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Found 2 results

  1. After dropping a file into a folder that is being synced with other computers, occassionally, one of the files will result in a 0 kb file size. I have to go find the original file and drop it into the folder again, and even then, after syncing with other computers, it reverts to a 0 kb file size. Then it becomes hard to delete the 0 kb file. I can drop the original file into the folder and rename it to something else to avoid conflict with the original file name, but even after deleting the original file, it continues to sync and show up as a 0 kb file. This occurs in new folders and in existing folders, and it happens to about 5% of my files. Am I doing something wrong here?
  2. Hi there, It keeps happening that documents I make with LibreOffice, get overwritten with 0kb versions of them, since I started using BitTorrent Sync. The original document is then moved to the Archive under the .Sync folder. I tried different formats, like .docx, and .odt, it doesn't seem to matter. It randomly happens. Might there be some kind of combination of (Libre)Office (temp locked files) and the BitTorrent software that seems to be clashing? Under the Archive folder I also find locked 1kb files, like: .~lock.documentname.1.odt# .~lock.documentname.2.odt# .~lock.documentname.3.odt# Hope to hear from you and thanks in advance.