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Found 207 results

  1. Installed btsync on both my computer and Google Nexus 7 android in hopes of easily transfering some music files to android and play them in either Amazon MP3 app or Google Play Music app. If I transfer music files with my USB cable into the /Music directory on the Nexus 7, everything works fine. Amazon MP3 & Google Play Music apps will 'see' the music I copied to the Nexus 7. HOWEVER, if I use btsync to transfer the music files from computer to Nexus 7, btsync shows the files are there. But, Amazon MP3 & Google Play Music does not find the files and they cannot be played. Also, If I use a USB cable between the computer and Nexus 7, browsing to the Music folder shows NOTHING in file explorer. Any Ideas why I can't see or use the synced files? See following screenshots from my computer & nexus 7 for more detail Synced folder on Computer: - Synced folder on Android (screenshot from btsync app): - But, file explorer shows no files when I browse to the folder over USB cable: -
  2. hello. i'm using btsync on android and linux (GUI). automatic two-way sync folders work perfectly. i struggle however with the backup of my titanium backup and photo folder. i want the data to be synced to the laptop and kept there, even when i delete the files on android. i created backup folders from android. it should either be sync and then delete on android, or keep and let me delete when i decide to. currently it moves the deleted files on android to ./SyncArchive on linux, which is absolutely not what i want. another question regardin the ./SyncArchive, the files there expire after a while, right? what if i disable the versioning, then the files on linux would just be deleted, to the trash or from the "disk"? i quite like btsync, even though it's closed source, there simply is no alternative for this usecase atm. thanks for any advice.
  3. I'm running BTSync on an Android tablet and it refuses to auto start any time the device is fully powered off or rebooted. The tablet is a Nextbook NX0007HD running Android 4.1.1. The check-mark for auto-start is checked and stays checked any time I look at it. I rooted the device but didn't change the Android kernel or make any major changes.
  4. It would be great if Btsync Android App would support a Sync Blacklist or Whitelist to choose when files should be synced, or not. In my case, i use this app on my tablet which is mounted in a car and connected to a MiFi Router, also mounted in my car. But btsync should only stard syncing when it is connected to my Home WiFi in front of my Appartement. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have installed BTSync 1.3.69 on a Mac OSX 10.9.2 and 1.3.67 manually on a Fairphone (OS 1.1, based on Android 4.2.2). Both were upgrades from earlier versions and there were 3 folder-pairs set up with only the "Search LAN"- and "Store deleted files in SyncArchive"-options enabled on the Mac's side. This worked fine. Now with the 1.3 upgrade, a totally weird and IMHO inconsistent pattern of the folders finding each other & syncing. At first, the phone did not find the Mac in the same WiFi. Intermittently, one of the folders did, but lost connection. Then, activating cellular data on the phone and "Search Tracker" on the Mac yielded the folder "finding" and syncing within a few seconds. Deactivating cellular data and tracker again often has no effect: the devices still see each other for a while. But after a few hours, the same problem appears again, sometimes with different folder pairs than before. What does this sounds like to you? Problem with the "Search LAN"-option? Router problem (worked fine before v1.3)? Deleting the sync folders, setting them up again with new keys and pairing the phone's folder again does not help.
  6. 1) Why on android version of BitTorrentSYNC I could see how many devices are connected to my sync but not the name of that devices? 2)Why I can not create a sync with read+write permission but only a read-only one or sync in read+write a folder created outside android version? 3) should be nice have also an history log. 4)even with this limitations I think (IMHO) that this project is mature and the word "beta" is no more usefull ;-) Can someone tell me how\why\when the first 2 limitation will be broken? Thanks you a lot...
  7. I was wondering if it is possible to have the .SyncIgnore only apply to certain deviecs. I have 2 Windows machines and 1 Android device syncing my pictures library. I would like for the windows machines to sync the ENTIRE folder, which they do. however I only want certain folders to sync on my android. example: -Pictures Fldr1 Fldr2* Fldr3 Fldr4* Fldr5 I want everything in Pictures on the windows PCs however I only want Fldr1 and Fldr3 on my android. is this possible with the current iteration of BT Sync? if so how would it be done?
  8. Hi everybody, Excuse my English in advance it is not my mother tongue. I recently installed Bittorrent Sync on both my computer and my android phone to sync the entire SD card folder to the computer. Everything is working great but one thing! The screenshot folder won't sync. The folder itself is created on the computer but nothing seems to fill it. I was wondering if maybe the png files weren't recognized or something with the long names automatically given to the files was creating a problem? If someone had a clue what is happening it would really help me. Thanks a lot to anybody taking the time to help and answer.
  9. I think by now most KitKat BitTorrent Sync (BTS) users are aware of the OS preventing apps from modifying files or folders on SD cards that don't specifically belong to them. Because the BTS Android app lacks file management features, it's pretty much impossible to modify any its SD card folder from the (non-rooted) Android device itself, as file managers don't have necessary permissions. Therefore, I'm requesting that deletion or at least basic file management features be added to BTS.
  10. Hello, now that I have BitTorrent Sync on my Android phone I'm looking for a note taking app that can take the place of the Dropbox-integrated one I used to use. In other words I need one that just saves text files in a regular directory. Has anyone found one that works well for that?
  11. Hello! I haven't seen any APK downloads for the past few releases. Where else other then Google's Play store (which I don't want to use) can I download official APKs? Thanks and greetings!
  12. I am using bittorrent sync for back-up from android phone to computer. So, First I designated the folder(A) to back-up on android. and back-up was well done. at this point, I have question. in order to recognize changes of files in folder(A) on android at Bittorrent sync application, it takes so much time, about 7-8minutes. So eventually back-up will start after 7-8minutes since back-up folder(A) has changed. plz let me know how to shorten the time to recognize??... if you do not understand my english, plz let me know as well.!! Thank you
  13. With an update of Android, it's impossible now to add a sync folder on external card. Have you an idea how solve this problem ?
  14. I've been testing with the new new Android app (I'm using the version published in the Play Store yesterday) and wanted to give some feedback. There are a couple of confusing elements in the UI: 1. What's the difference between the "Sync" tab and the "Backup" tab? 2. When setting up a sync folder, there's an option to "Automatic sync". I guess it means that remote files are downloaded automatically, but the option isn't really self-explanatory. The ability to send files is great, but it's a bit difficult to use - you have to open the app on both sender and receiver and browse for the specific file. It'd be great if you could make at least the sender's life easier by making BtSync a share target, so it appears in the share menu when you want to share data from any app (like Dropbox, or Gmail do). On that note, it'd also be nice if you could share a file directly to one of your existing shared folders (say, to send the file to your PC). Otherwise it's looking great, and better yet - working great!
  15. Hi all, I have shared a folder on desktop with this structure: /folder/to/share -folderA -folderB -... -folderX I have subscribed on btsync android app this folder, only with reading permission and without enable automatic sync. With this setting i can choose which file/folder sync on my android. But at start, without to sync nothing, I have all directory structure on my android folder synced (folderA, folderB..). is it normal? I don't want empty folder that I haven't synced. I would only folderB, folderL with files in. thanks in advance!
  16. I installed btsync on my Android phone and synced it with a test FreeBSD server. I was happy with the install so I built my "production" Freebsd server and uninstalled/re-installed btsync on the phone. It appears that the uniinstall did not remove the btsync status information because new files created on my phone are synced properly but files that were previously synced to the old test server are not copied to the new server. Is there something I need to do to make Android btsync forget about the previously synced files and send all the files to my FreeBSD machine? Using versions: btsync android 1.3.14 btsync freebsd 1.3.67 Ken G.
  17. I'm trying to sync a folder between a linux btsync and the android client. The syncing gets stuck on files with | (pipe) in them and maybe : ~ After finding the files and renaming them the syncing resumes and is completed successfully. This issues doesn't occur when syncing between two Linux btsync. And I've found nothing of use in sync.log
  18. Hi all, im very new to bittorrent sync, can someone please explain to me how i can sync photos from my camera folder to my computer one way only so i can delete them from my phone? my phone memory gets full quick and i would like to replace dropbox with bittorrent sync since its more convenient and seems reliable, Regards, Ammar
  19. I have set up a shared folder to sync podcasts to my android phone. For some reason, there are some folders that just won't sync at all. I can create a new share, link to it with my phone, and then drop the podcasts in, and the client on the phone will not download them. What to do?
  20. Hi, I'm using Sync to sync my music folder between multiple computers, because I hate putting everything on a flashdrive everytime I download something new, to put it on my other computers. This works amazingly well, so I downloaded the Android app for my HTC One. The HTC One is now connected to the folder and as soon as I put a new track in my music folder on my main desktop, it immediately starts downloading it and syncing. It also says every item in the folder is synced. Here's the deal though: I synced the music folder on my PC with the music folder on my HTC One, but even though the app says it's downloading and syncing, my music doesn't actually sync. The newly "synced" music is just simply not in the music folder on my phone. When I delete the "sync" on my phone and re-sync the two folders, it immidately starts downloading the music, but then it DOES write to the music folder on my phone. I really hope you can fix this problem (or even read this post), or that somebody else has the same (and maybe know how to fix it).
  21. I use BTSync to push music to my Android phone. Music player apps do not 'see' these files because media files are not found by scanning the file system (too much battery) but by looking up a database that is updated by the media scanner. Because BTSync apparently doesn't seem to run the media scanner after syncing files to the phone, these music files never show in any of the commom media players on Android (except VLC, which doesn't use the database but does scan the file system ... but I don't really want to use VLC to play back my music). See also this question on Stack Exchange for Android. Aka: this is a feature request.
  22. I've synced a folder from a PC to Android. Now I want to sync that same folder from Android to another device. How do I retrieve the shared secret? Currently, you need to browse to a hidden config file, and that's not very user-friendly. See: Also, could the shared secret transfer via QR code? As in, Android displays a QR code which is then scanned by a computer?
  23. Hi, I use btsync on my smartphone and on my wife's one. Both run Android 2.3.x. I use automatic synchronization and that works fine. Something weird happens after synchronization: if I look at the synchronized folders using a file manager app, I can see that changes have been propagated correctly, but apps like gallery and media player do not see them. I need to restart the phone to get new songs or images listed. Even worse, deleted images are still thumbnailed and survive reboots! It does not seems to be a btsync bug: files have been transferred. But if I add or delete files using the file manager or a PC connection, other apps react correctly. Maybe there is some kind of event that should be called after synchronization?
  24. We discussed the problem of old overwriting new in this thread: but I'm now noticing a specific pattern to the problem that I think deserves its own thread for consideration. Since disabling Android sleep a week ago, an old version hasn't clobbered a current version on any of my clients except under one very specific circumstance: machine reboot. I've never seen the problem associated with any of my Windows laptops, but in the past week I've seen it subsequent to: 1) one of my Linux NAS's underoing some sort of automatic restart at its remote location, I assume due to a power outage followed by its automatically-restart-after-power-outage feature. 2) a Note 2 manual full reboot, after I noticed that it had been disconnected from my home LAN for a couple of days and that I couldn't switch on its WiFi until I rebooted. 3) an S4 full reboot after it experienced one of its very, very rare crashes. Since each is a case where the client lost the network in an ungraceful way, I presume that's what's been causing this intermittent overwriting anomaly all along. I do plenty of reboots with my Windows laptops, soft reboots with my Android devices, and an occasional Linux reboot, and those orderly shutdowns have never led to the old-overwrites-new anomaly. I don't think every single crash reproduces the problem, but my sense is that it's the vast majority. So the question for the devs is what prevents BitTorrent Sync from failing gracefully even when the machine doesn't. I imagine sometimes when the operating system breaks, it's going to break BTS, but perhaps they can find ways to improve the OS/BTS failure ratio. Meaning that maybe BTS can be made more likely to fail gracefully when the OS totally barfs. Maybe that's much easier said than done, but because the problem has virtually disappeared when I've turned off Android sleep, I'm worried that there are issues specific to Android sleep that cause the same BTS anomaly as an ungraceful shutdown. I've experienced a significant number of occasions where the BTS app became unresponsive after trying to switch to it while sleep was enabled. I actually rarely need to deal with files from within the app itself, except on the occasions when I can plainly see that suddenly hours had gone by without a sync, despite my 30-minute sleep period. When BTS app apparently seizes, I do give it a lot of time to come back, then when it doesn't, I kill it with a task killer. During my one week experiment, however, the app has worked absolutely perfectly--remember, my only S4 problem during the week was when the OS itself crashed. And by "perfect," I mean switching networks willy-nilly (WiFi and 3G), renaming files and folders and then renaming them again 2 seconds later when I changed my mind, moving files and then moving them again quickly, creating and then deleting or moving a few seconds later--these are needed working file operations that frequently led to glitches for me when using Android sleep. In fact, it had gotten to the point where I was doing things with files outside of synced locations and then moving them in when finished, which is really not how you want to work. I have to infer, then, that something about sleep doesn't get along with Android. I suspect the system comes along eventually and does something horrible to apps that it thinks have become inactive. Simple solution: I've stopped using Android sleep--after all those battery statistics I posted cheerleading for the feature! It's really quite a luxury to have instant sync all the time and no sync glitches except when OS's crash. 20% per hour battery consumption is viable on my S4 because the spare battery I now carry is so cheap and light and convenient to pop in there when needed. I've been saying for years now that user-replaceable battery and extra micro-SD card are dealbreakers for me, and Samsung has declared their commitment to these two features for their flagship phones. Although such high battery consumption is unnacceptable to a lot of people, I would think within a few years battery capacity and hardware efficiency will bring the % per hour usage down low enough that you don't care how many mA per hour the BitTorrent Sync app is using. But even though we're not there yet, I think I'm going to have to permanently quit the Android sleep feature, or else lose sleep worrying over tracking and searching clobbered files.
  25. Hello, I installed BitTorrent Sync (as well as BitTorrent) on my Nexus 5 and when they are active, the device never goes to sleep. The auto-sleep feature doesn't seem to have an effect on that. I have to shutdown the apps and restart the device for the power management to kick in. Is anybody else experiencing this? Any solutions? I tried searching these forums but found nothing relating to Android devices. Thanks, Rebel Geek