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Found 95 results

  1. I have three theoretically synchronized computers (they do not synchronize at all). Below you can see the log files: Computer 1: [20141230 13:54:32.959] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/hAT-N19_SBi.fasta:0:721:721:3[20141230 13:54:32.960] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/hAT-N1_CR.fasta:0:759:759:3[20141230 13:54:32.960] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/hAT-N1_STu.fasta:0:674:674:3[20141230 13:54:32.960] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/hAT-N2_CR.fasta:0:214:214:3[20141230 13:54:32.960] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/hAT-N3_CR.fasta:0:403:403:3[20141230 13:54:32.960] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/hAT-N3_Mad.fasta:0:567:567:3[20141230 13:54:32.960] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/hAT-N3_SBi.fasta:0:574:574:3[20141230 13:54:32.979] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/apache-tomcat-6.0.41/logs/catalina.out:393216:31140:31140:3[20141230 13:55:18.552] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/trinotate/thmm/TMHMM_2.oc/tmhmm-2.0c/bin/Trinotate.sqlite:7637827584:2097152:2097152:3[20141230 13:55:18.552] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/trinotate/thmm/TMHMM_2.oc/tmhmm-2.0c/bin/Trinotate.sqlite:7639924736:2097152:2097152:3Computer 2 (files below do not exist in any computer): [20141230 12:26:16.239] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 12:36:20.167] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 12:46:22.074] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 12:56:24.411] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 13:06:24.285] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 13:16:25.382] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 13:26:29.448] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 13:36:30.451] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 13:46:31.899] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2[20141230 13:56:32.944] SyncFileEntry: failed to create empty file /home/software/002-Interpreters/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/couchdb/tools/ - 2Computer 3: [20141230 13:57:46.320] TorrentFile: unloading torrent by timeout[20141230 13:57:46.320] TorrentFile: unloading torrent by timeout[20141230 13:57:46.320] TorrentFile: unloading torrent by timeout[20141230 13:57:50.333] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/SHAMET.fasta:0:220:220:3[20141230 13:57:50.363] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/SHAMUDRA3_MT.fasta:0:4447:4447:3[20141230 13:57:51.891] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/TGM1_GM.fasta:0:2971:2971:3[20141230 13:57:51.909] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/STOWAWAY30-3_OS.fasta:0:106:106:3[20141230 13:57:51.933] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/TOURIST-IX.fasta:0:289:289:3[20141230 13:57:51.934] ReadFile error: /home/software/001-Software/RepeatMasker/Libraries/HMM/Type/DNA/WUWU.fasta:0:104:104:3How can I solve these problems? BTSync version: 1.4.103
  2. Hello, I'd like to sync my Android-Pictures to my Laptop and an always-on-RaspberryPi. Following setup after creating Secrets via API: Laptop: ReadWrite Android: ReadWrite RasPi: EncryptedSecret For testing purposes I closed BTSync on my Laptop, and expected a transmission of pictures to my RasPi. But nothing happened. BTSync showed a connected Peer, even correctly displaying the amount of Data and the numbers of Files, but my Android-Phone just did not want to sync. I turned my Laptop on, and my Phone started syncing to my Laptop - which succesfully synced to the RaspberryPi. Turning my Laptop off after a while - sync from Android to RasPi wont continue. Adding the ReadWrite Secret to the RaspberryPi works like a charm - but other people have access to the attached storage as well, so I would like to store my pictures encrypted.... Any Ideas? Just Reinstalled BTSync without Backup/Restore, did not help. FYI: I'm encountering the "App crashes regulary error" (Already discussed in some other topics) as well, before the reinstallation just as afterwards, stopped crashing when attached to a power source [did not]. Thank you very much in advance Sincerely Dominik edit: after the reinstall BTSync on my RasPi does not receive the correct number of files anymore, on my Laptop it does. edit2: well, it does get the number of files after a while.... and even whilst crashing everytime, the backround-sync does work anyway
  3. Procedures still works for BTSync 2.0 ! For those of you having the Synology Ds414j, you may have issues finding a BTSync package and told repeatedly there is no build for the Comcerto 2000 processor although just an ARM processor. After researching a great deal on various sites and how this was configured for some Raspberry PI, I found this solution. So here goes. Enjoy! 6 June 2016 : It is recommended to perform the procedures with root. With the upgrade to DSM 6.0, security has been enhanced. You can either login via root using RSA keys or do a sudo su after logging in with admin. 1. Create Btsync folders where you want the executable to reside. btsync\bin \conf mkdir btsynccd btsyncmkdir bin mkdir conf 2. Download latest Sync Arm from (This works in DSM5 but not in DSM6) Note that after DSM 6 upgrade, the version above no longer worked. I found this version from which worked. 3. Extract to /btsync/bin folder tar -xvf bittorrent_sync_arm.tar.gz 4. After untar you will find btsync executable but if you run it, you will get a "File Not found" error. This is because it is looking for /lib/ . However this file doesn't exist on the DS414j and the one that does on the DS414J is /lib/ . So what we do next is to symlink it to the file that Btsync is expecting. Note: You will need to redo this step everytime there is a DSM Update in order for Btsync to run. cd /libln -s 5. Create a default Btsync config file cd /btsync/bin./btsync --dump-sample-config > ../conf/sync.conf 6. Modify the sync.conf file as required. E.g. Enabling username and password when accessing the btsync GUI - http://<your nas IP>:8888/GUI as well as your btsync default storage path. I just pointed it to /btsync 7. Finally execute the BTsync ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf Success !! /volume1/btsync/bin # ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf By using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 28823. default port = 8888 /volume1/btsync/bin # 8. Configuring Btsync to start automatically at boot You need to create a start/stop/restart/status shell script and place into /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ Please modify the file paths as per your install paths. #!/bin/sh## Put this file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/btsync.shPATH=$PATHcase "$1" instop) echo "Stop BitTorrent Sync..." kill "`cat /volume1/btsync/bin/.sync/`" kill "`cat /volume1/btsync/bin/.sync/`" ;;start) su root -c "/volume1/btsync/bin/btsync --config /volume1/btsync/conf/sync.conf" ;;restart) $0 stop sleep 1 $0 start ;;status) ps | grep btsync | grep -v grep return $? ;;*) echo "usage: $0 { start | stop | restart | status}" >&2 exit 1 ;;esac If there are any errors in the above instructions, please comment. Thank you.
  4. My btsync is constantly causing low traffic, even if all files are in sync. What is it doing? Is it constantly pinging other peers? This is draining my laptop battery. How can I avoid this?
  5. platform Windows, Btsync version 1.4.93 beta We are using our own keys. I tried to add a new folder on this machine, but cannot use my own key. I also launched btsync as admin. Is that not possible anymore? regards Max
  6. Hello, First of all, sorry for my bad english. I would like to cover a folder at my server with bitsync, automatic I will add a few files that are backups from my database, they will sync correctly and work fine, but when I delete these files from my server, I would like to not delete it from the other peer. I notice a few things about the permissions, Read and Write, but when I create only to read, the files add will not be sync and with the other peer. Well, is there any sugestion to add files, sync and then remove the add files from one of the sources? Best regard´s.
  7. Hi there. I'm wondering if it's possible to have two servers (in two different locations) that are mirrored, so that you would only have to set up the folders on one of the servers, instead of having to do it on both? I realize there's probably going to be some manual work that has to be done on both servers, but it would be awesome if after that, you would only need to access one of the servers. Best regards
  8. My device: RedMi Note HK version FW version: MIUI-JDHMIBF30.0 Android version: 4.2.2 JDQ39 BTsync client: V1.4.44 Case: 1. Open btsync 2. Take photo from QRcode to get secret 3. Sync folder created 4. Click ... to this sync folder, the btsync crash and go back to launcher screen. Is this a bug? What can I do? I cannot delete this share folder link now....
  9. Sorry if this is clearly spelled out in the EULA - I'ven ever understood those things. Just wondering if I could sell an application I build that is based on btsync?
  10. I upgraded to 1.4. I have a client on Windows 8.1 64-bit behind a proxy. I have one folder that finds peers and syncs properly. No other folders I have added will find peers. The secrets are correct. The Preferences settings are apparently the same. All of the other folders say "no peers".
  11. Hello All, I found btsync to be the app I am looking for to sync my desktop data with my laptop, I am running into a problem however. I run two systems, one is arch 64 on a large asus laptop which I use as my desktop. The other system is ubuntu x64 14.04. Both are newest versions. The installation guides I followed, configs and logs will be posted below, I will first define the problem. After installing btsync everything worked quit well, so I left the two devices on overnight to be able to sync all the 222Gbs of data. Waking up in the morning I found that both machines were still on, the webinterface of btsync was responding but the syncing had stopped at 118.92 GBs, allthough there should be 222GBs in there. I restarted everything, but no luck. Took a look at the logs and come upon repeating error messages on both machines. On arch I see messages similar like these: [20140821 15:48:01.084] Incoming connection from[20140821 15:52:03.523] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP.[20140821 15:52:20.516] UPnP: Device error "": (110) offline (timed out)[20140821 15:52:25.768] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) is my laptop device in this case, I set it to port 7331 On Ubuntu I find them similar like these: [20140821 16:12:03.274] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty suffix for file "/storage/data/Tom/Pictures/Foto's/2012-7-4 CatchUp Clubvolley/Selection/jpeg/2012-07-04_18:55:32.jpg" - 22[20140821 16:12:03.274] SyncFilesController: failed to load torrent for file "/storage/data/Tom/Pictures/Foto's/2012-7-4 CatchUp Clubvolley/Selection/jpeg/2012-07-04_18:55:32.jpg" config files and logs are found on I followed this ubuntu guide: And this guide on ARCH: to install btsync. Hope anybody can help .
  12. Hi! I've updated btsync from 1.3.106 to 1.3.109 on one of my PC and now I can't share any folder place inside my home folder. All my shared folders has disappeared from web interface, and the explorer tree to share new folder don't show any folder deeper than /home/myuser/ My system is Arch Linux and I launch BtSync as service. Before this update worked perfect. I've an other PC with Ubuntu and btsync 1.3.109 also, launched as service too, and in it works correctly. I thinks than my problems with Arch may be with the permissions, but I don't know how to solve that. Anyone have any idea that I can do? Thanks! Edit: I've solved the problem. I only must launch process as a user service: systemctl --user start btsync
  13. hello, I'm using btsync to manage a pool of distributed computing node and for deployment on artifacts. I know I can triggered `btsync-core` to start the syncing session, but is there a way to know whether my folder has been 100% downloaded/sync'd? I was looking for something like this:
  14. Up to now with you mobile you could only generate a full access key only from a pc\nas and not from a mobile ? Why? This limitations seems very stupid and ugly! Up to now with my mobile I could generate a read only key or ADD a full access key (generated in anothe place) !! Let be the mobilephone able to GENERATE a read\write secret code as windows\osx\nas can do !!
  15. There are multiple btsync instances (devices) in 2 distinct locations. Each location is protected with network based firewall (UPnP disabled for security reasons in both locations). If I understand correctly, upon device boot (if btsync starts automatically), btsync connects to Tracker server, to inform about device, hashes, current IP and port it's listening. (that's why it is FW friendly). Please correct me if I'm wrong. And thus, all BTsync instances can find each other, if they have to negotiate over internet. Here are a couple of questions and assumptions: - Because BTsync is FW friendly (see above my understanding), it should not be a requirement to introduce any particular firewall settings allowing UDP traffic to come in, and all other instances should get acknowledged on new ports/ip addresses. Q: Why there are btsync instances, which try to hit firewall on particular UDP ports (44943), obviously getting blocked, to get connection, if they should not? (the sync is working correctly any way). - If still, some firewall configurations should be deployed, allowing incoming UDP traffic and port redirection, then there might be a conflict with listening ports, if configured manually. This means, that each btinstance behind teh firewall should be configured manually, looking to not place 2 or more instances on the same listening ports. Thus it might be configured in firewall with UDP and port redirection particularly. I'd obviously try to escape this config, if it is not requirement, to lower burden on management and tracking. Q: Are there still requirements for firewall configurations and should incoming UDP traffic, including port redirection, be deployed, to allow BTsync to run flawlessly? Appreciate your comments and insights on causes, why it's happening. P.S. Actually just noticed, that the same happens to TCP connections too. So it might be related.
  16. ** UPDATED — All sorted. Stupid me... Hey all— Just installed sync on a linux server so that it is installed on something that is always on. MT doesn't allow executables in /tmp due to security reasons, so I just installed it the the root of the server. All works, only problem is I cannot create a folder through the gui due to permissions. See below. Can anyone help?
  17. HI, I have a QNAP TS-269L NAS 3tb and I have successfully installed btsync on it and all seems to work perfectly apart from when it comes to actually syncing. I have installed version 1.3.94 and it says this is the latest version, I have confirmed that the btsync program is running, folders added using readonly secret key. Adds the folders just fine, lists everything but then this is where normally it starts twitching, indexing, uploads, downloads, transfer rates. The NAS version doesn't seem to do this :/ I've tried turning off antivirus on the NAS box but this made no difference at all it just sits there (I monitored for 2hrs, nothing). any suggestions welcomed BigB
  18. No Agenda (best podcast in the universe) has been using Bittorrent Sync for a long time now to distribute the podcast to many users all over the world. Just in the last month or so, it has been failing to deliver the newest episodes in a timely fashion. Just today on the show, it was mentioned by a listener that the reason it may not be working any more is that there is a limit of 50 users of the secret at a time? I do not believe this, but I have definitely seen a difference in the delivery of the files to my Read-Only No Agenda folder. This folder is shared by tons of users, and we have all noticed a drop in the speed of our podcasts and related files being delivered. Please advise... is there a limit or is this woman simply misinformed, and something else may be causing the problem?
  19. Solved this. the QNAP BitTorrent package modifies then does a chatter +ia to which prevents that file from getting updated. I deleted and restarted btsync and the new one was written. I removed the chattr line from the qnap launch script. ---- I'm trying to add a folder on Linux but I can't get past the "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" message. This succeeded on the ARM version of 1.3.105, I never got the warning, but on my QNAP i386 version of 1.3.105 this warning came up and I can't get past it. Another side-effect is that the message persists if I cancel the dialog and go back into add a folder. *Edit: The ARM version on my DroboFS gives a pop-up confirmation that says "This will share the contents of "..." with everyone who has the key." and I can click Ok and the folder is added. The i386 version on my QNAP doesn't give me the pop-up. I got it figured out. On the Qnap I had to delete the file in the .sync directory. When I did the upgrade to 1.3.105 All I did was replace the btsync file, I didn't think I had to touch anything else. Sorry for the trouble.
  20. Hi, can some of you explain to me how a btsync client decides what upload bandwidth will be used to the other members sharing the same secret? Background: When my team (consisting of 5 clients) shares data over the internet we can see at the seeder client, the system with the lowest upload bandwidth gets the most bandwidth from the seeder. "iftop" is a nice tool to check this on a Linux client. We have here the effect while transferring large data files that the clients with the smallest upload capability get ready first and the systems with largest possible upload bandwidth finish at last and this in a strict order! This is obviously the wrong order since it would be of course optimal to fill the client with the highest upload capability first so this resource can be fully used while distributing the data instead of waiting for the clients with the smallest capability to upload data to the others. But perhaps this simply bases on the understanding of the algorithm used and can be influenced somehow, so that's why I'm asking this question, here. Greetings from Germany
  21. Hi, I’m a member of a very small btsync network (4 clients) where the most of us use btsync ARM 1.3.94 on Synology NAS or Raspberry Pi platform. We have to synchronize large data files and discovered a suboptimal behavior of btsync regarding performance which can be easily reproduced: Imagine you have 3 clients A, B and C where A is able to see B but not C. B can see both others clients. This can be a situation where A is a system in the internet, B in a local network WITH access to the internet but C is a client in the same local network but WITHOUT access to the internet and only able to see B, so the test configuration is: A <-> B <-> C The upload rate A -> B is SMALLER (this is important!) than the upload rate B->C. When client A starts to synchronize a very large data file with B but C is still offline then there will be with growing time more and more data on B which will be synchronized with C once it is started. If C is now started and it empties the amount of data on B to be transferred to C by the high upload rate from B->C BEFORE A has finished its upload to B then any new data on B WILL NOT be transferred to C until the upload from A to B has ended or the btsync client on C was restarted. In other words while the transfer of data from A to B there is no continuous data transfer between B and C once the client C thinks it is in synchronal state with B by no new data. C has to wait until the upload to B has finished before it gets new data … which is of course not very efficient. The upper configuration is just to express a simple environment; the issue also happens if all clients are connected via internet connection but a receiving machine has higher upload to the others in the network than the link between the first sender and this receiving client.
  22. I have added a new sync folder with many files (around 44200 files). The btsync WebGUI display that 37003 files are in the index. But then it seems to stop indexing the rest. Any idea?
  23. I suggest to enable android (or mobile) version to generate secret in order to share in read+write mode a folders of the mobile phone without using a pc. At the moment you can only create e read only (backup) or sync a read+write folder created with a pc !!!
  24. 1) Why on android version of BitTorrentSYNC I could see how many devices are connected to my sync but not the name of that devices? 2)Why I can not create a sync with read+write permission but only a read-only one or sync in read+write a folder created outside android version? 3) should be nice have also an history log. 4)even with this limitations I think (IMHO) that this project is mature and the word "beta" is no more usefull ;-) Can someone tell me how\why\when the first 2 limitation will be broken? Thanks you a lot...
  25. I have 2 Server 2003 machines with BT Sync 1.3.87 for Windows. The administrator is the owner of the BT Sync task in both machines. Site A has many unchanged files (pictures, movies, zip files, etc...) and some files actively changed. It is a huge folder tree of 350GB that is now half uploaded to Site B using BT Sync. Site B is a backup machine and no other task is accessing the synced folders except BT Sync. The extrange behavior happens in Site B. Every 26 seconds the backup folder is indexing the very same 160 files (aprox.) and the message "Updated file XXXXXXXX" is shown in the history tab for each of those 160. Those files are, all of them, already sinced and they haven't ever been modified. All of them are JPG pictures of a collection of thousands. The sync of unsynced files seems to be running fine since there are active transfer of files (none of those 160) in the Transfers tab. Closing and running again BTSync doesn't fix the issue, even more, it seems that doing this causes the issue. Only removing the folder from My Sync tab and adding it again to reindex the whole collection again solves the issue. The described issue appears in the next reboot of the computer or the BT Sync application. Any idea on how to avoid it? Thanks