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Found 209 results

  1. I started using Sync with Ubuntu 12.04 last week. Over the weekend, for some reason the size of one folder in the hidden .SyncTrash directory skyrocketed, and when I started using the computer today my hard drive was completely full. I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar and might know what caused this problem, and what I can do to avoid it in the future. Thanks.
  2. Hi! I want to do my own webUI for BTSync which proposes for everyone to put their folders in ro on my server to increase sync speed for future syncs. Is BTSync dynamically reads the config file? Is there a way to check if a secret is a one-time read-only secret? I want to do it on a debian server, using nodejs. Thanks.
  3. I'm setting up a new debian VPS to support my BTSync habit. Is there any reason to use a 64-bit install? Will it handle very large files better, or does the app chunk files up enough that it doesn't matter?
  4. Seems like the webui is not able to add folders with special characters in the name Here is an example: Try adding a folder like this /data/share/# Sales & Marketing Package When clicking the add button, nothing happens.
  5. SyncApp doesn't currently prevent multiple copies of itself from being launched. This is probably a known issue, but just wanted to mention it. I installed it on my linux machine, and ran it. Later, forgetting that it was running, I moved the binary to another folder, and launched it from there. Everything appeared to be working fine, since the first copy was already running, until I noticed my CPU was pegged at 100%. I killed the first copy's process, but the CPU was still stuck at 100%, it was the second copy that was having problems. It wasn't until I killed it as well and restarted it that it began to work normally with minimal CPU usage. It is also interesting (and not unexpected) to note that while I had two copies of SyncApp running, none of the other computers on my network could determine my computer's name, and my computer wouldn't show other computer names. They would connect and sync files, but they just displayed an IP address instead. As soon as I fixed the issue and had only a single instance running, names appeared as expected.
  6. Hello, Firstly, as this is my first post, I want to congratulate the team for their work. I think this is a KillerApp Dropbox, GoogleDrive ... I just want to give you a comment on a "cosmetic" bug. I have a laptop at 1366x768 and Sharing the buttons are poorly placed. See Attachment is is more telling.
  7. Recently I tried to run Sync App on my old NAS based on SL3516 CPU. But I got an error message like "-sh: ./SyncApp_arm-1.0.75: No such file or directory." I made sure the execute are on correct location. So that error does not indicating executive file missing. I guess this is some kind of compatibility issue, isn't it?
  8. I was added few folders in the Linux gui (Ubuntu) on 8888 port. Then I was refreshed gui page... and now folder list is empty :/ I tried to add my folders again.. and after page refresh I again saw empty list. But synchronization is working fine.
  9. I'm looking forward to sync coming out. I've used a couple products with varying degrees of success. I'm hoping that a cross platform (linux/windows/android) capabilities so I can ditch box. Also I'm building out my own private cloud and need a sync type of interface. Good luck with it and I'll be waiting! :-) Linuxed