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  1. Hi, I use btsync on my smartphone and on my wife's one. Both run Android 2.3.x. I use automatic synchronization and that works fine. Something weird happens after synchronization: if I look at the synchronized folders using a file manager app, I can see that changes have been propagated correctly, but apps like gallery and media player do not see them. I need to restart the phone to get new songs or images listed. Even worse, deleted images are still thumbnailed and survive reboots! It does not seems to be a btsync bug: files have been transferred. But if I add or delete files using the
  2. We discussed the problem of old overwriting new in this thread: but I'm now noticing a specific pattern to the problem that I think deserves its own thread for consideration. Since disabling Android sleep a week ago, an old version hasn't clobbered a current version on any of my clients except under one very specific circumstance: machine reboot. I've never seen the problem associated with any of my Windows laptops, but in the past week I've seen it subsequent to: 1) one of my Linux NAS's underoing some sort of
  3. Hello, I installed BitTorrent Sync (as well as BitTorrent) on my Nexus 5 and when they are active, the device never goes to sleep. The auto-sleep feature doesn't seem to have an effect on that. I have to shutdown the apps and restart the device for the power management to kick in. Is anybody else experiencing this? Any solutions? I tried searching these forums but found nothing relating to Android devices. Thanks, Rebel Geek
  4. Ok so this is my desired use case: I have a ~600GB folder of music tracked by my btsync desktop (potentially fully by another server but not yet at this time) What I would like to do, is be able to selectively dowload or remove portions (~40 GB or so) of this music to my ext sdcard on my Galaxy S4 depending on my whims of what I feel like listening to at the time. I've created a read only sync from the device, disabled autosync, and it appears that I can accomplish this basically. I'm trying to understand why exactly ALL of the folders are copied over to device (and displayed in the ON D
  5. Hi, Is there a way to interact with BTSync on Android? Aside from installing the normal BTSync on Android as described here I'd like to be able to add new keys from within another application. Update: Sorry, just remembered I had already asked this, and there is no way to delete the old post. Anyway, never got an answer so...
  6. I tried it several times now with different versions (since several months): I would like to sync my notebook to remote BTSync instances via the portable hotspot of an Android phone. This simply does not work. BTSync on the notebook doesn't even see the other nodes/devices. Any ideas?
  7. Generally speaking, the Android app is pretty reliable, and I've only experienced problems intermittently. The PostDownload problem is discussed in another thread, but another problem that also crops up maybe once a week is the sudden, inexplicable loss of sync. No clue how to troubleshoot it, but after some months of experience, it seems to only ever lose sync when changing networks. Most times, changing networks isn't a problem, so being intermittent makes it difficult to guess what's going wrong. For example, I move from my 3G data plan back to home WiFi LAN, and now I think even when stay
  8. Hi On my Android device, I shared the TitaniumBackup folder as a "backup" folder (3rd tab in the app). I added this shared folder on my PC and waited, until all files were there. Then, on the PC, I removed the files in the folder. The web interface thus shows: 0 B in 0 files Correct. Now ­— how would I "re-sync" that folder, so that the PC (a Linux system) gets those now missing files again? Granted, in that specific case, it would be easy to delete the shared folder from the PCs config, as I removed all files. But suppose there were 815 files and 42 were removed… How to do? Tha
  9. Since starting to use the BitTorrent Sync app with large amounts of files--15GB and 20,000 files is a lot for Android--my phone periodically goes into 4-5 hours long episodes of 30-40% CPU usage. This wipes out the battery far faster than an S4 should normally perform. I've determined that it's due to Android's Media Server running overtime. I've seen people reporting this unfortunate activity from Media Server as inevitable when you have lots of files, but that placing a ".nomedia" file in a directory will make Media Server ignore everything under that file hierarchy. I've done this with all
  10. I'm wondering if it is possible (or will be) to control BTSync running on Android from other applications running on the same machine. Now this might sound weird if you're thinking of Android as a pure mobile OS, but we actually use Android as embedded device solutions (as opposed to using Linux based solutions on top of a Raspberry for example). If we have a few hundred devices in a network running one of our applications we could then have the central server tell that application to let btsync register a new secret key. So basically configure content distribution remotely.
  11. Hi there, I have what I think is a pretty common use case: I'd like to use Sync to automatically xfer screenshots I take on Android to my desktop. The config is working, in that the screenshots do get to the computer (so secrets are set up right, folder paths are correct). However, when I take a new screenshot, it just doesn't sync. The device appears as connected, but... nothing happens. It looks like the change just isn't detected in the Android Sync app, even though there is a new file in the folder it is supposed to be watching. This is not after the "sleep period" - it's a scree
  12. As the title says, will there be the "predefined host" option for the mobile (android) version or did I just missed it?
  13. Two desktops and two mobiles are in one LAN network. Two mobile phone,one is android 4.1.1 and the other is android 4.2.2. I pair these two mobiles with my win7 desktop,but in the sync tab of mobiles,it always prompt 0 device online. I try to use BTsync in two desktops,it works well. And also i use send function with two mobiles,it works well too. The problem is the connection between mobile and desktop.It can't find each other. Any body can help me? Many thanks!
  14. Just discovering BitTorrent Sync and I am delighted. Really great work! With the Android App and autosync disabled, I can see all the files in the sync folder. Files will be copied to the device when clicked and will appear in the device tab. A tick mark will appear in the all files tab. That is great because you will normally not want all your sync folder copied to your (reduced storage) mobile device. My question is: how can I remove the file from the device but keep it in the sync folder? That is, how I get back to the point when I see the file in the "all files" tab but it is not in th
  15. Currently the android version of btsync has facility to share a single file by just selecting the file and scanning the qr code generated. The issue with this facility is that the files can only be shared with people who are in close proximity, basically people who are in range of bluetooth or NFC. btsync can do much better if the text hash is copied to the clipboard so that the hash can be sent over SMS / chat / email and thus enable sharing files with someone who is geographically at a distant location and not within field of view or with devices that do not have a camera.
  16. HI, My intent to build kind a Dropbox copy based BTSync functionality so all new photo from mobive devices will copying to sync folder on home desktop. So far it works fine except one moment. If old photos are removed from mobile they moved on .SyncArchive folder automatically. I setup sync folder on desktop and all photos from android mobile devices are backup to that desktop folder. The issue how to make desktop client not to move photos that were removed on mobile device to .SyncArchive folder. Sometimes I have to clean place on mobile device for new photos )). But I want
  17. The BitTorrent Sync QR Code scanning on my Galaxy Note 2 worked fine but ever since I switched my phone to Galaxy Note 3, it doesn't work. I had to copy and paste the secret code between devices using Evernote. Please fix this!
  18. Hi I really like this app, and the futures this program gives to the computers and phones together.. But, for a fully charged S4, i uses 30% of my battery when it is in auto start up and auto sync. WiFi an cellular. Normal usage etc, it just falls about 6%. This is in an time period of 3 hours. Is this something that can be fixed? Petter
  19. I've read the user guide and looked through the forums, but no one seems to have addressed my question. Is it possible to make bitTorrent Sync (on Android) only sync if on a wifi network? If I send large files to my phone, I don't want it killing my data plan. Thanks for any feedback you might have.
  20. Although BitTorrentSync don't limit file size, but when synced between my ubuntu computer and my android's phone, a file that is 7.2G don't sync. what's wrong? why? 虽然BitTorrentSync没有文件大小限制,但是在我的Ubuntu电脑和安卓手机同步时,一个7.2G大小的文件不能同步。这是为什么?是哪里的问题?
  21. Hi, Are there any plans to release BTSync as an Android library? Or even as an ARM C library so I can integrate it with JNI? What API will be available? Will this allow me to write an Android app that can use BTsync? Or, maybe, can I control the BTSync app using broadcasts? Thanks
  22. Hi everyone , I'm trying to transfer some photos from my phone to my tablet setup : phone : nexus S , Cyanogen Mod 10.1 , btsync 1.1.38 tablet : nexus 7 2012 , stock android 4.3 , btsync 1.1.38 i configure my client as portable wi-fi hotspot , to transfer files without relying on the othel flacky wi-fi connection , and to be able to transfer files also when outside. i configure the phone as a mobile wi-fi hotspot , connect the tablet to the AP created by the phone (and the tethering works well , i can navigate through the tablet using the phone mobile connection ) , then i try to send files fr
  23. The Android app seems to have some issues on my Android phone (HTC One with 4.2.2). It synchronized my test folder OK, but when I tried to exit it it failed to do so (it was just spinning the spinner) and it had to be forcibly killed. At the same time it also seemed to have lost its configuration. Any ideas?
  24. Hi, When adding a folder on Android, even if the auto-sync is not activated all the remote folders are created on the local test system . This makes it messy and hard to find out what I have available locally. Is it just me? Would it be possible than only the folder containing sync'd data get created?
  25. One of my Androids (Note 2) maintains automatic (LAN) sync on a small (60MB, 60 files) folder, but never completes automatic sync with either of two other 10GB folders. My other one (S4), which has an overall similar setup, automatic syncs fine (3G), as do my Windows devices. I don't see any errors, and there is still plenty of room left on the SD Card, but the app just eventually idles with no up/down activity. I've tried restarting the app and rebooting the phone. From a Windows client's "Devices" tab, I can see that the device is stuck with 2.1GB still to upload on one folder and 400MB on t