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Found 95 results

  1. Hi all, I am having trouble with the BTSync app on Readynas OS6. I have a ReadyNAS 10200, with version 6.1.1 of the firmware. I downloaded BTSync from the App Marketplace, it is version 1.1.48 When I click the "Launch" button, a new tab/window opens (I have tried this in Chrome and Safari). The first time I do this in any given browser, I am asked for the login credentials. Once entered, the browser tries to open NASIP:7099/gui/ but on Safari I just get a blank page, and on Chrome I get a "Oops, this link appears to be broken" message. I was also getting errors on the NAS at the beginning, saying that it "failed to created Share btsync". I tried manually creating a share by that name, but the NAS won't actually let me, I get the same error message. I called Netgear and they told me it was an issue with the App. I searched the forums but couldn't find anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am only a moderate level user and haven't used SSH or anything like that. Hoping this is a known issue with an easyish fix. Thanks for any help
  2. On it says What does BTSync send if my full access secret is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and I use tracker or DHT? Does it send AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA or a SHA-256 or SHA-512 or another hash of that secret? I've turned of the relay server, because I don't want all my files stored on other peoples server, but if it sends the regular secret without hashing it the trackers can just add that to their BTSync client and get the files from me. What does the URL look like? I know how the trackers work on regular BitTorrent Clients, so I'm curious what BTSync sends where. And what tracker does BTSync use? Can you choose yourself?
  3. Hello there, I've set up btsync using a two-way secret, trying to keep a folder on my laptop (running Ubuntu 13.04) with my home computer (running Windows 8). The gui reports that I have 42.1 GB in 64392 files in this folder. For some reason, the web (and Windows desktop) GUI report that there is still 122.7 MB remaining to upload from my laptop. In spite of this, there is no transfer activity reported on either GUI, and after enabling debugging output, I see that the log reports "State sync finished for folder..." When checking the results of the sync, I see that most things are synced as expected, but there are a few differences resulting from the SyncIgnore file (correctly ignored), and from the lack of symbolic link support on the NTFS drive. My question is: could these be causing the difference? If so, I don't believe that the GUI should report this remaining file size, and should rather say "fully synced". I have tried removing and re-adding the folder from scratch (letting it fully re-sync from nothing), and this did not help. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, Does btsync copy folder/files permission on remote server as well? Because I am using btsync on my NAS but its not copying permission to remote NAS it always set permission to root 755 where as permission are different(like: user 700) on local server.
  5. Hi. I can't download btsync from official page of project. I try Linux and Windows versions, and i get this errors:
  6. (Not sure where to make bug reports and this is really just a report and run) System date is up to date (2013/07/14). BTSync logging shows 20130614 OS: Kubuntu 13.04 64 bit BTSync version: BitTorrent Sync 1.1.27 First log line: [20130612 11:08:40.254] Loading config file version 1.0.134 Start time (from memory) was Friday (2013/07/12 around 11 am). BTSync upgraded that day and was last used (and shutdown) over a month ago.
  7. Hi everyone, When I try to download the windows btsync installer from my work computer, I get the following message: The URL(website) you requested has been blocked because the site has been known to host malicious contents to compromise user's computer. URL: Category: Malicious Websites I then tried sending the executable (that I previously downloaded somewhere else) to a colleage via email, the message was blocked because the mail scanner thought that bysync.exe was some sort of virus or trojan. I'm trying to use bittorrentsync to share files instead of dropbox, but this isn't helping! I thought that somebody should be aware that btsync.exe shows up as being malicious software. Probably a false positive...
  8. I updated my Ubuntu 13.04 BitTorrent Sync yesterday to the latest 1.1.22. Now I am having an issue on my Mac computer. The Mac BitTorrent Sync client keeps telling me my secret key is invalid. I just downloaded the Mac client yesterday so I should have the latest client. Is there a reason why the Mac client is saying my secret is invalid...? I re-generated several secrets and still no luck. When I use the final secret I created on a second Ubuntu computer it works perfectly fine, no invalid message there.
  9. I am running two Ubuntu 13.04 systems. Everything seems to be syncing properly between the two machines. The only issue I am having now is when my second machine goes and gets the files, it pulls them down and sets the permissions of the file as ... owner = root and group = root. Is there anyway to configure my BT Sync setup so when it pulls down the files it won't change the file permissions to root:root ?
  10. Hi! Yesterday I set up a btsync-client on my server to use it as a private cloud-storage. All features work fine though, but everytime there appear six files and one directory in my storage-folder (on the server and client) : metacache (dir), settings.dat, settings.dat.old, sync.dat, sync.dat.old, sync.log and The Problem is, that my desktop client gets new meta-files from the server every ten Minutes. These new files (mostly 4-9 metacache-files, settings.dat, settings.dat.old, sync.dat.old), that im not really interested in as a "typical user", appear as messages in my OS. Is there a possibility, to place the hole meta, settings etc. folder out of my storage-sync-path or to deactivate the messages of these? Or do you know some other fault I've made? The maximum of messages that I got at one time were over 700, maybe because I hasn't been logged in for some hours so that the client has get all files of hours at a time. Greets Okkarator
  11. Hi! I checked this twice before I posted, it is still to strange to be real: me@myRaspberry:/home/me/.sync# date && tail sync.log Sat Jun 22 14:45:24 CEST 2013 [20130522 14:44:44.609] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:44:44.610] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting [20130522 14:44:54.447] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:44:54.447] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting [20130522 14:45:04.667] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:45:04.668] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting So what? Well, obviously we have the 22nd of june. And as we can see btsync is up and running, doing as well as it can. But it reports strange problems with a "bad time"- well, indeed it reports those problems one month in the past, that is the 22nd of _MAY_.. Raspi has no RTC, that COULD be related to this, but as you see it IS in sync and it WAS in sync 2 minutes earlier to the occurence of the last log lines Might or might not be related. I don't even care to much about the wrong log-date (sure you'll fix it in coming releases) but I DO care about the bad time, as it seems to prevent my share to sync. As far as I can tell no strange data (datetime) occurs in the source- directory, even more sure it doesn't in the destination- so called since it is readOnly and used for backup only.. Oh, I forgot: Raspi is ARM, Version is 1.1.15. Any feedback is appreciated, Rudi
  12. I have been very impressed with the BTSync software. I have been working with it over a month now; But lately I have had a couple of glitches on my Windows 7 Computers. I am using this as a backup platform for our remote employees to a Server here in the office. There was only one issue and that was I really didn't want to give 10 secrets per computer (for each folder). I found someone on one of these forums where there talked about a smarter way of backing up. Essentially he made a Folder and then a bunch of junctions under it. It WORKED! I have been using it under Windows XP and Windows 7, I had a glitch the other day and lost off of my secrets (oops) and at that time I figured why not upgrade to the latest version (1.1.12) this seemed to work very well for all of the XP computers. But lately I have been trying to install the 1.1.12 and 1.1.15 on the Windows 7 computers and when the BTSync software checks my folder it says its 45k ... not Meg not Gig (not always but it is always far less that the real byte count. One time I fixed this by finding a bad junction link I deleted it and it started updating to the correct byte / files could and worked. But as I continue to the next few computers (W7) I have not had such success and to get it working I had to go back and use a single secret for a single folder does anyone know why this is? And Any solutions? I have found this to happen on Windows 7 (32 Bit) as well As Windows 7 (64 Bit) And yes I am really anxious when I can deploy this using somesort of command line switches. To give credit where create is due I was talking about the Post at: http://forum.bittorr...-the-smart-way/ It really simplified what I was trying to do.. Thanks yottabit
  13. Hello, I know that there othen thread of similar discussion BUT my question will be different. Do you open just main specification. I mean not the Developer API but the structured differences from usual BitTorrent protocol, how do you generate teh keys and find them through web. That things will be enough for creating the open-source analog COMPATIBLE with original design. As for BitTorrent and muTorrent there Azuresus, transmission and other, not so powerfull, but still usable. That desicion will not harm security, no one will have acess to source code to make malwares BUT you will make the community work much easier. If there will be enough people they will clone your algorithm using reversive ways of developing. So will there any well stucturized specs for BtSync as those as for usual bittorrent protocol?
  14. Hello, I have following situation here: 1. One bittorrent sync client named a connected to the internet. 2. Two other clients named b and c connected together to the internet via router. B and c has a local lan connection also. 3. Client a has a big file to sync to the others. 4. Client b syncing with a with high rate. 5. Client c syncing with a with slow rate. Now my question (im using 1.0.134 windows version of btsync): Why do not client b synchronize parts of the big file it already have with c as a bittorrent client do? The sync via lan only takes place, if one client (b or c) has the whole file synchronized. Thanks. Greetings. Marcus
  15. I have successfully installed BitTorrent Sync on my QNAP TS-412 NAS device. I have done this by building QPKG packages which can be installed via QPKG Center. All necessary instructions and scripts can be found at I hope this will be helpful to other people. If you have any questions, ask them here or file an issue. Pull requests are always welcome!
  16. I have performed the following test: Installed btsync on my desktop and NAS On my PC created folder TestFolder with files and Added this folder to btsync through http://localhost:8888 Copied read-only secret Entered http://nas-ip:8888 in order to add my PC folder to sync (with the read-only secret) Content was synced between my NAS and PC Added, removed and modified files on my PC - changes were applied to NAS (as expected) Removed file (e.g. from NAS - nothing happened to my PC folder (as expected) I expected the file ( to be sent back to NAS once next sync event was triggered (i.e. within 10 minutes) but nothing happen (not expected) The questions is: how do I resync files that were mistakenly deleted from NAS? In a way it's a nice feature not to download such files (well, since they were removed, then most likely I don't want them to sync), but I'd appreciate a simple way to force a full sync. Did anyone else experience similar issue? Is there any workaround?
  17. Hi, I have a problem running BTSync on my Buffalo NAS. I am running firmware 1.64, and have root access to the device. No other modifications has been done to the firmware. The NAS is arm based: > uname -a Linux hostname 3.3.4-88f6281 #2 Mon Dec 10 17:31:41 JST 2012 armv5tel unknown I installed and ran the program like this: > wget > tar zxvf btsync_arm.tar.gz > chmod u+x btsync > ./btsync Now to my problem. The program runs, but I can't access the webui. When I check top it says that btsync is using close to a 100% of the cpu. I left it running for about 5min, but it is still close to a 100% and no webui. I also tried running with the flag --no-daemon set, in hope of getting some debug messages, but nothing. Do you guys and girls have any idea of what might be causing this, and is there a possible fix? Is there any way to get some debug info from the application?
  18. I've installed btsync on my Macbook and on two Linux hosts. I added ~/Lightroom from my Mac (containing an image catalog and a whole bunch of small preview files) and the same folder using the read only key on the Linux boxes. After a while of syncing, things seem mostly in sync. Checking the actual files on disk, some differ in size and (of course) checksum though. However, the web GUIs seem to indicate they should be in sync with the Mac? But why are the displayed folder sizes different (and wrong, there's about 3.5 GB of files in there)? How should the "up 34 MB" and "up 614 MB" indications be interpreted? I'm confused.
  19. My case: Home PC > WiFi router (NAT) > Internet < Windows ISA (NAT) < Work PC Wich ports should be openned on both NATs?