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Found 207 results

  1. OK, so I have a problem with BT Sync 2.0.127 (35) just killing my wifi in my house. I have an Android phone that pulls files in 24/7 from the internet. When those files are finished downloading, they move to a shared BT Sync folder that should then sync to my laptop (OS X 10.9.5). The problem is that as soon as BT Sync starts moving files across the wifi, every device on wifi (iPhones, Mac) experience super intermittent internet. Webpages slow to a crawl, Netflix is not an option, everything is down. Pause the sync, and everything comes back up immediately. At first, I thought this was an issue with bandwidth across the wifi, so I limited the bandwidth available. I started at 500kb/s, and now I'm down to 50kb/s. The option rate_limit_local_peers is set to true. A note about my setup- we currently share internet access with the neighbors. I have a DD-WRT router acting as a wireless bridge. This problem happens regardless if the laptop is connected to the DD-WRT router in our apartment or directly to the neighbors' wifi. Any ideas?
  2. Hi all, I refer to 2.0 product version. This is the scenario: I have an android device and a pc desktop. The devices are linked. 1) For sync purpose I can choose a folder on pc and on android i see the creation of a folder that i can connect, but this folder has to be a new one, it is NO possible to choose a folder in android that already exist.. why? I would like sync and link a new folder in desktop and a folder in android that already exist. 2) Why is it no possible to start a new sync sharing from android device selecting a new folder, not one that was already configured with desktop client? My regards
  3. Hello, how does the notification of newly added or changed files in a shared folder work in android and OS X? Thank you
  4. Hello all, I can't find any option to select the SD card as the source for the camera backup, is it possible at all? It works perfectly with the internal memory of the phone, but I save the photos on the SD card, and these photos are not being backed up. Any idea? Thank you a lot!
  5. Hey, I would like to use BitTorrent Sync with my Phone, a Motorola Razer i with an x86 Intel Atom SoC. Google Play Store shows me a "Not supported on your Device", so i guess, its just running with ARM? Is there a Problem with it or was it just "forgotten" because x86 Devices are so rare? Thanks
  6. I have five devices in my sync network: two desktop PCs (win7), 1 laptop PC (win 8.1), one iphone 6+, and one android phone (Sony Z1 compact android v5.0.2). I turned on "Camera backup" on the iPhone and connected it to the SD card on the android phone. This causes the Android phone to go into "indexing" mode endlessly, which quickly drains the battery on the phone. There are 7.6GB of photos on the iphone. It works fine when I use the built-in storage on the Android phone, I only have this problem when I use the SD card. No problem syncing with the PCs. I have tried several times wiping the files, renaming the folders, etc. I have tried creating another "test" folder and tried syncing that to the android SD card, and that works fine. I have other sync folders and they work fine. Only time I have this problem is with the iPhone camera backup syncing with the Android SD card. Is this a bug? Is there any workaround? It works fine when I store the sync folder on the Android internal storage, but the internal storage on the android phone just doesn't have enough space ... I have to use the SD card. Craig
  7. "use notification" was an settings option to hide/show persistent notification from appearing. It was there in but is gone in Did it get moved or removed?
  8. Hi, I have sync 2 installed on my phone and btsync working on the server (OS is Win 8.1). I have a library that makes the calls to the API which is available on github ( The folder I have on the phone was created on the windows machine and the share sent to the phone which was then accepted. The problem is that anything put in that folder on the phone is not being synced back to the server or vice versa. If I make any calls to the API through the library, the app also locks up. I'm guessing that this is down to the information I pass in when I instantiate the library. The problem is that the information on the API doesn't actually say what username and password it is? For example, my own login to the windows box is fred/bloggs. Is it this that I use for the API username and login or do I use the folder name or the name of the sync server (which I've no idea what it is as it was set up ages ago - far longer ago than when I started to use sync for an app I'm developing and am not sure how to access under 2.0)? Do I also need to have sync installed on the phone to be able to use the API to add folders etc? I've searched around but can't find a good answer to any of these questions! Thanks Paul
  9. I recently had to do a factory reset on my tablet. I recently had to to a factory reset on my Tablet that, until today, was Syncing quite well with my laptop. After the reset, my tablet is no longer able to sync with my laptop. Things to note, I have reinstalled the Sync app and went with the "this is my first device" and then added the folder again using the QR code. My computer can connect to the peer list and see the tablet and appears to be attempting to send the files contained within the folder. My tablet can get a "Peers: 1" from the main screen but I am unable to see anyone on the peers list. I have gone into the details and choosen "sync all" but nothing is transfering. both devices are on the same wireless network. The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 SM-P600, Android 4.4.2 Stock touchwiz. My computer is running Windows 7 and Sync 2.0 any help will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello, I have the pro version of Bittorrent Sync and I guess to have found a bug. I have two installations, one with my own identity and another with a test identity. Now the test: 1) Create a folder with some data to sync on the personal identity 2) Share the folder with the Android Device with the test identity and choose "Read Only" 3) Connect to the folder with the test identity 4) First, the granted permissions suddenly change to Read/Write and second, they are only changeable to Owner and Read/Write but not to Read only This can be reproduced at least on my fresh installation (the 3rd installation at least, due to other problems and no reaction from the BT-Team: What do I pay for? They say support within 24 hours!!). The rights can not be changed from neither of my 3 devices to read only for the test identity. On the other hand: If I share the folder from my laptop, the permissions can be changed in all variations and the seem to work.
  11. I am currently running Android 5 Lollipop with Sync installed. I am trying to point Sync's default save location to my Music folder on my SD card. However, I keep getting an error stating "Android OS restricts write access to this directory" wherever I try and create a folder or select a folder on my SD card. I thought this restriction had been removed in Lollipop so apps can write to their own created folders on SD cards? I can grant write access to other apps, such as file explorer apps which I can copy and move files with to the SD card with no issues. I really need to be able to sync to my SD card as I have many GBs of music I want to store there. Does anyone have a fix after having similar problems?
  12. Hi I've got 'orphan' .bts files on my Android mobile devices after file upload. I uploaded a local file from my android tablet which uploaded perfectly and propagated across my devices, however I noticed a residual file called [filename].[file extension].bts, which remained on my tablet long after the successful completion of the file upload. I can't seem to delete or hide. I understand this some form of placeholder file to give the appearance of completion prior to upload concluding How do I remove or prevent this duplication from appearing? Is it something do to with how mobile devices show hidden or temp files? Cheers, Geoff. BTW, lovin' the platform. Details I have assigned ownership to android tablet Tablet version V 'Server' version 2.0.93 (Raspberry Pi running Raspian) .bts files don't seem to be on 'Server'. .bts also seems to show on iOS device from file uploaded from Android...mmm....but not in shared folder on Raspian...
  13. Hi i will keep it simple. When i try to add a sync[folder] on my mobile's sdcard My phone is a samsung galaxy S5[sM-G900F] [/storage/extSdCard/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files ] The app will crash and no folder will be added. I noticed that this problem should've been fixed in the last update: v 2.0.83• Fixed crash on adding a folder to external SD card I hope you can help with the problem. w12w
  14. I have installed Sync 2.0 on 3 different NAS units (different types of Synology NAS), my macbook, desktop PC, ipad and android phone (A Samsung S4 mini). I learn as I go along, but feel also I need to thread carefully, in order not to waste too much time and risk mismanagement of my files because I miscomprehend what's going on. Would like to hear "best practices" for what I want to achieve, so I may learn from your example and experience too :-) So far I want to Sync just one folder across these devices, so that files are quickly accessible on these synced devices. (I guess that's what BT Sync is for!) My setup is this : Most production of files is done on the macbook and my phone. Secondarily my Desktop PC which I plan to use more.The ipad is primarily used for accessing files, and only once in a while for production of files (camera, Evernote clippings etc.)I also have a desktop PC, which is used once mostly for printing.The three NAS units are the family NAS and two units at work for different groups.The NAS'es are used a lot for streaming video and music across our devices, mainly using Synology's apps DS File and DS Audio. My workflow is somewhat like this : As I work I'd like to offload files from primarily the macbook to the personal NAS and two work NAS devices, and continuously be able to access stuff from the mobile devices. I'd also like to offload photos and other stuff from my phone on the fly, and easily access podcasts and other stuff from the phone. I'd like to be able to easily share stuff (folders as well as individual files) with colleagues and students, also on the fly, from most devices. My plan is to : Make one folder "MO" across the 3 NAS, the macbook and the PC, which is always in full sync, with all files available from all three NAS units at all times, and with the PC and Macbook with access to all files in the folder (but not waste space on stuff which are not importantly needed), and with the capability to add new stuff (instantly synced across devices). What would be best practice here : 1) Suffice with the one shared folder, and set the NAS'es to "Sync All ON" and the macbook/PC to "Sync All OFF" ? 2) Use one “work" folder which is completely in sync at all times (all devices set to "Sync All ON") and an archive folder, which is also synced, but where the NAS'es har set to "Sync All On" and the macbook/PC to "Sync All Off" ? Can't realize if this would mean that I could still organize stuff from the macbook and move files from the work folder to the archive folder (which in turn would be synced to the NAS'es) og if this choice would bar me from doing the organizing on the macbook. If 1) is used would deleting a file locally mean that a placeholder icon appears, if the file has been synced to the NAS’es ? Is there an easy way to see, if and when it may be "safe" to delete files locally while keeping the files intact on the NAS'es ? In short what are the main benefits/drawbacks of "sync all on" and "sync all off" in a scenario where I'd like the NAS'es to take the heavy weight of the load, but keep make changes and add files on the other units, while keeping everything accessible? I am slightly confused. Other questions so far : Toggled the ipad photo backup as well as the android photo backup on. In the last case no photos was backed up, since the wrong DCIM folder was backed up (all photos are on the SD card on the phone - not the phone's storage). Is there a simple way to direct BTSync to the right folder using the automatic photo backup for Android? What are the real benefits of the paid/pro version of BitTorrent Sync over the free version? Would it be appropriate for the use cases described above?Thank you for taking your time to answer!
  15. I recently received a replacement phone (HTC One M8) and am now unable to successfully run Sync. Problem: The app will load and seems to run however when I bring up the screen, it will open for approximately 3 seconds and then the screen closes. The app is still running though. I can continue to go back into the app but it just continues to close the screen and all I can do is a force close to exit it. I've downgraded to 1.4 and the same issue occurs. I've reset the app and started fresh but to no avail. Does the same thing. Attempt to access settings and enable logging but can't as it just takes me back to main screen and then closes as mentioned... Need to get this resolved as I am only able to sync between PC's at this point. Old phone was running KitKat 4.4.3 and sync app v2. New phone is running Lollipop 5.0.1 and sync app v2. Thanks,
  16. Hello, I have been happily using Bittorrent sync to share a folder from a Windows 7 laptop to my Android phone (Galaxy S4) in read-only mode (i.e. changes can only be propagated from the laptop to the phone, not the other way around), and everything has been working just fine. Then, earlier today, I suddenly started getting the "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder" error on the phone. When I disconnect the folder and then reconnect it, Bittorrent Sync tries to place it in a subfolder of the Bittorrent directory, and if I try to force it to go to the external SD card, where it's always been, I get the message "No access: Don't have permissions to write to selected folder. On external SD card it is allowed to write to app designated folders only. I thought I had already taken care of this type of problem right from the start, when I rooted this phone and then used the NextApp SD application to remove the external SD card use restriction, and it HAS worked just fine with BitTorrent Sync all along... until today... Anyone has any idea what's going on and how I can go back to using the same folder on my external SD card as before? Thanks!
  17. Hi, my device is a Asus memo pad 7 me572c‎ (intel) and since last update application doesn't start anymore. I tried, cache clean, remove app data, reinstall, still crashing. here is the logcat D/StrictMode( 7585): **BZ183200** enableDeathOnNetworkD/StrictMode( 7585): **BZ183200** setThreadPolicyMask PENALTY_DEATH_ON_NETWORKD/StrictMode( 7585): **BZ183200** setThreadPolicyMask PENALTY_DEATH_ON_NETWORKI/Fabric ( 7585): Initializing Crashlytics 7585): **BZ183200** setThreadPolicyMask PENALTY_DEATH_ON_NETWORKE/dalvikvm( 7585): Could not find class '', referenced from method com.bittorrent.sync.service.CoreService.checkADMW/dalvikvm( 7585): VFY: unable to resolve new-instance 1657 (Lcom/amazon/device/messaging/ADM;) in Lcom/bittorrent/sync/service/CoreService;D/dalvikvm( 7585): VFY: replacing opcode 0x22 at 0x000dD/dalvikvm( 7585): No JNI_OnLoad found in /system/lib/ 0x0, skippinginitD/dalvikvm( 7585): DexOpt: unable to opt direct call 0x3691 at 0x0f in Lcom/bittorrent/sync/service/CoreService;.checkADMD/dalvikvm( 7585): Trying to load lib /data/app-lib/com.bittorrent.sync/ 0x4d21b910D/houdini ( 7585): [7585] Loading library(version: RELEASE)... successfully.W/Fabric ( 7585): Could not call getId on$InfoW/Fabric ( 7585): Could not call isLimitAdTrackingEnabled on$InfoD/houdini ( 7585): [7585] Unsupported feature (ID:0x20e00149).F/libc ( 7585): Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00001da1 (code=0), thread 7585(bittorrent.sync)I/DEBUG ( 3291): *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***I/DEBUG ( 3291): Build fingerprint: 'asus/WW_K007/K007:4.4.2/KVT49L/WW_epad-'I/DEBUG ( 3291): Revision: '0'I/DEBUG ( 3291): pid: 7585, tid: 7585, name: bittorrent.sync >>> com.bittorrent.sync <<<I/DEBUG ( 3291): signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr --------I/DEBUG ( 3291): eax 00000000 ebx 00001da1 ecx 00000006 edx 00000000I/DEBUG ( 3291): esi 00000008 edi 1a100030I/DEBUG ( 3291): xcs 00000023 xds 0000002b xes 0000002b xfs 0000006b xss 0000002bI/DEBUG ( 3291): eip 381195c6 ebp 1a111ebc esp 1a111e94 flags 00200246I/DEBUG ( 3291):I/DEBUG ( 3291): backtrace:I/DEBUG ( 3291): #00 pc 0018c5c6 /system/lib/ ( 3291): #01 pc 0000dea3 [stack:7585]I/DEBUG ( 3291): #02 pc 000b333b /system/lib/ ( 3291): #03 pc 000ff02f [stack:7608]I/DEBUG ( 3291): #04 pc 000b2263 /system/lib/ ( 3291): #05 pc 000ff02f [stack:7608]I/DEBUG ( 3291): #06 pc 000aeea7 /system/lib/ ( 3291): #07 pc 001ec667 /data/app-lib/com.bittorrent.sync/libbtsync.soI/DEBUG ( 3291): #08 pc 000ae88c /system/lib/ ( 3291): #09 pc ffffffff <unknown>I/DEBUG ( 3291): #10 pc 000fdb2c /system/lib/ ( 3291):I/DEBUG ( 3291): stack:I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e54 381d6bdc /system/lib/ ( 3291): 1a111e58 0000000bI/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e5c 1a111ebc [stack:7585]I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e60 3804c326 /system/lib/ ( 3291): 1a111e64 fffffbffI/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e68 00000000I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e6c 00000138I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e70 00000000I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e74 000000fcI/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e78 fffffd5bI/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e7c 00000900I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e80 00000190I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e84 00000008I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e88 00000001I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e8c 1a111ebc [stack:7585]I/DEBUG ( 3291): 1a111e90 38119595 /system/lib/ ( 3291): #00 1a111e94 1a111ea4 [stack:7585]I/DEBUG ( 3291): ........ ........I/DEBUG ( 3291): ........ ........I/DEBUG ( 3291): #02 1a111ec4 1a100030 [stack:7608]I/DEBUG ( 3291): ........ ........I/BootReceiver( 612): Copying /data/tombstones/tombstone_02 to DropBox (SYSTEM_TOMBSTONE)D/KeyguardViewMediator( 714): setHidden falseD/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): sendKeyguardVisibilityChanged(true)D/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): handleKeyguardVisibilityChanged(1)D/KeyguardViewMediator( 714): setHidden falseD/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): sendKeyguardVisibilityChanged(true)D/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): handleKeyguardVisibilityChanged(1)D/KeyguardViewMediator( 714): setHidden falseD/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): sendKeyguardVisibilityChanged(true)D/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): handleKeyguardVisibilityChanged(1)D/KeyguardViewMediator( 714): setHidden falseD/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): sendKeyguardVisibilityChanged(true)D/KeyguardUpdateMonitor( 714): handleKeyguardVisibilityChanged(1)D/Zygote ( 237): Process 7585 exited cleanly (255)I/ActivityManager( 612): Process com.bittorrent.sync (pid 7585) has died.W/ActivityManager( 612): Service crashed 2 times, stopping: ServiceRecord{273c5bb8 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/.service.CoreService}hope it will help solving the crash. or if anyone has a solution to this issue regards
  18. I have just setup Sync and I am syncing all my pictures/videos/music data from PC to Android and vice versa, works great, really pleased. However I have setup a folder on my computer to save my Facebook photos, I have this synced with the directory that Facebook puts photos onto my Android device 'Pictures/Facebook', works great, whenever I take photos/upload via Facebook on my phone or PC they sync. The only issue is that if I download an image from android Facebook their app saves it in a different directory 'DCIM > Facebook' as opposed to 'Pictures/Facebook' as it is download not my own photo. I can sync this by just creating a new folder called Facebook Downloads, but I was hoping to just store the photos from this location into the same Facebook folder, is this possible currently with Sync? Thanks, great product! No cloud
  19. I have just upgraded to Sync 2.0 on my Android phone (version 5.0.1) and wanted to sync my data with my new removable SD card, but it seems that the application does not create the folder /Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync automatically on the latter. As a result I can't synchronize data on my SD card which quite annoying. Anyway to create that folder manually ? Any workaround I could use ? Thank you. Best regards,
  20. Hi all. I have a couple of questions regarding the new Sync 2.0. I have installed it on my Windows pc and my android. 1) Is it possible to create a shared folder using the android app? 2) With version 1.4 I had the following (working setup): 1- Created a folder on my PC (DCIM_BK) 2- Connected this folder to the DCIM folder on my android With this I had full 2-way sync of all pics and vids. Now with 2.0 apparently I'm not able to do the same thing because the following happens: 1- created a (2.0) folder on my pc (DCIM_BK_2) 2- Added this folder on my android 3- selected destination on my android (DCIM folder) 4- Sync creates a DCIM_BK_2 folder in my Android's DCIM folder Can you please advise? Thanks!
  21. So there is a "How to downgrade from 2.0 to 1.4?" in the how to section of the help ceter, which covers Windows and Mac, but there's no equivalent for Android. Is the apk of the last 1.x version available somewhere at least?
  22. This is an informational question, not a troubleshooting question. I just want to find out if anyone has seen "unknown error: 110" on Android and I'd like to get the definition of this error.
  23. This is different enough from my other "110" thread that I'm making it a separate topic. As described in my other "110" thread, I've synced a 2MB, 23 file folder no problem (though I frequently have to fix its 110 problem by rebooting.) But my 8GB folder of 23,000 never syncs. At first, it syncs at a super-slow pace on my home LAN, whereas 1.3 would eventually go at 2-3Mb/s as expected. But 2.0 gives me the 110 error after replicating the tree structure, but transferring only a few hundred files. The Android client will then show as syncing on my Windows clients, but no progress is made. Even worse--and this is why it's a separate thread--my S4's CPU runs at a constant 30% when it normally idles at 7% or less. Clearly, BitTorrent Sync is doing something, but this is infinite loop behavior. Meanwhile, my diagnositc app (3C Toolbox) doesn't even list the BitTorrent Sync app in its list of running tasks: it shows 30% CPU usage, but the list of running tasks only accounts for a few percent of CPU usage. I've tried clean installing on Android a few times, but it's the same issue every time--it looks like the Android BitTorrent Sync app goes totally haywire
  24. Android 5.0.1 Sync Creating backup folder from my android then sharing to desktop. The folder is classic 1.4 type. If I create a folder from my desktop and share to my android device it would have 2.0 folder type. Why can't android create the newer 2.0 folder type? reference
  25. The problem I manually rsynced a large mp3 directory to an ext4-formatted micro SD card on my Linux computer, proceeded to mount the card on my Cyanogenmod 11-equipped Galaxy S5 with correct permissions, and added the directory to the Sync app with a read-only key. When syncing it manually on the phone, it will start "Receiving" but never finish, with a minimal ~7B/s transfer rate. Details The music folder in question contains 17.07GB and 2872 files. The files are mostly mp3s ranging from 1 to 10 MB in size.The folder syncs successfully between two Linux computers running Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04, and Sync 1.4.103 in the same local (Wifi) network.There's nothing encrypted in the directory.It's music, so filenames vary wildly. There are no characters that are illegal to FAT32 (even though the SD card is now formatted as ext4).The phone is running Cyanogenmod 11 (based on KitKat 4.4.4), but the Cyanogenmod developers have reverted the SD card permission restrictions. I did have to manually change the permissions of the files/directories on the SD card, though (chown -R media_rw:media_rw /media_rw/sdcard1, chmod -R ug+rw /media_rw/sdcard1).Things I tried This problem originally appeared on the Galaxy S5's stock KitKat 4.4.2 ROM. Rooting it and editing /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml solved the (then FAT32) SD card permissions issue, but Sync wasn't able to finish syncing the mp3 folder either. Figuring this might be due to some other arbitrary restriction imposed by Samsung or my carrier, I flashed the latest Cyanogenmod 11 nightly available for my phone, and tried again: no luck. I resorted to formatting the card with ext4, thinking the problem might be related to a FAT32 limitation. One again, no luck. Finally, I tried enabling the tracker server and relay server options for this folder on the Linux boxes. No good, either. What next? Any ideas as to what I might try next? Thanks!