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  1. Question guys, I have the following config.json for my two nodes. I am wondering if I am still sending any data over the internet or would all my traffic stay within my local lan ? From what I understand using the known_hosts directive, along with search_lan, I am not going to be using any public trackers. Is this correct? Thanks! -John { "device_name": "", "listening_port": 55555, "storage_path": "/etc/btsync", "pid_file": "/var/run/btsync/", "check_for_updates": false, "use_upnp": false, "download_limit": 0, "upload_limit": 0
  2. I have a Synology DS413j in my office, running Bittorrent Sync 1.2.82. Everyone in the office saves their work onto the the Synology drive, and the whole drive is shared with various laptops via btsync. When the laptops are in the office inside the LAN, everything works fine, but when a laptop is taken home, none of the folders update. Files added at home, appear as "Added file /File/Path" (inside the BTSync app), but there is no transfer, and the files do not appear on the Synology drive. Similarly files added to the Synology drive do not appear on the laptops, when the laptops are not ins
  3. Some of the files I'm planning to sync from my MacBook Pro to my Windows Home Server are very large (virtual machines) and as such I'd like to enable syncing only when I've connected to my local network using Ethernet (rather than using the WiFi). This is because a sync over anything other than a local ethernet connection will take forever, massacre my WiFi and max out my broadband monthly data cap in no time. Request: For each sync folder, allow the user to specify which network interfaces may be used for syncing (default = All), so as I can de-select WiFi for these folders.For each sync fo
  4. I've been able to setup BitTorrent Sync locally, but I'm having trouble getting my router to work with it. In my logs I see "Requesting peers from tracker via UDP" but it says it "Got 3 tracker ips" along with 2 relay IPs. [2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] Got 2 relay ips[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] Got 3 tracker ips[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip Any idea why it is not using one of the three
  5. I have a workgroup set up with BT Sync. We've noticed our internet bandwidth is getting bogged down, and after eliminating all options, we're certain it's Sync. All the computers we want to sync to are on the local network. I'm not sure how to pull this off, but is there a way to limit Sync to only the local network, and not do an outbound broadcast? Probably a stupid or naive question, but thought I'd ask. BT Sync is working perfectly for our needs, but our internet connection is shoddy, so we need to eliminate any unnecessary traffic.
  6. I've used several P2P syncing apps in the past but they went by the wayside or grew to be very expensive. For the past couple years I've been using GoodSync (GS) and have been quite happy with it. However, when I learned of BitTorrent Sync (BTS) I just had to give it a try. Today I ran a few "low tech" tests to see how the two products compared. Here's what I found when transferring 1108 files totaling 406MB: Time To Transfer Over The Web BTS = 12 Minutes GS = 28 Minutes Time To Transfer Over A LAN BTS = 10.5 Minutes GS = 0.75 Minutes Memory Use BTS = 4.9MB GS = 9.9MB I'm thrilled
  7. Hi I have 2 storage, 80 TB (24 HDD) for each machine. OS Freebsd 9.2. Every machine connect via 2x10Gb\s interfaces to storage switch (Cisco 5548UP), on every machine and on every switch I enabled jumbo frames (MTU 9000). Every machine can read/write files from ZFS pool with speed above 400-600 MB/s simultaneously. I set BTSync: Use relay server when required = False Use tracker server = False Search LAN = True Search DHT network = False Store deleted files in SyncArchive = True Use predefined hosts = True But max transfer speed which i see was 16MB/s. What I do wrong, how I can increase tr
  8. I have set up bittorrentsync succesfully thanks to help from this forum..I have a problem though. NAS will sync succesfully with laptop in the same LAN. Laptop in the same LAN will sync succesfully with desktop OUT out of LAN. NAS will NOT sync with desktop out of LAN...(i used the ip method it connects but will not download anything) I have tried almost anything but cannot figure this out. The fact that the laptop will sync with desktop out of lan means that all the ports on router etc are ok right?what else could be the problem? UPDATE if i put the ip of the desktop pc in the nas settin
  9. I connected 2 pc with ubuntu on a LAN without router. pc a -> pc b -> A pinged B and viceversa. LAN is working, sync does not. Why?
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before. If I have a folder I want to only sync over LAN I have to run off "Use relay server" and "Use Tracker server" on both instances of bitTorrent sync? I can't have a machine that only sycs a folder when on the LAN but also have other machines that sync regardless? LAN only sync can only be enforced if both sides have those settings? Thanks
  11. I've been searching for something in my network with wireshark as I'd realized that BTSync sends 8-10 multicast-packets for LAN-peer-find per second while connected via WiFi to my network. Is that a bug or a nice feature to force the users to get gigabit-switches?
  12. Hi, I just set up BTsync on my local Linux Laptop. The problem is, that it only syncs with hosts on the Local Area Network. All other hosts (even if added manually as predefined hosts) are completely ignored. I also have a Windows machine in this network, which syncs fine to the remote hosts. This is the config file I'm using for this machine: The port 15000 is forwarded and reachable from the outside. I manually rechecked the secrets several times, and they are definitely correct, because sync with another machine on the local network works, and that same machin
  13. i would like to secure webUI with password on linux. i followed the manual but it seems that i am doing something wrong, because i can still connect to webUI without the usn/pwd prompt. what i did (following the manual): 1. i made a config file in the folder where the btsync binary is: ./btsync --dump-sample-config > sync.conf 2. i edited that config file: changed /* remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check */ "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "password" } to // remove "listen" field
  14. Is Peer Exchange enabled in Bittorrent Sync ? I would like selective file sync between Multiple PC on a same Lan network without requiring Intertnet.