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Found 95 results

  1. Hello, it looks like the feature request section on the main page is only the normal BT program. So I gonna post this idea here: I would like to propose an addition of a backup mode. This mode would enable you to make (offsite) backups to multible machines. You should be able to define a master instance who will always define which data should be pushed into the cloud and backup instances who will always have the copy of the master instance. This solution would work within your local network and to remote locations. If you have multible offsite backup locations this solution would help you to save bandwith and speed up the distribution of your backup. It should also be implemented a time schedule for the backups (for example the master instances always starts seeding the new version of the backup at 01.00 am. In the long run a build in encrypted mode could be implemented in which the backup instances would save the backup in an encrypted container. This would be useful if you would have remote backups for example on a NAS of a friend. The goal is to enable more people to use decentralized remote backups, to make the process of configuring remote backups much easier and make remote backups to multible machines much faster. I'm open for feedback and let me know what you think.
  2. I installed btsync on my Android phone and synced it with a test FreeBSD server. I was happy with the install so I built my "production" Freebsd server and uninstalled/re-installed btsync on the phone. It appears that the uniinstall did not remove the btsync status information because new files created on my phone are synced properly but files that were previously synced to the old test server are not copied to the new server. Is there something I need to do to make Android btsync forget about the previously synced files and send all the files to my FreeBSD machine? Using versions: btsync android 1.3.14 btsync freebsd 1.3.67 Ken G.
  3. It's not altogether clear how BTSync deals with deeply nested subfolders and long file names that exceed the maximum path length of different systems. For instance, I'm syncing between my Android mobile, tablet, Windows, Ubuntu and Apple clients and a BTSync server under FreeNAS. Each OS has a maximum path length that, with a shallow directory structure and reasonably short filenames, are unlikely to cause an issue. However, with deep folders and long filenames, the chances of exceeding the maximum path length are higher. Several questions arise: 1. How does BTSync deal with maximum path length issues? 2. Should something be tabled in the FAQ guide on maximum path length for different OS's? 3. Does the BTSync sending or receiving app flag an attempt to exceed the maximum path length when syncing between systems?
  4. A couple of scenarios I've come across that make .SyncIgnore somewhat clumsy to use. Doing syncs on multiple folders results in lots of .SyncXXX files and folders being created within subfolders of a root directory; The WebUI or client GUI view becomes quickly cluttered as a result of multiple folder sync; and Adding new apps may result in new subfolders of the root directory being created. .SyncIgnore under the root directory has to updated to exclude these as, more often than not, the subfolders aren't of interest to the user, This potentially makes .SyncIgnore under the root directory a relatively high maintenance file.If BTSync had a SyncInclude option, the issues above disappear. The .SyncInclude file would reside in the root directory and only include those subfolders the user wants to back up. The GUI view would could then show just the devices that are being backed up rather than a cluttered view of a collection of device subfolders. The .SyncXXX files would only appear in the root folder. .SyncInclude would be a relatively low maintenance file. Thoughts? PS: Even better would be a .SyncInclude and .SyncIgnore sections in a file
  5. Hi, Once you figure it out, BTSync is a brilliant product! The only gripe I really have is with the documentation. For instance, it's not altogether clear to me how BTSync treats open files. I've seen snippets of information deep in some of the forum posts that suggest that it doesn't sync open files, but it's not obvious. I know you can do things like take snapshots and back those up to circumvent the open file issue, but this is advanced user stuff and would just bamboozle your everyday user. I'd like to see something in the user guide about the treatment of open files maybe in the FAQ. I'm also not sure whether the client software will advise the user when it skips a file because it is open. Food for thought.
  6. I'm new to this, but I've followed all the instruction to install this app on my TS-412. 1) I've tried to install the app from the Store, however once I enter the account details I get the error "Web Page Not Available", So I've un-installed and removed the BitTorrentSync folder from the .qpkg folder. 2) I've tried to follow the instructions on this site to do it manually, however when I try to run the ./ I get the error "qbuild is required......" The saw this on the forum and tried the symlink but I then get an error of "ln: /bin/bash: File Exists" 3) Now tried to download the arm version from the BTSync site and it won't install under a manual, even after un-tar. My QNAP has been recently rebuilt with firmware 4.1.0. Any ideas or help would be appreciated..
  7. Hello, I just started using btsync and it works fine. But I always need to restart the client so start the synchronisation. Is this a known problem? Does anyone know how i can fix this? Thanks Lukas
  8. Hi Developers, I found a bug in the mac client of btsync! Using the current software version of Growl (V.2.1.3) I'm getting errors in btsync and it randomly just crashes after about a minute of usage. The Terminal output shows the following errors: 2014-01-31 18:23:28.764 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister 2014-01-31 18:23:28.765 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Attempting to register while an attempt is already running 2014-01-31 18:23:28.808 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister 2014-01-31 18:23:28.809 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Attempting to register while an attempt is already running 2014-01-31 18:23:30.068 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] GrowlApplicationBridge: exception while sending notification: connection went invalid while waiting for a reply because a mach port died 2014-01-31 18:23:30.153 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] We failed at registering with items in our queue waiting to go to growl, sending them to OS X notification center instead I could turn of this problem by unchecking the "Send notification after download finished" option in the btsync settings. But I guess this thing should be fixed anyway... Seb
  9. Hi there, I'm runnting btsync on a Raspberry pi. When I run the command ls -l concerning a file created by btsync I recive the following -rw-r--r-- 1 root root this means user "root" is allowed to read/write, the group "root" can read and all other users can read the file as well. However, I want to gain write access by a different user, which is not in the group "root". The ouput of the command ls -l should then be -rw-rw--rw-- Can someone show me a way to do so?
  10. I have this 80Gb folder I'de like to sync across two computers in the house. I have already copied this folder to it's destination (Not with BTSync). So both are already cloned. If I sync them with BTSync now, will it overwrite or do the job all over?
  11. I have been using BitTorrent Sync for a while. I've tried many different cloud backup solutions (including several other peer-to-peer backup tools) and finally choose BitTorrent Sync and Dropbox as my cloud backup solutions. Generally speaking, BitTorrent Sync is fast once it starts to synchronize. However, I found quite often that BitTorrent Sync waits for a long time (about 5 to 6 minutes) to start synchronization. As BitTorrent Sync has no reliable way to show synchronization progress on Linux (don't trust the web UI) currently, it is very annoying for me as I constently use multiple computers at the same time. To address this issue, I even wrote a bash script to test whether a local file has been synchronized with the remote one. Dropbox on the contrast is much better on real-time synchronization. Changes on files in the Dropbox folder is almost immediately captured. I wonder whether BitTorrent Sync can do a better job to detect changes faster? Perhaps cache freqently changed files?
  12. I'm having trouble getting BTSync to run in my fresh Arch Linux installation. The only problems which I am getting are with UPnP but when I turn it off, no error is reported. I have one Raspberry Pi on the local network that gets discovered in Windows and I don't know how to tell what devices have been found in Linux. I do all my configuration without WebUI. All folder paths are relative to my home directory (BTSync doesn't like tildes) which is where I launch it. All the .SyncArchive, .SyncID, .SyncIgnore flies are being created in their corresponding folders. Below is my config file. It is directly copied from my Raspberry Pi which synchronizes fine. { "device_name" : "Lenovo-Linux", "listening_port" : 56789, // 0 - randomize port "check_for_updates" : true, "use_upnp" : true, // use UPnP for port mapping "storage_path" : ".sync", "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "webui" : { //"listen" : "localhost:8888", "login" : "admin", "password" : "password" }, "shared_folders" : [ { "secret" : "***************************************", "dir" : "documents/college", "use_relay_server" : true, "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : false, "search_lan" : true, "use_sync_trash" : true }, { "secret" : "***************************************", "dir" : "documents/share", "use_relay_server" : true, "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : false, "search_lan" : true, "use_sync_trash" : true }, { "secret" : "***************************************", "dir" : "documents/code", "use_relay_server" : true, "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : false, "search_lan" : true, "use_sync_trash" : true } ] // Advanced preferences can be added to config file. // Info is available in BitTorrent Sync User Guide. } Below are my "sync.log" files with UPnP turned on and UPnP turned off. With UPnP: [20140105 11:22:16.800] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152 [20140105 11:22:16.800] Using IP address [20140105 11:22:17.830] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) [20140105 11:22:17.837] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) [20140105 11:22:19.463] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) [20140105 11:22:19.799] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) [20140105 11:22:20.016] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) Without UPnP: [20140105 11:26:47.060] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152 [20140105 11:26:47.060] Using IP address
  13. Ok so this is my desired use case: I have a ~600GB folder of music tracked by my btsync desktop (potentially fully by another server but not yet at this time) What I would like to do, is be able to selectively dowload or remove portions (~40 GB or so) of this music to my ext sdcard on my Galaxy S4 depending on my whims of what I feel like listening to at the time. I've created a read only sync from the device, disabled autosync, and it appears that I can accomplish this basically. I'm trying to understand why exactly ALL of the folders are copied over to device (and displayed in the ON DEVICE tab). This is a complete headache to manage, because there is no way to tell which folders' files are actually copied to the device unless you just remember or browse down into each folder. I have well over 8000 folders + sub folders, so this is completely untenable. I desire for simply all folders to be shown only in the ALL FILES tab, and the ON DEVICE tab to only show folders that contain files that are... actually on the device. I honestly consider this to be a bug because I can't think of a rationale why you would want 1000s of empty unsynced folders copied to your device. Additional desired features in the android app that aren't nearly as critical at this time, but would be great down the road: 1. The ability to track exactly which sub folders are synced to my phone, and add/remove it remotely from the web client. Perhaps this is already possible in the windows/mac client, I don't know, but it is not currently in the linux web client which I am using. Obviously this could be done by instead just choosing which folders to sync, but this is very cumbersome, requires you to copy a secret or scan a QR for each and every album, and would not allow you to manage it from the device client itself. 2. The ability to search and filter the cached file/folder list from the android app. Filters would also allow me to say, filter out all album folders that have the year "2008" in their name and select just those to sync, or sync all folders from the 70s by querying "197*". Or jump quickly from say "Fugazi" to "T. Rex" without scrolling down a few thousand folders. wildcard character support in the search would be nice too... 3. Multi-select in the android app - An android standard nowadays, long press to start multiselect, select a bunch of folders, and then sync them all to the device in one action. Delete them in the same manner from the on device tab. All and all I think btsync has tons of potential, but it may be a bit premature for anything other than full backups of folders from server to server imo.
  14. First off, I tried to search for my topic by simply searching 'BSD' in the forum first and I got: "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: bsd" Weird. I installed btsync on my FreeBSD server and it all seemed to be working well at first glance. But it seems that any file or folder originally created within a sync folder *on* the FreeBSD server does not get synced to the other peers. If the other peers (Windows box, and Android phone) create files in the synced folder on their end, it replicates to the FreeBSD (and between the other peers) just fine. Why is it only going one-way seemingly?
  15. Hi, I have a few folders setup for syncing. Most of them work fine but I have issues with folders that contain many files and subfolders. I have a music library that I know is about 53.8 GB in size and contains 11,092 items but in btsync I only see 50.1 GB 9,483 files. The diff in items vs. files could probably be due to that items take folders into account but I would expect the size to match. When I later try to sync this folder to another computer via btsync I see the arrow for download and also the size 50.1 GB that needs to be downloaded but is seem like nothing actually gets downloaded. When I go into the folder on the computer I try to sync to I can see the subfolders but no files. How should I investigate this issue? Any ideas on what is going wrong is welcome.
  16. Hi, I have successfully setup btsync on one directory, and this has completely indexed and synced with no issues. However, for whatever reason, the second directory I have tried to add is only partially indexing - of 90 subfolders, only 9 are actually picked up by btsync. I have checked, and permissions are identical, and there is nothing in .syncignore that should be causing this. The file count is high due to lots of small text files - indexing stops at 7000-ish (those 9 folders with way more to go) and then reports that it is complete. The only thing the log tells me is 'Loaded folder...' - no errors reported or anything. Is there some kind of folder level limit, or file count limit causing this? Where can I go from here? thanks, Ils
  17. After stopping syncing with btsync for a while I thought I give it another try. One main "issue" I had with btsync was not not being able to sync a subfolder within a synced folder. Now with version 1.2.82 I see that (if my memory serves me right) I don't get an error anymore when trying to add a subfolder in btsync of an already synced parent folder. So I have now: Main syncfolder |----------------------subfolder |---------------------- subsynced folder If I read the forum about nested or subfolder syncing the only way to accomplish this was like putting the subsynced folder in the main .SyncIgnore on all the machines that needs to sync the main folder. What would the danger be in letting the main sync folder indexing all including the subsynced folder and the subsynced folder, just the subsync? The only bad thing about that I can think of is that the subsynced folder will be indexed twice (wich might have impact on performance/memory but further? As others mentioned before I'd like to sync a subset of my Pictures to my laptop that has limited space (SSD), so I only want to sync the current year or so..
  18. Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I have good experience with Linux, NAS servers, and BitTorrent (including port forwarding setup, UPnP, and so on). I couldn't find anything on the Web about my issue, so I'm hoping it's just a problem on my end. Here's the setup with all the details: I have a Synology NAS (DS214 model, ARM arch) as a centralized storage device in my home. I have created a separate btsync user with read/write access only to the folder /volume1/btsync on the NAS. I installed the latest 1.2.82 ARM build of BitTorrent Sync on the NAS using the btsync user via SSH. The user home has been edited in the /etc/passwd file to correspond to the /volume1/btsync folder I have setup for it. I then configured the application to store the auxiliary files where the binary is located, and entered my preferred credentials for the WebUI. So far so good and I can access the WebUI by entering the IP address of my NAS followed by :8888. Now to my problem: I created a folder on the NAS inside the /volume1/btsync folder and added that folder in the WebUI as a sync folder. I then paired the Sync app on my iPhone with the QR code provided by the WebUI for full access to the sync folder. After uploading random files (a photo from the Camera Roll, an .mp3 from GoodPlayer using "Open in..." to BitTorrent Sync, etc.) I was able to see the files on the NAS and access them from my other devices. However, when I try to remove any of these files from the iPhone app by swiping on a file and selecting "Delete", nothing seems to happen. If I tap the deleted file, it simply downloads it back on the iPhone. I tried looking for an option to remove the file from the NAS itself, but I can't find that option. Long story short (TL;DR): I can't remove files on my NAS that are synced to my iPhone via BitTorrent Sync. Is it possible to do so Yes/No? Thanks!
  19. I have a simple setup. I have two folders on an x86_64 machine that sync to an ARM machine. This has worked fine for about a week. Today I upped the ante. I added a new 40GB folder to sync between machines. I added the folder on the source machine, the x86_64. After it indexed, I added it as ro on the ARM machine and the sync began. I stepped away and returned an hour later to find BTSync had died on the ARM machine. I don't see any clear errors in the sync.log file on the ARM machine. I ran btsync from terminal on the ARM machine to try and get more info. [root@arm .sync]# btsync --nodaemon --config /etc/btsync/btsync.config total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152 Using IP address Loading config file version 1.2.73 UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. UPnP: Unable to map port with UPnP. Loaded folder /backup/BTSync/folder1 Loaded folder /backup/BTSync/Drop Killed I didn't send the kill signal. I don't know why "Killed" shows up, but when it does, it corresponds to the btsync process dying. There's about a minute between seeing "Loaded folder /backup/BTSync/Drop" and when btsync chokes and the "Killed" message appears. The 40GB folder never shows up in the stdout. It seems logical that btsync dies while "Loading" that folder. Watching top, mem usage never exceeds 18%. CPU usage is high, but never holds at 100. Hovering between 80 and upper 90s. BitTorrent Sync 1.2.73 on the ARM machine Based on the churning I hear from the USB hard drive on the ARM machine, it sounds like it's dying while indexing this new 40GB folder. Worst of all is that since the sync folders don't load in the WebUI prior to the crash, I can't go into the WebUI on the ARM machine and remove this folder that seems to be causing the issue.
  20. Is there really no way to enable/force the webui of the linux btsync to use https/ssl? This is a gaping security hole for a software trying to take pride in security and privacy. That might be fine for communication over a private, trusted network but it's wholly unacceptable for communication over the public internet. I have a remote server I've been using for offsite backup and I've now realized that the credentials to the webui and all my 'secrets' have been transmitted in plaintext on the open internet. Great. As a workaround I can change all my secrets, disable the webui, and exclusively do remote configuration on a config file via ssh, but still... wtf?
  21. Hello, How do I stop btsync in linux? I start the bin with ./btsync How to I stop it from runing? Thank You.
  22. Hi everyone! I have a strange problem - I have two webservers (Win 2008 R2) and try to sync their webroots via btsync. Server A is the Master, Server B is the Slave, connected as a read only folder. When I set up the syncing, it runs ok at first, but left alone overnight, Server B stops staying in sync exactly at midnight. After 23:59, no changes on the Master are replicated anymore. They are officially connected (according to the btsync GUI), Master keeps logging all the changes in his webroot, no error messages or anything - but Slave does not sync anymore and even a reboot would not make him start again. I actually have to completely remove the sync folders on both(!) machines and create them anew to make them start syncing again. I find this quite strange (and annoying) .. Does anyone know something about this? Is this simply a bug? Or am I doing anything wrong? I'd appreciate any hint.
  23. I was trying to generate QR code of BTSync folder with online QR generator. Copied secret key, pasted it in any QR Generator tool, but this QR code does not work on mobile devices - the code is not recognized. Initial idea was to build web app to create folders on server, and generate QRs for such.
  24. Hi, I managed to install btsync on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server and created a config file based on the samples provided. However, when I start btsync with /etc/init.d/btsync start it fails and consequently /etc/init.d/btsync status * BTSYNC 'username' is not running is displayed (where 'username' is mentally to be displayed by the user that I am running the config for). So I am stuck at this point as there is no sync.log, nor did it help to provide "FFFF" in debug.txt in the user's .btsync folder. Where can I start to debug why btsync won't start the daemon? Cheers Vince
  25. I've written an Bittorrent Sync indicator for Linux Desktops (specifically Ubuntu, but may work on others too - let me know!). It basically displays the same information as the WebUI - which folders are syncing, and which peers they're syncing with. It has an animated icon to show when something is syncing, and there's a function to copy secrets to the clipboard. You can get it, find out how to use it, and report bugs at Enjoy!