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Found 207 results

  1. Hi, The Android client works great for me until recently it simply crash when it starts... What could be the issue? Here is the logcat output when it start and crash: 11-04 01:38:06.662: I/ActivityManager(628): Start proc com.bittorrent.sync for activity com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.StartActivity: pid=16269 uid=10158 gids={50158, 1006, 3003, 1028, 1015}11-04 01:38:06.992: I/ActivityManager(16269): Timeline: Activity_launch_request id:com.bittorrent.sync time:1502830211-04 01:38:06.992: I/ActivityManager(628): START u0 {cmp=com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.MainActivity} from pid 1626911-04 01:38:07.372: E/dalvikvm(16269): Could not find class '', referenced from method com.bittorrent.sync.service.CoreService.checkADM11-04 01:38:07.372: W/dalvikvm(16269): VFY: unable to resolve new-instance 974 (Lcom/amazon/device/messaging/ADM;) in Lcom/bittorrent/sync/service/CoreService;11-04 01:38:07.372: D/dalvikvm(16269): VFY: replacing opcode 0x22 at 0x000d11-04 01:38:07.382: D/dalvikvm(16269): DexOpt: unable to opt direct call 0x2126 at 0x0f in Lcom/bittorrent/sync/service/CoreService;.checkADM11-04 01:38:07.382: D/dalvikvm(16269): Trying to load lib /data/app-lib/com.bittorrent.sync-1/ 0x41d6529811-04 01:38:07.462: D/dalvikvm(16269): Added shared lib /data/app-lib/com.bittorrent.sync-1/ 0x41d6529811-04 01:38:07.492: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): Bufsize 480011-04 01:38:07.492: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): SampleRate 44.1k11-04 01:38:07.502: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): Bufsize 480011-04 01:38:07.502: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): SampleRate 44.1k11-04 01:38:07.522: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): Bufsize 480011-04 01:38:07.522: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): SampleRate 44.1k11-04 01:38:07.532: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): Bufsize 480011-04 01:38:07.532: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): SampleRate 44.1k11-04 01:38:07.542: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): Bufsize 480011-04 01:38:07.542: D/AudioHardwareMSM8660(201): SampleRate 44.1k11-04 01:38:07.742: I/Adreno200-EGL(16269): <qeglDrvAPI_eglInitialize:269>: EGL 1.4 QUALCOMM build: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA. (CL2997615)11-04 01:38:07.742: I/Adreno200-EGL(16269): Build Date: 04/11/13 Thu11-04 01:38:07.742: I/Adreno200-EGL(16269): Local Branch: 11-04 01:38:07.742: I/Adreno200-EGL(16269): Remote Branch: quic/mako_jb_mr111-04 01:38:07.742: I/Adreno200-EGL(16269): Local Patches: NONE11-04 01:38:07.742: I/Adreno200-EGL(16269): Reconstruct Branch: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA. + NOTHING11-04 01:38:07.792: D/OpenGLRenderer(16269): Enabling debug mode 011-04 01:38:07.882: E/UTERRORONOES(16269): setting up callback11-04 01:38:07.882: E/UTERRORONOES(16269): setting up descriptor with dump path: (null)11-04 01:38:08.072: I/ActivityManager(628): Displayed com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.MainActivity: +1s81ms (total +1s434ms)11-04 01:38:08.402: I/ActivityManager(628): Timeline: Activity_windows_visible id: ActivityRecord{42a3cee0 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.MainActivity t9} time:1502971711-04 01:38:09.492: E/UTERRORONOES(16269): Dump path: /data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files/.sync//5e3595f7-a14c-0370-516842c8-67ac4872.dmp11-04 01:38:09.572: I/Choreographer(16269): Skipped 54 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.11-04 01:38:09.592: I/UTERRORONOES(16269): BTSync Core error: coreCrashCallback() called successfully.11-04 01:38:09.612: I/ActivityManager(628): Process com.bittorrent.sync (pid 16269) has died.11-04 01:38:09.612: I/WindowState(628): WIN DEATH: Window{429ed518 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity}11-04 01:38:09.612: W/ActivityManager(628): Force removing ActivityRecord{42a3cee0 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.MainActivity t9}: app died, no saved state11-04 01:38:09.682: D/Zygote(199): Process 16269 terminated by signal (11)Any help is appreciated.
  2. Android sync version is there away to get a list of the peers. it will give you the number of peers but I would like to be able to get the peer name and where thay are sync or not.
  3. Apparently bittorent sync on an android tablet distinguishes between capitalized and non-capitalized words in the file names. I am not sure whether this is an android thing or a bittorrent sync issue. It would be nice when BT sync is able to ignore this capitalization when sorting on an adroid device.
  4. Hi, I've been trying to set up a simple sync between my phone and my PC. What I would like to do is have my Camera folder from Android sync'd to my PC so I can organize my photos from my PC. I want to delete some photos and move others to a file server (same as deleting). This almost works for me, but when I delete a photo from my PC it doesn't completely disappear from my phone. I have an LG G2 running Android 4.4.2. It behaves as follows after deleting a single image on my PC: If I explore the camera folder via BtSync on the phone, the deleted photo gone.If I explore the camera folder via the File Manager on the phone, the deleted photo is gone.If I connect the phone to my PC I can still see the photo in Windows explorer, but it is corrupted / broken.If I open the Gallery app on my phone, it shows a broken photo for the deleted one.If I reboot my phone, everything gets cleaned up and the deleted photo is gone.I figured maybe something was holding locks on the file, so I also tried closing all apps. It didn't help. Any ideas? Ryan
  5. I'm really liking the UI improvements for the Android version of Bittorrent Sync, and it runs nicely, but I have some feedback I'd like to give: Advanced Settings I'd really like to see advanced settings made available for shares, in particular I want to be able to set predefined hosts so I don't need to use a tracker or DHT to locate peers; all my shares go through my NAS which is on 24/7, so I set it as a predefined host on Windows and Mac machines, but I can't on Android (that I can see). Faster Startup Between opening the app and seeing your shares there is still a long delay in which you appear to have no shares at all (as if your settings have been lost). While I can understand that it takes time to reconnect and get status for a share, I don't see why the app shouldn't be able to at least list them with a status of "connecting…" or such. More Control Over When Syncing Occurs The one thing that confuses me with the Android sync app is when it will actually sync; I have it set to open on boot, but I often find that I have to re-open it manually, otherwise I'm not sure if it's actually doing anything. Also, besides the battery saving option we don't have a lot of control over when syncing occurs. For me, I only want Bittorrent Sync to open when I have WiFi enabled; even better I'd love to see an option to restrict Bittorrent Sync to only running when power is connected. I do this for a lot of other apps so that they don't even need to run at all; not that I've had any trouble with Bittorrent Sync and battery life (I haven't noticed any difference at all in fact), but I don't have a data plan for my phone so there's no reason for it to be open at all if I've turned WiFi off. Store Indexes With Folders One complaint I have with Bittorrent Sync is that it stores all indexes on the internal memory, even if they're for a share on the SD card. I'd much rather see Bittorrent Sync use both an internal and an external data/cache directory, and store indexes in the appropriate one. This way if all my shares on the SD card, the Bittorrent Sync only uses up space on the SD card, or the same for internal memory. I know phones are getting larger and larger storage amounts, but more budget devices can still be pretty limited. Besides which, an index servers no purpose if the share it's for isn't connected (i.e - because the SD card is unmounted). I know that internal memory is typically faster, but does that really impact Bittorrent Sync much? Personally I've found the performance of Android's SQLite databases to be great regardless of where they're stored. Anyway, just some things I'd like to see considered in future updates; I'm loving the app in general, and it's my preferred way to sync stuff I need on the go.
  6. Hi, I have two Android devices (one Android v4.2.2, the other v4.4.2) both running v1.4.44.0, and an Ubuntu 14.04 machine running v1.4.0-4. I have created some read-only (I think now called 'backup' in v1.4?) syncs on my Android devices, which I'm syncing to my Ubuntu box. One of these is working, but a couple of them show as "Out Of Sync" on both the Android client and the Ubuntu web gui. My hunch is that this happened after I changed the .sync/IgnoreList and restarted btsync on the Ubuntu machine. In the sync.log on the Ubuntu machine, the two folders that are not syncing both generate this error [20140914 16:20:28.325] Trash: scan for folder "/<folder-path-removed>/.sync/Archive" started, max file age = 30 days [20140914 16:20:28.325] Trash: scan for folder "/<folder-path-removed>/.sync/Archive" finished [20140914 16:20:28.325] Trash: GetFileList failed for folder "/<folder-path-removed>/.sync/Streams" - error 2 I don't know if this is related to the issue. I haven't changed the .sync/Streams file, only .sync/IgnoreList. Without removing the target directories on the Ubuntu machine and starting again, can anyone suggest how to clear this "out of sync" situation? Cheers, --Dave
  7. I have couple of hundreds GB of data on several machines running btsync. I also want to access them from android phone. Obviously I don't want t sync all data to the phone. I want download some files on demand (dropbox style). I tried to use the folder in NON auto-sync mode, in this case is does not work. In auto-sync mode is tries to download whole folder. When the auto-sync is off there is Synchronized label under the folder name, which seems not logical. It is not synchronized, just a couple of files were downloaded. One more issue. I have one more folder on the phone with as little as 50 Mb of data. This folder is on auto-sync. Now the data in this folder is perfectly in sync on all devices. But for some reason under this folder there is a label Sending. But it is not sending anything and it should not! Its already in sync. Just in case you ask - yes I have read the manual.
  8. When the app listens for the android.hardware.action.NEW_PICTURE and android.hardware.action.NEW_VIDEO message, it can start the upload immediatly after the image is taken. This is how Google+ and Dropbox allow syncing of new images immediatly. Currently, we have to wait untill the app wakes up and does the syncing.
  9. I just installed bittorrent sync on my desktop Arch Linux, Android phone and iPad. Everything went smoothly and it seems to work nicely between my iPad and desktop. But on my android phone, the folder name does appear in the list but it is a dotted and under it, it has written "Pending" and no syncing is done. In settings (advanced), I have disabled "simple mode", an no other major change. I would appreciate some help, thanks in advance.
  10. How can I make a sync happen between my phone and my computer? And no, I am not talking about a backup. A backup is not what I need. I need a full synchronization of a folder on my computer to be sent to my phone, and back from my phone to my computer. If I edit a file on my computer, I want it sent to my phone. And I want the same to happen if I edit a file on my phone. I know that 1.3 used to do this. It is what got me to not use Dropbox anymore. Where has it gone in 1.4? What I want specifically to happen is my camera folder (/sdcard/DCIM/Camera) to be write access, and not just a read only copy on my desktop. And for the life of me, I cannot figure it out. I have a Nexus 5, running latest KK 4.4.4 (KTU84P) + root access. I am NOT writing to an external SD Card, as the Nexus doesn't even have that.
  11. My device: RedMi Note HK version FW version: MIUI-JDHMIBF30.0 Android version: 4.2.2 JDQ39 BTsync client: V1.4.44 Case: 1. Open btsync 2. Take photo from QRcode to get secret 3. Sync folder created 4. Click ... to this sync folder, the btsync crash and go back to launcher screen. Is this a bug? What can I do? I cannot delete this share folder link now....
  12. Hi, I have just configured my Android smartphone to sync its camera folder with a folder on my PC. I want the photos to get deleted on the Android device once they are deleted/moved from the folder on the PC (I'm using Lightroom to import that directory to my Lightroom library; that process moves the files). It works almost, the only problem is that after deleting files on the PC and then syncing, the files or rather the file information are still visible on the Android device. It seems that the files are somehow altered, as when I try to open the files from the camera folder on my PC (when the device is connected via USB), the Windows Photo software says the file is broken. There is also no thumbnail for the photo. Once I reboot the phone, all the files are properly gone. Of course I don't want to have to reboot my device for the sync process to complete. Is there something I need to configure for the files to be gone automatically and instantly? Thanks!
  13. I don't know if the app does this at all, but it would be really nice to have some kind of intent service that we could listen for when a file has been downloaded/uploaded/etc... We're using BTSync to manage files for our app that we can't bundle in the apk itself and it would be useful for us to know when those files are updated/downloaded to the device so that action can be taken in the app to reflect that.
  14. The CPU usage on Android is way to high. I have one read-only folder that is not synchronized. And I have camera upload turned on (and 3 photos to sync). Why does Bittorrent Sync create the whole folder structure when it is a read-only, non synchronized folder? Just create the folder when a file i downloaded. It seems like it is using a lot of CPU power to keep the folderstructure synchronized.
  15. While your Android device is online and set to Auto Sleep, does it continue to sync as expected? In other words, are your Android device's files never more than 30 minutes or so out of sync, and your other devices' files never more than 30 minutes or so out of sync with what's on the Android device? By "30 minutes or so," I mean reasonably close to whatever sync period you've chosen. If Auto Sleep works consistently for you, please post your device, Android version, and if you were using WiFi or mobile data.
  16. It appears that the android app has two options: download on demand (single file), and auto sync. Is it possible to selectively sync certain folders? For example, if my pictures are sorted by year, to only sync 2014? I believe I have the latest version (1.3), on all of my clients.
  17. Hi, I moved all of my Dropbox-files, ca. 15GB, into an BT-Sync-repos(itory) and turned Dropbox off. Next to these I have repos for my books, ca. 13GB, and picture-backup. For the lare repos I'm not using "auto sync" and sync only a couple of files. I turned off the mobile sync, also. At my Android mobile devices it takes ca. 50s to show these repos. Thats really annoying if I'm on public transport and have to wait a minute for access my files. Is there a way to get rid of these? What is BT-Sync doing? Setup: Android 4.4.4 CyanogenMod Device: Nexus 4
  18. Hi, I've just started using btsync and have already run into a problem on my Android app - I can't browse my sync folders without downloading everything in the background. I have added a sync folder on the synchronize tab of the android app using the qr code from my PC btsync instance. I unticked "automatic synchronization" and still, as soon as I hit "done", all files are getting downloaded to my phone. I actually would like to browser the remote-folders and selectively sync/download certain files/folders. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to achive that?
  19. Hi. I've installed Sync on my Nexus 10 and when I tried to read QR code it says "Sorry, the camera is not available" What's wrong with it?
  20. Hi, all- I just went through the initial setup of BTSync on my mobile device. My reason for using it is to store an emergency backup of some auto-save files that are generated by software I'm using to complete a project for a client. As the project progresses, these files will grow in size to equal probably 3-4 GB total, so they should fit nicely in my phone's available space as a backup. What I want to know is, is the sync bi-directional? So if I accidentally delete a file on my phone, will it then be deleted on my computer? And if this is the case by default, is there a way to change it so that the computer's folder is treated as the "master" copy of the files, and the phone simply updates to match it? Thanks for any light you can shed! -Mark
  21. Hi All, I've installed BitTorrent Sync on my android device (tremendous project by the way) ! Now I would like to add a sync folder to the sync service without using the app GUI. I've tried copying ".SyncID" file (i assume it contains the secret, right ?) to the folder on the storage and added the folder path in the "/data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/shared_prefs/com.bittorrent.sync_preferences.xml" file but the folder is not detected as a sync folder when i launch the app. Is there a way for me to achieve this without using the API ? Opening to auxiliary questions : - Is the API designed to work with the Android Client ? How to interact with it ? - Can i add sync folder using the API ? Thanks !
  22. On mobile version of BTSync you could activate or deactivate sync on a 3g wifi network but this could be set only for general settings. Should be nice to let set 3g\wifi sync folder by folder ;-)
  23. I suggest to enable android (or mobile) version to generate secret in order to share in read+write mode a folders of the mobile phone without using a pc. At the moment you can only create e read only (backup) or sync a read+write folder created with a pc !!!
  24. It would be great if it was possible to share to BTSync from other apps. Dropbox has the same feature 'Add to Dropbox' when sharing a file.
  25. BT sync on android is completely broken as of Android 4.4, as the permissions needed to access the SD card have changed. As a result any sync folders on the SD card (aka all of them) can't be accessed. Surely this bug is known, but it should be so easy to fix that one would expect a new release solving the problem to have already been available.