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Found 207 results

  1. It seems that the android app chokes on files larger than 2GB. Is there a plan to fix this or can we at least get it to ignore 2GB files for the time being? As it is any file larger than 2GB seems to just become a *.!sync file and sit in the processing queue without finishing.
  2. I'm probably missing something entirely, but anyway - I just installed the android app, added a folder and connected it using a QR code from my Ubuntu desktop. On the screen with the folders it reads one connected device, but when I open the folder it won't display any files - neither on device, nor in the remote tab, although I added two PDF files to the desktop folder. Additionally, on the desktop main screen, next to the same folder there are no connected devices listed. The two set-ups: - Phone is Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 with the I9505XXUBMEA baseband. Bittorrent Sync v1.1.23 - Ubuntu 12.04, 32-bit, Xfce, Bittorrent Sync v1.1.42
  3. I synchronizes folders between Android to PC. phone downloads the files from your computer. When I change the folder on your computer, phone folder change, and when I change the folder phone, a computer folder change?
  4. I now have installed the latest Android version 1.1.7 which support Full Sync (Selective Sync in prior versions was no option for me, since I want to sync my music/image collection to the phone/tablet automatically). Basically everything works fine. But there is a strange behaviour: even if everthing is synced, and no files change, it does again some syncing (both GUIs indicate that there are uploads/downloads active). Then after a while it's synced again, but this behaviour does not stop (Windows version is current 1.1.27) Another observation: after restarting the App it seems to index everything again. This takes a while (and probably also has an negative impact on battery life) for my 4000 images that are synced. This surely is no major problem on desktop clients, but for mobile clients there may be a better approach. Then my wishlist: option to hide the icon in the notification bar (I know there is an option to hide icons for apps, but this would also hide icons with "real notifications" like errors or status reports, etc.). If the app is implemented as service, there is no need to "keep the app alive" with the notification trick. Also because BTSync probably handles app terminations and restarts anyway. make the functionality similar to the desktop app: show which devices are online, show status in the overview (synced, uploading, downloading), size and number of files of each folder notifications if files have been received/updated (optional) include some basic help texts, so that one knows how the functions basically work (e.g. camera backup: does it copy? does it move? what happens if I delete images one device? what happens if I delete images on remote folder?) But overall: very good work!
  5. I hope the app provides access to Android devices. That way, I can sync my office work to my android phone and sync the same back to my home computer. It's helpful if the my work system is not available online.
  6. I just started using the Android version of btsync today and I feel that it works flawlessly, but I feel like it could use a few more features to make it a little better. Just throwing out ideas. 1. The choice between auto syncing or syncing file like it does right now 2. Advanced Features 3. Animated Task Icon when Syncing?? 4. Sync Speed Feel free to add your own ideas. And this is a feature idea list not a bug list, just has to say that for the people that will post about general unrelated bugs.
  7. I'm currently using a variety of cloud services to keep all my devices and computers synced. Since I have 50gb for free with Box, I'm using it to sync CBR files and music on my Android devices, but the app I'm using for this isn't the greatest, so I have to use Dropsync to automatically sync pictures on my phone with my desktop via Drop Box. And I've got Cubby to keep all my music, ebooks, pictures and videos synced between my computers. If an android app were released for SyncApp, then I could stop using every other app and just use it to keep everything up to date and not worry about any other cloud services.