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Found 207 results

  1. Scenario - a computer (running Linux) - two android devices When a folder from the computer is shared with one of the Android devices, you are asked about the directory for this folder (if Simple mode is not checked). However, this folder also appears in the other Android device, and you are not given the option to chose the directory. Moreover, you cannot even anticipate the problem: changing the "Default folder location" before adding a new folder to the other Android does not change where the new folder will be placed. So, basically, you have no control of where synced folders will be placed in a second Android device. This happens regardless of whether, in the Linux machine, new folders are set to be Disconnected or Synced. This makes no difference. In it says "or its destination can be chosen if the default sync setting is "available", but in the Linux desktop I find no way to set default sync as available, and neither on the Android devices. This, it seems that on the second Android device it is impossible to change the destination. Users should have the option of choosing the directory of linked folders, at least before any syncing starts.
  2. Scanning the QR code for a read only share on my 1.4 win client results in a folder that never finds any peers outside my identity.
  3. Dear All, I must be doing something seriously wrong because the following makes no sense to me. This is the summary: Any file that exists in an android device will not sync back to it if it is modified in another device (Android or computer). So even if we have two-way sync, this is a very limited two-way sync: after a round of modifications, there is no longer two-way sync. Reproducible examples: - Create a directory in computer and share it with one Android device - Create a file in that directory in the computer: call it A. E.g. echo A > A - It gets synced with the Android device. - Edit A in the Android device: e.g., echo android >> A - Gets synced back to computer. - Edit A in computer. E.g., echo computer_again >> A - A no longer gets synced to the Android. There is a cross next to it, and no way to get it in the Android device. In the Android device we are told by the app that about 200 B/s are being uploaded and 1.5 kB downloaded, wheread the computer gui shows "out of sync". In fact, the same thing happens if we share something between two Android devices, or two Android devices and a computer, etc. This not only happens with silly text files. It happens with PDFs too. I just tested this with a PDF: - Add a PDF file in the computer. It gets synced to the Android. Then add a comment in the android device, then it moves OK to computer; add a comment in the computer, and then it no longer gets to the Android device; - Add a PDF in the computer. It gets synced to the Android. Now add a comment (or underline, or whatever) in the PDF in the computer, and it no longer makes it to the Android. What gives here? Best,
  4. Currently, the "on device" filter for a folder in the Sync for Android app only shows completed downloads. It would be nice to have one of the following: 1) When filtering for "on device", it would be nice if it would show currently downloading items as well, perhaps in a lighter shaded font. 2) Perhaps add a second filter so it would be "all files", "on device", and "partial downloads" or something like that. I know Sync v2.0 is in alpha so maybe the new Android app will have some better UX or maybe this a good time to recommend this so it can make it into 2.0 for Android.
  5. If I have BTsync running on two tablets (Android) and a laptop, after a couple of rounds of editing files in one or both of the tablets, things no longer sync to one of the tablets. The only way to "solve" it is to Exit the android BTsync app and restart. - It does not matter whether auto-sync is enabled or not- - Clikcing "Sync" will do nothing, except show that there is an up and down flow of a few B or kB (which makes no sense, because this happens with files that can be 60 B big). - I have made sure that no editor, etc, is actually keeping those files open in the tablet. - I have disabled "Store deleted files in folder archive" to make sure possible conflicts do not interfere. To reproduce: - sync a folder between a computer and two tablets. - create a file, say A: echo a > A - make it appear in both tablets. - wait sometime. - edit in one tablet. - appears in computer. - edit again, in computer or same tablet. - repeat once or twice, and the other tablet will not sync it (even when it reports the size of the file correctly). - click on sync: you will see up and down traffic, but to no avail. I do not understand this behavior. best,
  6. Nexus 5 Android 5.01 Sync Whenever I try to share a link or email the client would freeze & hang. My nexus would be unresponsive to any screen input and required a forced hard reboot. Is my /sdcard (internal memory) folder too large? (about 6k files 12GB)
  7. First post please understand this. Hello all. I need a bit of help: Here is my scenario: 1. On my computer I create a folder called "research" and add it to Sync and copy the r/w key.2. On my Android, I copy r/w key to Sync and select a source folder (we'll call this folder "research").3. On my Android, I now expect to download file "A" to the folder "research".4. On my computer (assuming appropriate data connectivity) I should see file "A" (originally downloaded from android) in the folder "research". At present, this doesn’t happen. What does occur is this? If I manually add a file from within sync on android, it might show up on the computer or not (I am still researching what works here and what does not). However, If I add a file on the computer, it will show up on android. I thought using the r/w key meant any changes detected on either device would be mirrored to all peers. I would like to have a mirror copy of the home directory of my android so that anything created on android would then appear on computer. Similar to iCloud. At present, sync only works one way, from computer to device. Is this a flaw or feature? What am I not taking into consideration? Computer is OS X, Android is virtual box image (plain android image)
  8. I'd like to provide more obvious, user-friendly device names for my Android devices. For example, "S4" instead of "GT-I9500." The default on Windows is OK because it's the name I've given to my computer. But the Android device name apparently defaults to what the manufacturer has named it, and those names are hard to track.
  9. Whenever I delete a picture on my PC, it indeed removed on my Android device, yet a 0 byte file of the same name remains. The same occurs in the other direction as well i.e. if I delete a file on my Android device, a 0 byte file of the same name remains. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is there any way to fix it? P.S. Yes, all of this is taking place in a synced folder I have synced on both devices using BitTorrent Sync.
  10. Hello guys! I have a windows 8.1 x64 machine and one LG G3 android kitkat with bittorrentsync. I have some folders from windows synced with my phone in Read-Write permission mode on both sides (they are ok!) And I have some folders from Android synced with the windows machine in Read-only mode (since that is the only mode for this set-up, right?) The problem is: When I delete files from my phone, the files still remain on the windows. For example, If I delete some photos from my Camera folder on my phone they will still be on windows. (the folders don't sync deleted files from my phone to windows). I haven't put any rule inside IgnoreList on both sides. Can you guys help me in finding the problem/solution. Thank you very much!
  11. Up to now with you mobile you could only generate a full access key only from a pc\nas and not from a mobile ? Why? This limitations seems very stupid and ugly! Up to now with my mobile I could generate a read only key or ADD a full access key (generated in anothe place) !! Let be the mobilephone able to GENERATE a read\write secret code as windows\osx\nas can do !!
  12. The "Camera backup" enable/disable switch remains permanently in my list of folders, even if I never want to enable it. That's annoying to users who never intend to enable it, and I'd hate to accidentally touch the enable switch and start a data transfer that I then have to clean up. While it's alpha and I'm still running my "production" 1.3 version that syncs my camera folder, I'm never going to enable camera backup in the alpha version. So the sooner I can hide that option, the better.
  13. I am using BTsync on windows NAS and Android Phone. I am having trouble with the sync over to the android Phone from both my ReadyNAS and windows 7 and 8 PC I am not sure where to get the Btsync logs of the android phone so I can check were the files are not syncing. Some files have sync and there are files in the peer list of the NAS and PC machine. I will be retrieving the android phone from off-site to check it and will give an update tomorrow
  14. Hello guys! I have folders synced between my phone (android kitkat) and my laptop (windows 8.1 x64). The folder is originally from the phone, so the laptop has read-only permission. The problem is: I've put some folders to not sync into the bittorrentsync file of the phone called "ignorelist". for example: I synced my folder "whatsapp" from the phone with the laptop and put some folders inside the whatsapp folder to not sync with the peers. Those folders are syncing though. I attached the screenshots below. Do you guys know what the problem is here? thanks!!
  15. 4 devices online: 3 of them - windows (7, vista and 2008r2) 1 of them - android (Jelly Bean 4.1.x) all clients are latest (1.4.106 desktop and android) So, any change of any file in any subfolder on any desktop client result of other desktop clients normaly download changed file - its ok. But some minutes later changed file restored from android client! Same crap with deleted file. I cant delete file! It restored from android client some minutes after I delete it! Only way to delete or change file - close android client and manualy delete file from mobile device. Oh, I know, you need logs... Is current android client broken only for me? PS. I hate current UI of desktop btsync. Please, let me use WebGUI with firefox, NOT STUPID IE. Please.
  16. Hey there. My issue is basicaly related to those: But I might have a slightly different branch of that issue, though. I'm perfectly fine with having my sync data in /sdcard1/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync. I don't care about not being able to modify those data from other applications. So being forced to have my sync data stored in here and having other apps not being allowed to write those data isn't an issue to me. But unfortunately the /sdcard1/Anroid/data folder contains a ".nomedia" file, which makes every music synchronized through btsync not appear in my music lib. And that's the real issue for me. I tried to sync ~20GB of music which worked quite well. This 20GB is now in there, and browsing through my file system and selecting individual MP3 files works. So the data is properly written. But doe to that ".nomedia" file inside of the /sdcard1/Android/data folder, the andoid media scanner skips that directory completely. According to anroid documentation that's just as expected because those app specific folders are not meant to contain "shared media files". What a pitty! I did find the "synchronize gallery automatically" checkbox in advaned settings, and I expected it to have the folder scanned by btsync instead of the media scanner and have each file added manually by the btsync app to the lib instead of relying on the media scanner. But that doesn't work. I don't know if it's btsync which doesn't trigger that properly or whatever. The only thing I know: If my data is stored inside of the app specific folder, my music lib just keeps being empty. I'm on a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact running Android 4.4.4 currently. I know there is official root by Sony for this device which would help me to work around that issue. But since getting root form Sony will delete DRM keys and some proprietary libs from my device my camera quality will decrease, I'm really not up to rooting my device any time soon. There are guys having some workarounds in place for that issue, afaik. They're basically saying: Extend the media scanner class and make it believe there is no .nomedia file when scanning your app folder. Could this be an acceptable sollution? In addition to this: Is there a way to have an android service run on android startup and make the according additions to the internal media libs despite having the actual btsync app not configured as "run on startup"? Regards, Stephan.
  17. I supose someone must have asked for this before, but searching in the forum I can't find it out. Sorry if duplicated. I don't know how to sync a mobile folder with read & write permissions. Always I try to share a folder in my android device its shared as "backup", so the chages I do in other devices are not push to the android device. I want to be able to delete files from a shared folder of my android device. I've read that from Android 4.4 the apps don't have permissions to write outside his own folder, so perhaps this is not posible. Thnks
  18. Hello, I'd like to sync my Android-Pictures to my Laptop and an always-on-RaspberryPi. Following setup after creating Secrets via API: Laptop: ReadWrite Android: ReadWrite RasPi: EncryptedSecret For testing purposes I closed BTSync on my Laptop, and expected a transmission of pictures to my RasPi. But nothing happened. BTSync showed a connected Peer, even correctly displaying the amount of Data and the numbers of Files, but my Android-Phone just did not want to sync. I turned my Laptop on, and my Phone started syncing to my Laptop - which succesfully synced to the RaspberryPi. Turning my Laptop off after a while - sync from Android to RasPi wont continue. Adding the ReadWrite Secret to the RaspberryPi works like a charm - but other people have access to the attached storage as well, so I would like to store my pictures encrypted.... Any Ideas? Just Reinstalled BTSync without Backup/Restore, did not help. FYI: I'm encountering the "App crashes regulary error" (Already discussed in some other topics) as well, before the reinstallation just as afterwards, stopped crashing when attached to a power source [did not]. Thank you very much in advance Sincerely Dominik edit: after the reinstall BTSync on my RasPi does not receive the correct number of files anymore, on my Laptop it does. edit2: well, it does get the number of files after a while.... and even whilst crashing everytime, the backround-sync does work anyway
  19. Hello, I have been trying to set up a new folder to sync between my laptop (win8.1) and my DroidM - both running the latest and greatest BTSync. The setup is WiFi only sync'ing, over a "hosted network" established through the laptop (Admin CMD: 'netsh wlan start hostednetwork', etc.). I am able to sync pics back to the laptop, but the new folder sync'ing arrangement is not working. I have "pending approval" on the laptop side - the request for approval was put in well over an hour ago and the phone has been turned off and on once, the Sync App exited and all that several times, the phone woken up from sleep, etc., several times. Each time I do this the Sync app happily indicates that the other folders are sync'd, but the approval to add the new folder simply do not get to the phone. Any tips on getting the approval to send, or be received, on the phone?
  20. I'm trying to design a distribution system with the following requirements : the content to distribute would be a directory tree (around one hundred files or maybe one thousand in the whole tree) on a single server which can be modified at will by administrators (adding, replacing, moving files mostly),modifications of the directory tree will be done in batches (several files modified at the same time) and days or weeks will pass between them,the content will be public domain or using a creative commons licence (to be determined),it will be read-only for the clients,the content should be distributed to smartphones in Africa, most of them with very irregular Internet access.(days or weeks without access is possible and might be common place).I'm thinking of using Bittorrent Sync in this context (publishing a read-only code generated by BTSync and letting users configure their local BTSync with it) but I'm not sure if it was designed for many targets (hundreds or thousands of smarphones could be syncing at the same time and maybe more in the future). Is there any limitation in Bittorrent Sync that would prevent using it with this many clients? In Africa, more and more people own Android smartphones but historically this was a market dominated by Blackberry, is there a Blackberry BTsync client planned? I've seen posts about running the Android version on Blackberry but I'm unsure if this is feasible on old Blackberry models as I know very little about this platform...
  21. Hi, My btsync on Android keeps crashing on startup after 40 seconds. Android 4.4.4 with CyanogenMod latest stable. D/TrafficView( 5166): 242506628,242509454;983760527,983764112;191064885,191065894;2800,3553D/TrafficView( 5166): 242509454,242512222;983764112,983767111;191065894,191066902;2746,2975D/TrafficView( 5166): 242512222,242516169;983767111,983771600;191066902,191067913;3904,4440D/TrafficView( 5166): 242516169,242518146;983771600,983773380;191067913,191068922;1959,1764D/TrafficView( 5166): 242518146,242524962;983773380,983791497;191068922,191069932;6748,17937E/UTERRORONOES(27097): Dump path: /data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files/.sync//558ac36b-c079-2acf-7370d372-708c299d.dmpI/UTERRORONOES(27097): BTSync Core error: coreCrashCallback() called successfully.D/Zygote ( 4618): Process 27097 terminated by signal (7)W/InputDispatcher( 4918): channel '4202b698 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity (server)' ~ Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred. events=0x9E/InputDispatcher( 4918): channel '4202b698 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!W/InputDispatcher( 4918): Attempted to unregister already unregistered input channel '4202b698 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity (server)'I/ActivityManager( 4918): Process com.bittorrent.sync (pid 27097) has died.I/WindowState( 4918): WIN DEATH: Window{4202b698 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity}W/ActivityManager( 4918): Scheduling restart of crashed service com.bittorrent.sync/.service.CoreService in 16384000msW/ActivityManager( 4918): Force removing ActivityRecord{432dc2a0 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.MainActivity t165}: app died, no saved stateW/Binder (25870): Caught a RuntimeException from the binder stub implementation.W/Binder (25870): java.lang.NullPointerExceptionW/Binder (25870): at android.inputmethodservice.IInputMethodWrapper.setSessionEnabled( (25870): at$Stub.onTransact( (25870): at android.os.Binder.execTransact( (25870): at Method)W/InputMethodManagerService( 4918): Got RemoteException sending setActive(false) notification to pid 27097 uid 10078I/Timeline( 8738): Timeline: Activity_idle id: android.os.BinderProxy@41fb4e48 time:119920842I/Timeline( 4918): Timeline: Activity_windows_visible id: ActivityRecord{4218c8d8 u0 com.cyanogenmod.trebuchet/org.cyanogenmod.trebuchet.CustomHomeLauncher t5} time:119920870Can someone confirm that it is safe to post the dump file with sync codes??; E/UTERRORONOES(27097): Dump path: /data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files/.sync//558ac36b-c079-2acf-7370d372-708c299d.dmp
  22. Hello everybody, I have performance issues with Sync app I have noticed Sync does an index re-calculation every time I open the application. This is a problem because I have a share containing lot of pictures taking up to 29 GB of space, so the indexing seems to take for ages. In addition to this I haven't added any new photos to the folder, so Sync should do anything at all. After that I tried to disable this share by selecting the pause menu. Although the GUI displayed the paused state, I still could see some CPU and network utilization in a resource monitoring app. Does anybody have similar issues? Is there a workaround for it? Thanks, Geza
  23. For some reason BTSync on Android version won't scan the QR code from my computer screen. Other QR code readers work just fine. I tried the Barcode Scanner (de factor for Android as Google recommends it for the Authenticator) and it scanned the code in matter of seconds. But BTSync just stays there never being able to detect the code. What could be wrong?
  24. Hello , i want to sync my several Android devices with my home Linux box. I have installed BitTorrent Sync 1.4.93 on my Linux box and last version of app on all my Android devices. I want to sync (backup) my phone/tablet camera pictures. As you can image on all Android devices folder with this pictures is named "DCIM". First one device had synced with no problem. But when I try to add new device in new folder on my Linux have error, that folder with this name is exist and I can't add second (or third, or next) device. Can anyone advise me how can i avoid this problem?
  25. In versions past, I was able to link a specific folder on my laptop with a specific (that is, a folder I specified) on my Android device. It seems that in version 1.4, I can specify a read-only folder on my android device, but I cannot specify a folder to synchronize (read-write). I haven't been able to find any information about this except for other people having the same problem. Is there a workaround? Is there some reason this had to be eliminated? Just to be clear, the flow I'd like is this, which was possible in earlier versions: Setup sync folder on PC, generate QR code/secret, scan QR code/type in secret on Nexus 7, choose folder on Nexus 7 for download of PC folder.