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  1. Hi.. I use Sync on my Android Samsung Galaxy S4, my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & a Galaxy Tab S to backup photos, and also to sync a file of music between devices, and selective sync some photos and documents (I have a pro license) - I also use Sync on a 2 desktop computers and three laptops (all Windows 10). All devices are kept up to date. A few days ago the Android devices stopped backing up, and although sync is still running all the folders are listed as disconnected and the camera backup isn't present. If I restart the camera backup it creates a new file and starts from scratch
  2. With Sync pro; sync via MyDevices: Do Android sync folders sync in the background, or do I need to manually load the BT sync app in order to sync? In other words,if I use any Android file manager app to create/rename/delete files, is it supposed to sync to its peers [instantly] even if I don't switch to the bt sync app? Same question, if I modify file contents, editing a document, does it sync instantly or do I need to activate bt sync? Also, same question(s) the other way. If modification on desktop, are changes synced on Android in background? Thank you much. nat
  3. Hello Everbody, i wish the WEB UI for the Android APP. i have more old Smartphones which can i use as a server, but i can't configure btsync remote with my pc and so i must get the smartphone from the cabinet. i hope the WEB UI can be integrated quickly in the android app. best regards.
  4. I recently got a new phone (Moto X Pure running 6.0) and am having trouble with the android sync app. I have it set up to sync files to an SD Card, but whenever I connect the folder it just starts and stops "indexing" and never actually transfers anything. If I turn on the selective sync and grab a file or two manually they download fine so I know it's not an issue with the SD card/permissions.
  5. On Android it will only let me sync directories within an app specific folder, but Music files in that directory aren't reognized by Android. The default Music app doesn't show the files, and I can't use the files as ringtones, even though I deleted the ".nomedia" file.
  6. I've seen several threads here, but wanted to add mine. I've been using Sync on 5.1 and previous on several rooted devices with the ExtSD write fix patch to sync my music and pictures. It's been great. But lets just focus on the music since it’s been a static set of files for quite some time. 826 files, 3.7gb. I've recently upgraded my LG G4 to Marshmallow and after the fact I find there is apparently no ExtSD write fix for 6.0. I don't expect that to stay the case, my LGOG e970 with NitrogenOS MM 6.0 Rom can write to ExtSD as always. Pretty sure I was running Sync
  7. I have had great success in the past, but am currently experiencing very slow download speed on Sync (Android) over my LAN! (6.4 kb/S max, it seems). I have one synced NAS attached via ethernet cable to router. I have 3 windows PCs synced connected via Wifi, all fully synced. In the past, I have had very good download speeds via Wifi to my android device (Dell Venue 8). I recently wanted to "reset" my sync so I erased the sdcard, uninstalled Sync, and reinstalled and reconnected Android Sync via QR code. Now my max download speed to the Android device is 6.4kB/s! Previous download sp
  8. Hi, I'm having an issue with a folder syncing music files between two laptops, two desktops all on Sync 2.3.3 and two android devices (phone Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1 & tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S running Android 5.0.2 and Sync 2.3.5). I have MP3 files on a desktop, that I want to be able to play on both android devices, and have access to i.e. change/rename/move on the other desktops and laptops. Currently they are in a folder named Sync Music and all the devices above are linked, I have paid for a pro key. The problem is that on setting up they synced up fin
  9. It seems that the sync from my Android tablet is pretty slow about 300K-500Kb , where other time it was about 2-4 Mb, network / router is the same if i remember well there was an update and previous version have better performance , any idea?
  10. Is there a way to tell BTSync (Android) NOT to log its stuff at all? The BTsync logcat is overwhelming and even if filtered out in my Eclipse's logcat console, it bogs my 6-core 12gig ram machine down significantly. Since I am using this tablet for my own Android development, I need to use the logcat console. But the BTSync logcat is not only slowing the device, my entire desktop Eclipse ADT gets bogged down. I am 100% that it's the BTSync app. So, back to the question: How do I tell BTSync Android app NOT to log anything. Thank you much. nat
  11. Hello all, the android app seems to stop syncing if the app is not open after some time (couple of minutes). Is this behaviour normal? I would expect to keep syncing the files in the background. Thank you
  12. Hello everyone. I just started to play with sync and I wanted to ask for advice on the right way to perform the following task. I have a phone and tablet. Both have the same android version 5.0 and they share manufacturer so the folder treeis practically the same. For example I want to sync in both devices the /DCIM/ folders where I have store some photos. I "create" new folders in the android app to link these folders to my desktop and now I have: /Desktop/default/folder/DCIM/ /Desktop/default/folder/DCIM(1)/ It is not really annoying but I wonder if it could be poss
  13. I'm trying to sync my music from my computer to my phone. Previously this worked when I synced to internal storage but I need the space so I switched it to external SD (Marshmallow 6.0). I have all the read/write permissions set up properly and I am rooted, but the receiving speeds fluctuate from 3 MB/s to 2 kb/s so I can't just wait this out as it would take ridiculously long. Also, the blue loading bar on the files never actually fill, they stop at 99% and discontinue any progress before moving onto another file. and when I browse the folder, they are still .bts files:
  14. Thanks for a great product. I have search for an answer to my question with no luck. What is the difference between how Sync and Backup behave in this product? I found this thread where others want to know the same thing. Thank you.
  15. Peer: Android 5.1 Beta. SD CARD. Peer: Windows 10 Desktop. Mostly syncing ok. But I have folder(s) that won't sync on the Android, but the Android Sync app knows about them and allows me to sync 'manually'. Details. On the desktop, I copy about 30 files into a synced sub-folder. On the Android (even days later) they DO appear BUT ONLY in the BTSync app, as NOT Synced. Why? How do I get all the files, to appear in my standard Android file-explorer? I don't want to manually tap each file (in the BTSync app) to have it sync. I want all peers to sync without the need to open the btSync app. Am
  16. Hello guys, I'm trying to sync a folder from pc to my phone (sd card) , but when I choose a folder it pops up that I don't have permission to write on the sdcard (I just can sync in the standard folder .../data/com.bittorrent.sync/files, however I can't see the images in my gallery when I sync with the standard folder) Do you guys know how to write in a different folder and how to see the pictures in the standard folder in my gallery? Thanks
  17. I think these two features are self explanatory, so I'll skip to the part where I inquire whether they are in the pipeline or not.
  18. my android device stopped backing up some time in the last month. On the PC, I just noticed the most recent Date Synced is "a month ago" and there are files as new as today that aren't in the backup location. It used to work great on all ten directories. I've tried restarting both devices. Since I can't force a sync, not sure what to do. Anything that can break this connection?
  19. When I have an Android TV (yes, I know not supported but still fully running) I found out that I can backup a folder on an external usbdisk connected to my Android TV, but I cannot add a normal folder from that same external usbdisk. Why is that different? It sounds to me that the file permissions are not the problem, right? I want to have the option to create a folder (from a read/write-key) in that external usbdisk (/storage/usbdisk/media for example). Why? Simple, because I can have my NAS or pc as a source and sync it always with my Android TV without any interaction by me. Due to limi
  20. Android sync restricts app from writing to external sd card. Please be aware, that other sync apps, popup a dialog if I grant it rights to write to my external sd card, and have no problem doing so. Thanks nat
  21. Hello, The folders I have syncing with my computer all have Selective Sync on by default on my phone, which is not what I actually want though I know what it's benefits are. And based on the forum posts, I understand that it being on by default is intended behavior. The issue is when I turn it of, the settings reverts back to on when I reboot the phone or when the app process gets killed. Is this a bug?
  22. I installed btsync then i create the folder /sdcard/android/data/com.bittorrent.syncBut when i connect a device file are stored in internal memory /storage/emulated/0/... I have tried to uninstall create the folder in sdcard prior to install etc but it seems to continue to use the internal memory. Lollipop 5.0.2 Samsung Galaxy Tab A Any hint / help?
  23. When browsing folders if you move inside one, there's no way to go back to previous folder.
  24. When browsing files with long names, frequently they look the same when multiple files/folders exist with common beginning string, making difficult to select proper one. Not working on Android 4.1.2
  25. ## disable? how do i disable .sync/Archive in the android app? ## reproduce reproduce my fail by doing this fill the nexus 5 storage with videos during 1 day empty DCIM/Camera from btsync after auto backup has completed next day my nexus 5 storage is still full but the files are in .sync/Archive instead ## fail this attempt to manually edit the settings file failed Save Sync settings. change the setting delete_to_trashi1e14 to delete_to_trashi0e14. Import Sync settings. this sync.dat is saved as sync.dat.1410504049.bad