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Found 203 results

  1. I hope the app provides access to Android devices. That way, I can sync my office work to my android phone and sync the same back to my home computer. It's helpful if the my work system is not available online.
  2. I just started using the Android version of btsync today and I feel that it works flawlessly, but I feel like it could use a few more features to make it a little better. Just throwing out ideas. 1. The choice between auto syncing or syncing file like it does right now 2. Advanced Features 3. Animated Task Icon when Syncing?? 4. Sync Speed Feel free to add your own ideas. And this is a feature idea list not a bug list, just has to say that for the people that will post about general unrelated bugs.
  3. I'm currently using a variety of cloud services to keep all my devices and computers synced. Since I have 50gb for free with Box, I'm using it to sync CBR files and music on my Android devices, but the app I'm using for this isn't the greatest, so I have to use Dropsync to automatically sync pictures on my phone with my desktop via Drop Box. And I've got Cubby to keep all my music, ebooks, pictures and videos synced between my computers. If an android app were released for SyncApp, then I could stop using every other app and just use it to keep everything up to date and not worry about any other cloud services.