) then settles down to 800-900MB. I run BT Sync on one machine using read-only keys from client machines each having a few shares. Total about 10 machines, 30 shares. Force-closing the hung app has led to some of my peers' data files being renamed to .!sync and I believe in one case it even deleted one of my Quickbooks files. I am 99% certain it was BT Sync. Some of the other QB files had the .!sync as well. I tried to do a full dump using Process Explorer, but gave up after waiting over an hour for it. I have never done a full dump before, is that fairly normal for a process using a gig of ram? Willing to test my setup in any way you want me to for bug reporting. If someone can tell me if that is normal I will try again. 10 clients, mostly Server 2008 R2 servers, some Windows 7 64-bit with ~3 shares each, 200,000 files 1 "server", Server 2008 R2, using client shares in read-only mode ~2TB of data in total