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Found 205 results

  1. Hello, Resilio Sync used to work perfectly on my Galaxy Note 1 reading and writing from and to the SD card, syncing to and from my Windows 7 PC. I have now bought a Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0 and the same doesn't work. I have installed Resilio Sync from the Play Store and reinstalled it. Turned off simple mode Set up read only keys to get thousands of pictures and other files from three separate folders on the PC onto the SD card in the phone. All works well, and I can see the files in Total Commander, look at the pictures and play the MP3 files, but when the phone goes to sleep or restarts, Resilio tells me it can't find the destination folders. Sometimes I find that .sync/ID is missing or the whole .sync folder is missing. I have even tried moving the folder to sync into from SD:// (in my case /storage/5533-434F) to /storage/5533-434F/Android/data/com.resilio.sync/files/ but the problem persists. Is this a known problem? Jim
  2. I need to share a key with other resilios... I can create a link. I can create a key I can NOT create a qrcode !! Think: there is no fastest way to share a link with someone and you can read a qrcode but noone can generate it... seems foolish...
  3. Hello, My first try with Sync Home (free). Here's my setup: - on my android my Camera folder is on sd card `SD://DCIM/Camera` - in Sync android app I created a new folder pointing to my camera physical folder (path above) - at this step by default the Selective Sync is on. This confused me as it is stated in the docs that this is a pro feature, anyway I've left as it was (on) - sent a link to my desktop app and started syncing The initial sync went well. Then I took a picture with my camera (automatically saved in `SD://DCIM/Camera) then I opened the Sync UI and I've noticed the picture was not listed under my Camera Sync Folder. I've tried to wait little bit, then I disabled auto-sleep, I gave the app notification a high priority from the Android settings, restarted the app but nothing changed. The same happened if I tried to delete any of the files inside the Camera folder from the Gallery App, the file remained listed in the Sync UI and of course the change not synced with other devices. So I figured this had to do with the Selective sync. I changed the folder settings disabling the selective sync (so I tough now everything inside Camera should be synced by default). As soon as I did that my other peer appeared to be offline. This is odd because I created other shared folder with the same peer and for the other folders it was correctly online. I went back and switched again on the selective sync but nothing, the other peer remained offline forever. I had to remove the folder and re-do the entire process, but this time selecting at the creation step to disable selective sync. I did nothing changed! That mean that modification as adding or removing files in the Camera folder from another apps are not viewed by sync no matter the initial setup. The only way to remove a file so far as been by entering the sync app, selecting the file and then "Remove from all". If I modify anything that is already synced from the other peer then modification are propagated to my phone but modification from my phone are not even seen inside the android sync app. Have I misunderstood how sync is supposed to work or is this a bug?
  4. Hello, I'm about to reset my Android phone and before I do that, I would like to be able to backup my Resilio Sync current configuration of synced folders and settings. How can I do this? Thanks in advance, Shai
  5. We do want to hear from you what you want to see in SyncApp mobile version. Must have features, how you plan to use SyncApp on phone or tablet or anything else you want to share with us. To answer your immediate question: yes, we started developing SyncApp mobile and it will see the light of day quite soon.
  6. Hi! I'm trying to set up sync with mp3 music folder on MAC desktop with a Android phone. When I add files to the folder on mac they appear on android, but when I delete a file from that folder on android its not deleting it on mac.. How can I set it up so it deletes and add files with no problems?
  7. Hello, I would like to be able to set predefined hosts for my folders on the Android and iOS applications and eventually disable the use of tracker, relay server and DHT network. I have a couple of folders configured this way on my PCs and therefore I cannot share them on my mobile devices. I think this is a pretty popular request (it is already mentioned in several topics every now and then), so it is worth to have a separate thread for it. Cheers, JoKo
  8. I have the "use mobile data" setting disabled, but still it managed to burn through my entire dataplan on day 2 of the month. Thanks for leaving me with an entire month without data. The past previous versions have been drama on android as syncing just wouldnt start. Even on the latest version it'll only automatically sync very very few of the times(I would need to manually boot if I want to be certain that it'd sync). And now finally, for once it did work on it's own, and then I was on data and it just ignored it and went along. if any developer wants log or something i'm willing to provide it, but I soon will be uninstalling Sync and I'm betting gathering log will be too late then EDIT: I just found out that I'm getting surcharges from my service provider, thanks again
  9. Hi, after updating, Sync continuously starts, then probably dies and keeps trying to start. I did a "clear data" and "clear cache". Then it started. I went through the setup. Then it gave me an option to exit, so I exited. Note that I did not add any folders. Just went through the inital setup. Upon exit, it has the same start up issue. "clear data" again and it starts again to the setup. On Stock ASUS ZenFone 2 MarshMellow
  10. While everyone else is watching Eurovision now, I've just updated to the new Resilio Sync 2.5.0 on Android 6.0. Generally it is better, but there is one serious issue which I will describe here. Before the update, there was only one persistent notification (like the bottom one on the screenshot attached: "Sync: Working"), which was hidden on the lockscreen and had no additional buttons. That was fine. Now, there are two notifications: the previous one plus the one with buttons ("Sync: Idle - Exit & Sleep now"). Both are displayed at the same time and both are persistent, but the one with buttons is also displayed on the lockscreen. By the way, changing the setting "Use notifications" (#3 here, I mean) has no effect on displaying notifications - both are also displayed. I believe that two notifications are too many for one app
  11. Hello, I had a problem when I switched SD cards (disabling synchronization temporarily). My sync folders are in the first SD card, but I needed to use a second one temporarily and when I put the main SD card, that has the sync folders, back on sync said it didn't have permission on the folders. Thank you
  12. Hi! I've setup a sync between one of my android phones and my NAS which seems to work fairly well. The major issue I'm confronted with is that I've set my phone to store new pictures on an SD card and it seems that Resilio Sync is referenced to the DCIM folder on the phone storage rather than the SD card. Long story short the wrong folder is being synced. Am I missing something? The phone I'm using is an Honor 8 on Android 6.0.
  13. I used BitTorrent Sync on Android 6.0.1, I was told to "upgrade" to Resilio Sync. Installed, clicked Start Migration, Allow SD card access.. Shows "Restoring Identity" and never completes. If I stop Resilio Sync and start BitTorrent Sync again, it all still works.
  14. Hi all, When using Sync for android I don't know how to clean the cache for downloaded files. Let me explain: Imagine I download a video file for later watching (useful when you don't have internet connection), but after watching this video I don't want it to occupy my precious and limited android storage . The problem then is deleting the downloaded file means Sync to remove it from remote computer . The only workaround I found is to save sync app configuration, clear all the application data (from android app settings and the downloaded files with a file manager) then restore the configuration backup, but this is kind of uncomfortable for daily use. Does anyone know any better way to swipe the downloaded files cache without deleting any remote files? Thanks to everybody
  15. Hi, I created a "synced foler" on my PC. A ".sync\IgnoreList" file was automatically created. I edited it and wrote the file. I restarted Sync. Then I shared this folder on my phone. On my phone a ".sync\IgnoreList" file was automatically created. But: 1) this file is not the copy of the one on the PC, instead it's the default IgnoreList file 2) I can't edit the phone's IgnoreList because * when I open it with ES File manager / Text editor, when saving, I have "cannot write" (maybe it's a permission problem? this happens even if Sync is not running) * when I connect phone to PC with USB (MTP mode, as this is the new USB mode since Android 4), I cannot see ".sync\IgnoreList" : it's a hidden file. Thus it is not shown on Windows. Question : how to edit ".sync\IgnoreList" on phone?
  16. I'm experiencing significant slow down with transferring a folder of photos to a new Android phone. Recently I transferred from a LG G4 to a Moto G Plus 4th gen. I had been syncing my external SD DCIM folder for a long time with with several windows and linux computers. This has been working well for a long time. On this new phone the folder seems to be taking forever to download. Watching the status screen, the folder keeps dropping to "Indexing" then it moves to receiving and sits at about 64K/s for up to 5 minutes. Then it jumps up to 700k/s to 5+M/s receiving. This lasts for a minute or so, then it returns to 64kb/s for several minutes and proceeds to return to indexing. This process repeats over and over. I have not tracked it but this seems to happen for each file. On the LG this folder had well over 3500 photos. I've moved many photos out of the sync folder. Sync now reports 2441 files, currently at 1830 synced and has only copied 3 files in the last hour, while I have watched it cycle "Indexing" and speeds as above. "Autoupdate Gallery" is currently disabled, hoping that it would allow sync to write files faster. This is also causing problems with other apps trying to read from the SD card. Poweramp frequently stops mid song apparently buffering. Camera seems to write new photos, but they don’t show in the gallery for hours, so media indexing isn’t able to read either. I hope that after the sync is complete, keeping current will be faster than catching up, but at this rate (3 files / hour) it will take 8 days solid, and I’m not on wifi most of the day so it’s going to be over 2 weeks to transfer 14gb. Moto G Plus 4th gen - Current system updates Sync - 2.3.9 (567) [Solved] Seems to be an issue with the specific card. Class 10 seems to not be very fast in this phone. never had problems with either of these Sandisk Ultra's before.... Samsung Evo U1 works fine.
  17. Hey there, I looked around a bit and i believe this feature was not requested until now. I have lots of big-sized folders. And lots of Raspberries and Android Devices with limited space. One idea: Is it possible to Selective-Sync by given rules? A 'Player'-Mode.. For example: You have your android device connected to your music folder which is >500GB. When you put new music in the folder, your android device syncs only the recent files up until a given limit 4 Gb. This way you always have your fresh music files. The idea would be to define some rules for an auto-selective-sync: - sync recent 20 files, until a certain size-limit - sync by filemask - sync only files smaller than 1 Gb Just an idea. All in all great programm, keep it up you guys. martin
  18. Hi. I'm new to Bittorrent development and I was hoping someone here could give me some direction on how to get started. My goal is to enable my Android app (already built) to use the BitTorrent protocol to sync images that have been captured by the app up to our Amazon AWS servers. Would doing so require our users to separately install the BitTorrent Sync client on their Android devices? Or is there some way to build the BitTorrent engine into our Java-based Android app? If the latter, where can I find details on how to do that (and what to do on the other end - the AWS side)? Thanks.
  19. So I was thinking, as I flash my phone a lot, you guys could implement the new Marshmallow feature where Google syncs up to like 20 or 50MB of app data to their servers and store the folder keys there so when I install the app again it loads all my previous folders. Could be very convenient. Don't know about the security of that though... Encrypt it somehow with the device's IMEI? Or maybe check the device's IMEI and load previous folders found on the Sync servers. Just a thought, would be really convenient.
  20. My Android Pictures folder sync'd just fine. Then I went Add backup -> ADD CAMERA BACKUP. Now Camera backup shows "0 files, 0 B" even when there are over a hundred photos in SDCARD/DCIM folder and Camera is set to save in SDCARD. How can I backup my photos from camera?
  21. Hi.. I use Sync on my Android Samsung Galaxy S4, my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & a Galaxy Tab S to backup photos, and also to sync a file of music between devices, and selective sync some photos and documents (I have a pro license) - I also use Sync on a 2 desktop computers and three laptops (all Windows 10). All devices are kept up to date. A few days ago the Android devices stopped backing up, and although sync is still running all the folders are listed as disconnected and the camera backup isn't present. If I restart the camera backup it creates a new file and starts from scratch (which is a large upload!!), and if I try and link any of the folders again - same issue - it creates a new folder even though the original is still present on the SD card. Any thoughts would be appreciated as to what has happened and how I can prevent it.. otherwise I am going to be spending a lot of time re-syncing and have DCIM (9999) in no time!!
  22. With Sync pro; sync via MyDevices: Do Android sync folders sync in the background, or do I need to manually load the BT sync app in order to sync? In other words,if I use any Android file manager app to create/rename/delete files, is it supposed to sync to its peers [instantly] even if I don't switch to the bt sync app? Same question, if I modify file contents, editing a document, does it sync instantly or do I need to activate bt sync? Also, same question(s) the other way. If modification on desktop, are changes synced on Android in background? Thank you much. nat
  23. Hello Everbody, i wish the WEB UI for the Android APP. i have more old Smartphones which can i use as a server, but i can't configure btsync remote with my pc and so i must get the smartphone from the cabinet. i hope the WEB UI can be integrated quickly in the android app. best regards.
  24. I recently got a new phone (Moto X Pure running 6.0) and am having trouble with the android sync app. I have it set up to sync files to an SD Card, but whenever I connect the folder it just starts and stops "indexing" and never actually transfers anything. If I turn on the selective sync and grab a file or two manually they download fine so I know it's not an issue with the SD card/permissions.
  25. On Android it will only let me sync directories within an app specific folder, but Music files in that directory aren't reognized by Android. The default Music app doesn't show the files, and I can't use the files as ringtones, even though I deleted the ".nomedia" file.