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Found 209 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to develop an application based on BitTorrent Sync, written in C++. My main difficulty at this time is to manage the btsync process, I was wondering if there's someone here who knows c++ and who could possibly help me with that. In fact I've already asked on StackOverflow: As this question is intrinsically linked to Btsync, I though it would be a good idea to look for help here as well. So, if you think you can help, or know someone who can, please do! Thanks everyone Marc
  2. When adding a local folder that is not empty (has files in it already) using an existing (read only) key, Btsync adds the folder but with a new key (read and write). This only happens if the local folder is not empty. This is a bug only in linux and only in versions >1.4 This: Results in: In the log below - `btsynctest` is empty and was able to be added with existing key. `btsynctest2` is not empty and was added but with a new key. [20140902 09:46:05.357] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifier "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:46:05.357] Error while adding watch for /home/stlouis/btsynctest. errno=28[20140902 09:46:05.358] Requesting peers from tracker 54.225.***.*:3000 for share BE1CF5961ABA****************[20140902 09:46:05.358] Using existent uTP tracker connection to[20140902 09:46:05.358] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:05.456] Got list of 1 peers for share BE1CF5961ABA2*******************[20140902 09:46:06.492] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:06.666] FC[E8AD]: started periodic scan for "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:46:06.667] FC[E8AD]: finished periodic scan, checking for missing files in "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:46:06.667] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest/.sync/Archive" started, max file age = 30 days[20140902 09:46:06.667] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest/.sync/Archive" finished[20140902 09:46:06.667] Trash: GetFileList failed for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest/.sync/Streams" - error 2[20140902 09:46:07.153] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:08.036] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:09.070] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:10.080] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:11.089] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:12.178] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:13.107] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:14.118] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:47:03.403] SyncFolderScanner: Removing notifier "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:47:03.404] Removing folder /home/stlouis/btsynctest from inotify[20140902 09:47:18.288] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifier "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2"[20140902 09:47:18.288] Error while adding watch for /home/stlouis/btsynctest2. errno=28[20140902 09:47:18.289] Requesting peers from tracker 54.225.***.**:3000 for share 89EED0C72C968*********************[20140902 09:47:18.289] Using existent uTP tracker connection to 54.225.***.38:3000[20140902 09:47:18.289] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:47:18.311] Got list of 1 peers for share 89EED0C72C96889*********************[20140902 09:47:18.672] FC[2B38]: started periodic scan for "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2"[20140902 09:47:18.672] FC[2B38]: file updated - processing file /home/stlouis/btsynctest2/notempty.txt t:1409665618 s:0[20140902 09:47:18.672] SyncFileEntry: Set owner time for entry "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/notempty.txt" to 77354[20140902 09:47:18.672] FC[2B38]: finished periodic scan, checking for missing files in "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2"[20140902 09:47:18.672] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/.sync/Archive" started, max file age = 30 days[20140902 09:47:18.672] SF[2B38]: UpdatePeersStat[20140902 09:47:18.672] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/.sync/Archive" finished[20140902 09:47:18.672] ScheduledTask:UpdatePeersStat invoked:immediately reason:OnLocalTreeChanged[20140902 09:47:18.672] Trash: GetFileList failed for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/.sync/Streams" - error 2
  3. I've just updated to 1.4.91 on my headless server, and the web gui is missing. Browser will not find a page at all. Is it still located at http://localhost:8888/gui? Or in my case, accessing it over my network, http://serverip:8888/gui? Note, I am running directly from the binary from a "bin" folder in $home. I'm not using any packages.
  4. After upgrading from 1.4.82 to 1.4.92 on my raspberry pi the gui starts fine but all synced folders vanished. Renaming the files *.dat.old to *.dat does not help. Ho can I restore my sync configuration?
  5. openSUSE Factory x64 ~ Cannot write to /home/fleamour/Music despite chmoding folder with 777 switch. Is this a bug?
  6. if a put a soft link folder in a BT Sync folder it doesn’t start syncing contents of that link. do you have any plans implementing this feature?
  7. Hi, I have two Android devices (one Android v4.2.2, the other v4.4.2) both running v1.4.44.0, and an Ubuntu 14.04 machine running v1.4.0-4. I have created some read-only (I think now called 'backup' in v1.4?) syncs on my Android devices, which I'm syncing to my Ubuntu box. One of these is working, but a couple of them show as "Out Of Sync" on both the Android client and the Ubuntu web gui. My hunch is that this happened after I changed the .sync/IgnoreList and restarted btsync on the Ubuntu machine. In the sync.log on the Ubuntu machine, the two folders that are not syncing both generate this error [20140914 16:20:28.325] Trash: scan for folder "/<folder-path-removed>/.sync/Archive" started, max file age = 30 days [20140914 16:20:28.325] Trash: scan for folder "/<folder-path-removed>/.sync/Archive" finished [20140914 16:20:28.325] Trash: GetFileList failed for folder "/<folder-path-removed>/.sync/Streams" - error 2 I don't know if this is related to the issue. I haven't changed the .sync/Streams file, only .sync/IgnoreList. Without removing the target directories on the Ubuntu machine and starting again, can anyone suggest how to clear this "out of sync" situation? Cheers, --Dave
  8. BTSync Installer Script for Linux I'm posting here an installer script for Bittorrent Sync for linux. There are several out there, but this one was created for a few specific reasons: This script would work on multiple linux distros. Packages have been made for debian/ubuntu by tuxpoldo, however there isn't a very good solution for Fedora, OpenSUSE (I believe an rpm exists for OpenSUSE, but I can't remember for sure), or other distros.No automatic solution currently creates a systemd service for autmomatically starting BTSync on startup.Few solutions allows for an easy install, uninstall, or upgrade (a notable exception is tuxpoldo's work, and it only works on debian/ubuntu based distros). This script was created to be generic, and run on any distro that supports systemd (the only reason it only supports systemd is that I don't yet have an idea about making an rc script and detecting between normal init and systemd. Contributions for that are very welcome). How to use the script: Ensure you are running a Linux Distro which is using systemd!Execute the script using the following command as a normal ./BTSync_Installer.shEnsure that no other instances of btsync are present on the system. There could be conflicts. Use the script as a normal user. Do not run the script as root unless you have a very specific reason to do so.The script creates a shortcut under either "Internet" or "Applications" depending on your system. It will load the default browser to check on the BTSync instance.The script automatically starts BTSync on startup by creating a service (using the user who installed it), and starting it up immediately.There is no password for using the web interface, you can set one up though.Ensure that you install, upgrade, or remove BTSync with the same user who performed any other operations with this script. Don't run the script as a user, and use the remove function as root. It will not work. Technical Detail of the Script: Install Mode: Checks to see if BTSync exists already. If it does not, it will get the BTsync tarball from the web, install it in /usr/local/bin, create a systemd service and run it, and create a configuration in ~/.sync/sync.conf in your home folder. It will also create a shortcut and icon in your application menu (shortcut and icon is taken from tuxpoldo's work on Github, see here: Mode: It only gets a version of BTSync specified in the URL fields, and replaces the version in /usr/local/bin. It doesn't do anything else.Remove Mode: It stops and removes the systemd service, removes the binary in /usr/local/bin, removes the shortcuts and icons, and at your discretion will remove your configuration. Limitations: Currently the script only works with a computer that has systemd. I tested the script on Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Debian (specifically the Siduction distribution, which had systemd running on it). It wouldn't be a tremendous effort to get it to run on sysvinit, but I'd need some help with the script in order to implement that. I can also have it run on other init systems (like Upstart), if I get some hints about how to make a service.The script runs as a normal user. This is to make the permissions of using and accessing locations through BTSync the same as the user's permissions. This can lead to odd behavior on mounted drives, which may need root permissions to access the contents. Make sure mounted drives are owned by your user, or at least give permissions for your user to read and write.Right now the URL's this script uses are hardcoded to a specific version of BTSync. Can anyone provide links to the linux versions which always point to the latest version of BTSync? Either that or some hints about how to detect the version number and insert it into the url would be helpful. Otherwise, you'll have to manually replace the URL when a new version comes out. You can find the script at readme (much the same as this post) can be seen here: Enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated.
  9. Hello, is it really necessary to have a static port number? If not please change it to a random one like in utorrent. This should make it harder to be blocked by local firewalls (ie. chinese GFW). As a little extra this port can change every x minutes and switch between udp and tcp. or misuse common ports like 21, 25, 80, ... I am using torrent sync to backing up domains from a linux server. The program has a --dump-sample-config parameter. But it would be extremly nice to convert these binary config data that only can be changed via the web ui to a text like for reusing it on other maschines. btsync --dump-current-config and you have all keys and directorys and all the other preferences in a nice clean config.conf Michael
  10. I'm using BitTorrent Sync on Linaro Ubuntu running on a Cubietruck (ARM) for quite some time now. I noticed that BTSync uses considerably more CPU lately than it used to. Months ago, it was like 3%@idle. Right now, it's more like 13-20%@idle. Note: idle=devices are connected, but sync is finished BTSync monitors about 9000 files (there used to be more files, like 15000) spread over 11 folders. I'm using the packages "btsync_1.3.1-1_all.deb" and "btsync-common_1.3.105-1_armhf.deb" installed from either """ (which one is newer for apt). The log is quite small (<20k) and mainly consists of "Incoming connection from", like 200 lines. Unfortunately, both PPAs do not provide older versions of BTSync, so I'm unable to downgrade. Is there anyone else experiencing the performance impact on Linux/ARM? What can I do to improve the situation?
  11. Hello! I use btsync on ubuntu machines and now .sync/Archive folder ir even bigger than rest of sync folder. Is it possible to disable archiving or at least somehow limiting size of it. I found how to do that in windows client, but i have only one windows machine the rest of them are linux. Is it ok if i just delete this folder? Please help.
  12. Since updating my Linux install from 1.3 to 1.4 my gui is no longer showing my shares, however they do seem to still be syncing with other devices. I notice that there's no downgrade possible from 1.4 but do I have to do any conversion on the upgrade? Cheers, Jamie
  13. I am new to this and need to find the correct way of synchronising data. What I want to achieve is the following: Have a server in a SOHO setupLinux Mint to run on serverLinux Mint on deskrops and laptops, but will consider Windows 8.1 or OS X. Currently have Mint 17 Qiana Xfce on my own laptop and my son has his MacbookPro with the latest Mavericks updates.Mobile devices presently iPhone 5S and Android 4.2.1 on Huawei.Future mobile devices could also include WP8.1 or even BlackberryThis is still far from happening but we could, when we open new offices, host user data on a central server at HQ and use VPN for remote access. This is just an idea. The minimum we need is a direct sync via USB or local WLAN, not Internet, to sync between user phone and user laptop the following: Contacts - essentialCalendar - essentialTasks/Reminders - essentialNotes - essentialMedia files - optionalDocuments, spreadsheets, etc. - optionalEach user may also end up with large laptop that mostly stays in the office, then a large screen tablet together with a smartphone. Sentiments: I trust neither Android nor Apple with my data and would prefer Blackberry for security. Apple had let us down badly with both OS X and iOS earlier this year. Updates crippled functionality and then did not rush to fix.Windows Phone 8.1 is second to BBOS as far as security goes and I like the high-end Lumia phones, so WP8.1 could be an optionBlackberry? Direct sync is needed as GSM coverage in my country is much less than reflected on coverage maps and fixed lines don't exist in rural areas where we are operational. Bandwidth also is expensive and a local sync solution would be ideal. What would the best setup be? I was advised to use ownCloud and caldav/cardav/webdav for local sync but then someone mentioned BT Sync. Comments welcome!
  14. Hi, is it possible to get a folder key from a Linux installation without accessing the webui? Thanks, Jamie
  15. I would like to see, even as an option would fit me perfectly, the possibility to change to view of the name of my share from the compact one to one where I can see the full path to it's directory. I handle quite a few Shares where I name them the same. I have 5 "temp" shares but the all point to diffrent peers. And if I have to hover over all of them or guess the size the share could have to find the one I'm looking for.. it kind of makes me cringe every time. So how does that sound to you?
  16. I have broken the web UI on my Ubuntu 14.1 installation of Btsync, and I can't figure out how to get it back. I was playing around with file permissions, because I have Btsync and SAMBA accessing the same folders, this was creating file permission issues with who owns them. But I figured it out, just as I got it working, the WebUI stopped working. I get a password prompt I type in my password, and I get a blank page. I have tried to reconfigure BTsync several times, I have tried to change port number and IP address binding, web user log in and password but nothing has worked so far. I even removed btsync and installed it again, but it looks like there are config files that still remain. Any ideas? As far as I can tell syncing works just fine, I just can't change anything because of the lack of UI Thanks
  17. Hi Guys, We started using the API and have successfully installed and remotely configured the sync service on about 130 windows players connected to 3G. We currently have 2 Linux servers configured with a 'full access' key to initially serve the content. All the players and servers can directly connect to each other over the OpenVPN connection and the players are setup with a read-only key. We setup a listen port of 40000 on the players and 40001/40002 on the servers to eliminate any firewall issues. We noticed that only the first 50 players in the network will connect and sync with the primary Linux servers. The rest of the players will do nothing even after numerous reboots and reconfiguration. If we setup a second secret key on the failed windows player it connects and downloads from the servers. I found the following link, but not sure if we are experiencing the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Andrew ---------------------- {"dir": "\\\\?\\C:\\Sync\\Apps\\nodejs","error": 0,"files": 1175,"indexing": 0,"secret": "<KEY>","size": 6250290,"type": "read_only"}{"device_name": "AO1-81B16E","disk_low_priority": 1,"download_limit": 0,"external_port": "0","folder_rescan_interval": "600","lan_encrypt_data": 1,"lang": 4294967295,"listening_port": 40000,"log_size": "10","max_file_size_diff_for_patching": "1000","max_file_size_for_versioning": "1000","rate_limit_local_peers": 0,"recv_buf_size": "5","send_buf_size": "5","sync_max_time_diff": "600","sync_trash_ttl": "30","upload_limit": 0, "use_upnp": 1}{ "version": "1.3.106" } ----------------------{ "dir": "\\\\?\\C:\\Sync\\Apps\\nodejs","error": 0,"files": 0,"indexing": 0,"secret": "<KEY>","size": 0,"type": "read_only"}{"device_name": "AO1-81B1C0","disk_low_priority": 1,"download_limit": 0,"external_port": "0","folder_rescan_interval": "600","lan_encrypt_data": 1,"lang": 4294967295,"listening_port": 40000,"log_size": "10","max_file_size_diff_for_patching": "1000","max_file_size_for_versioning": "1000","peer_expiration_days": "7","rate_limit_local_peers": 0,"recv_buf_size": "5","send_buf_size": "5","sync_max_time_diff": "600","sync_trash_ttl": "30","upload_limit": 0,"use_upnp": 1}{ "version": "1.3.109" }----------------------
  18. Hi, I have a few folders setup for syncing. Most of them work fine but I have issues with folders that contain many files and subfolders. I have a music library that I know is about 53.8 GB in size and contains 11,092 items but in btsync I only see 50.1 GB 9,483 files. The diff in items vs. files could probably be due to that items take folders into account but I would expect the size to match. When I later try to sync this folder to another computer via btsync I see the arrow for download and also the size 50.1 GB that needs to be downloaded but is seem like nothing actually gets downloaded. When I go into the folder on the computer I try to sync to I can see the subfolders but no files. How should I investigate this issue? Any ideas on what is going wrong is welcome.
  19. Four of 5 peers are on OS X 10.9.4. The Linux peer is a VPS running Ubuntu 14.04 x86 LTS - BTSync was installed using tuxpoldo's unofficial server packages. All peers sync 2 folders, selected peers sync 2 additional folders, the Linux peer syncs all folders. BTSync version is 1.3.106. I noticed today in the device list on the Mac clients that they want to send the entire contents of 2 folders to the Linux peer (43,201 files in one, 391 files in the other). Of course, the entire contents of both folders have not changed. At the same time, the upload and download speed indicators remain at 0.0 kB/s. I've tried restarting the Linux peer and quitting and reopening BTSync on one of the Macs, but nothing changed. I don't see any !sync files in any of the folders.
  20. Hi, I've just installed the most recent bittorrent sync server version (using the ubuntu package btsync). A default config file was created in /etc/btsync. The web UI is running and started via upstart as root process. The --config parameter of the btsync process is directing to the /etc/btsync config file. However, none of the setting changes, applied in the web UI, are reflected in the /etc/btsync config file. Where is the web UI storing all the config data e.g. keys, shared folders, advanced settings like disabling LAN lookup? Thanks for any hints, Best Numa P.S.: Bittorrent Sync Version 1.1.82; Ubuntu 12.04.02 LTS. Package used from tuxpoldo/btsync-deb repository
  21. Hello Guys, Recently i started getting a problem, when i click "Add Folder" on the WebUI, no folders are listed in the "popover". Here is the screenshot of the "popover" Here is the screenshot of my full WebUI I had a similar problem before, where it would take some time to list the folders, but now, it just don't show up. After i created my own "config file" ( before i was running default ) and the problem still don't go away. Here is my config file: { "folder_rescan_interval": 10000, "storage_path": "/home/btsync/.sync", "webui": { "listen" : "" }} Is there "logs" i could read to see what is going on? Is there a way of "dumping the list of shares" i have into a config file so then i can append more shares "by hand" ? Any ideas? Its running the arch version on a "Wd My Cloud", thank you very much
  22. ** UPDATED — All sorted. Stupid me... Hey all— Just installed sync on a linux server so that it is installed on something that is always on. MT doesn't allow executables in /tmp due to security reasons, so I just installed it the the root of the server. All works, only problem is I cannot create a folder through the gui due to permissions. See below. Can anyone help?
  23. The binaries downloaded from for Linux (both i386 and x64 versions) cannot run on Linux, complaining "cannot execute binary file: Exec format error". Previous versions (1.2.x) run fine on the same machine.
  24. Hi! If I'll disable WebUI, how can I know that everything is OK and all files are synced properly?
  25. Hopefully someone can help me with my setup on two Synology NASs that I'd like to sync some folders on. I've followed the setup instructions for installing btsync on my devices at: (I've gone this route to keep my build up to date as the synocommunity has gone down along with their package). I have a default config setup onboth NASs. I've set up a folder on each NAS to be used for syncing and synced them using the web ui. They connect instantly (no issue there). However, when I put files in the sync folder on NAS 1, it takes an eternity to sync the files to NAS 2. Here are the specs: Both NASs connected on an internal gigabit LAN networksync folders on respective NASs newly create, containing no filesAdd 4 files of approx 16MB in total to sync folder on NAS 1Files are recognised and start transferring: ie !Sync temp files are createdAfter 1 hour, files are still syncing (not one of the 4 has finished)Transfer speeds are showing at between 2 and 70 B/s (ie barely moving)CPU and RAM usage on both devices are hovering around 10 - 20%, so that isn't an issueNow comes the interesting part: I put btsync for Mac on my MacBook ProI then added the sync folder to my MBPWithin an instant, all 3 devices are brought into syncSo the upshot is that the synology to synology sync is dire, but add a 3rd device using a different platform and everything works as expected. My assumption is therefore that NAS 1 syncs rapidly and as expected with the MBP which then syncs rapidly with NAS 2 (not proven, but still a strong assumption). Of course, I don't want to/can't leave my MBP on to continually keep the NASs in sync. My question, of course, is how do I get NAS 1 & NAS 2 to sync at anything approaching decent speeds? Is there maybe something in the default Linux setups/configs that conflict and needs to be amended to speed up Linux to Linux syncing?? Or something else??