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Found 90 results

  1. At share your backup" goes to http://1642672-android-ui-sharing-backup-key-/
  2. Hello, after considerable testing (cross platform between Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions) I think I have found a quite annoying bug. Situation: 3 machines sharing files with a Read Only key, source is a Mac OSX machine. Symptom: An updated file refuses to sync, stays in the list. File size has changed, file date has changed, still no sync. Changing to a Full Access key on the same directory, without starting all over again, solves the problem - the updated file in the source is being synced to the target(s). So, it seems that 'Read Only' applies to both sides for updated files. First-time/new files sync OK. We have tested this from MacOSX to Windows/Linux AND the same bug appears when syncing from Windows to MacOSX (Linux not tested). FWIW: all versions are 1.3.106 This is consistent behavior, so it seems to be a real bug. We'd like to hear from you all! Grtz, R&B
  3. Hi there, just to let you know about this: I just deinstalled BTsync (actual version at the moment) and i check "delete settings", but c:\users\blabla\appdata\roaming\bittorrentsync is still there, with 2 files left (log and If you can verify this and fix this, it would be cool. It's a veriy minor thing, still it's a bug Best wishes spYro edit: This happens in Windows 7 &8, 64 Bit
  4. I am running BTSync on a windows 7 machine, and it is syncing about 200k files. The longer version 1.3.105 runs, the more ram it uses until an eventual crash. This happens every other day or so. The user interface also slows down the longer the program is running. This was not an issue in the versions I used. Currently the program has been running for 24hrs and is using ~1.5gb of ram. This is much higher than the estimates that I saw in the FAQ for the number of files I'm syncing. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Solved this. the QNAP BitTorrent package modifies then does a chatter +ia to which prevents that file from getting updated. I deleted and restarted btsync and the new one was written. I removed the chattr line from the qnap launch script. ---- I'm trying to add a folder on Linux but I can't get past the "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" message. This succeeded on the ARM version of 1.3.105, I never got the warning, but on my QNAP i386 version of 1.3.105 this warning came up and I can't get past it. Another side-effect is that the message persists if I cancel the dialog and go back into add a folder. *Edit: The ARM version on my DroboFS gives a pop-up confirmation that says "This will share the contents of "..." with everyone who has the key." and I can click Ok and the folder is added. The i386 version on my QNAP doesn't give me the pop-up. I got it figured out. On the Qnap I had to delete the file in the .sync directory. When I did the upgrade to 1.3.105 All I did was replace the btsync file, I didn't think I had to touch anything else. Sorry for the trouble.
  6. .SyncIgnore is a file where you can filter out files you don't want synced. However it seems that when I put files in here bittorrent decides to delete those files rather than leave them un-touched. That is unexpected. Is this a bug? Expected behavior? Am I using it wrong? Cheers
  7. When I clic on folder name, then doesn't open. I have Debian 7.4 over powerpc and btsync 1.3.94 Image attached
  8. Hi, I just installed Sync on my new laptop, and when I try to add a sync I hit "Generate" to make a new secret key, and add my folder path and I get this error. The folder exists and I have full permissions to it. All my other software can see and edit those files. This might have something to do with my "C:\Users\User\Documents\Transfer" being a junction to my D:\ drive. I have a 256GB SSD as my C:\ drive and I put my 1TB HDD as my D:\ drive and made a junction to it in my Documents (using mklink /J) folder since it is rarely accessed and huge. This worked fine previously on my older laptop to using BTSync 1.1 and 1.2. Oops. Sorry I just realised I posted this to the "General discussion" forum. Can a moderator please move it to the bugs forum?
  9. When I have a folder set to sync, and that folder contains the following items as an example: AAAAA (full folder)BBBBB (file)CCCCC (full folder)DDDDD (full folder)EEEEE (empty folder)FFFFF (full folder)GGGGG (full folder)ZZZZZ (file)and BitTorrent Sync tries to sync the folders and files, this is what happens. BitTorrent syncs all items in decreasing alphabetical order (ZZZZZ, then GGGGG, then FFFFF...) and once getting to EEEEE, doesn't sync any files or folders after that. DDDDD, CCCCC, BBBBB, and AAAAA are not synced. When EEEEE is removed or items are placed in it, the others appear and start syncing. Also, when renaming AAAAA, BBBBB, CCCCC, or DDDDD, placing items in them, removing items from them, or etc., they individually sync.
  10. I've spotted a bug relating to date modified on files. I was having an issue where the sync on the destination computer would never stop indexing the same files over and over. After a lot of head scratching I've noticed the date modified on the files in question were either in the future (2043) or in the past (1970) This is because they were taken from a digital cameras which didn't have the date/time set properly. The files sync'd over OK but they were set to 1970 on the destination computer or some other datetime that didn't match. The indexer got stuck in some kind of loop, maybe the files hashed ok but then something was failing with regards to the date? Anyway I fired up FreeFileSync which instantly picked up on this, copied and overwrote the files and now BTSync is happily sat there without the indexing problem. Here's one of the files affected... hope it helps someone out (and hope some devs fix it soon)
  11. I recently abandoned SASS file synchronization in preference of DIY solutions, namely ownCloud and BitTorrent Sync, the latter of which I prefer for its design. I got excited about this and so I set it up on a few of my devices and everything was going just fine with new directories I made for trying things out. I felt ambitious and decided to sync a bunch of my existing files (for which I'd previously used GoodSync across devices). I was synchronizing my pictures folder when I noticed that after the first sync, BT Sync wouldn't continue to update files. I tried fiddling with the folder and advanced settings and I wasn't getting anywhere so I turned on debug no avail. Nothing stood out and nothing looked like the source of the problem. Then I remembered something: I'd moved a bunch of my pictures from my Mac system onto my (almost exclusively) Windows systems. Windows has restrictions on what characters are allowed in file names and Mac OS has none to my knowledge. Long story short, I ended up renaming two offending files: >@3.jpg
  12. In order to verify if a supplied secret is valid, it makes sense to call the "get_secrets" api supplying the secret to test. With certain secrets (e.g.: AYZS32KDN32SF6DWF7IRONKYHQGBHW5OCaaaaaaaa), btsync 1.2.82 on Linux 32 bit crashes without any log message. This behaviour is also reproducible with the Mac OSX version by entering the secret in the folders preferences dialog box. Update: It seems that btsync crashes on this api with every secret longer that 40 chars... Secrets are normally 33 chars long. If you specify a secret with a length between 34 and 40, nothing happened (the chars seems to be ignored). As soon as the length exceeds 40 chars, btsync crashes: leo@debpoldo ~/btsync-deb/btsync-gui $ curl 'http://localhost:9999/api?method=get_secrets&secret=AYZS32KDN32SF6DWF7IRONKYHQGBHW5OCYZS32KDN32SF6DWF7IRONKYHQGBHW5OC'curl: (52) Empty reply from serverleo@debpoldo ~/btsync-deb/btsync-gui $ pgrep btsyncleo@debpoldo ~/btsync-deb/btsync-gui $
  13. Hey. I have run into a small problem today when trying to list files in certain folder using get_files API method. Thing is that I get in return something like this (raw data displayed by the browser): { "name": "Analogowe uk\u00c5\u0082ady elektroniczne (L)", "state": "created", "type": "folder" }{ "download": 0, "have_pieces": 0, "name": "rozk\u00c5\u0082ad_roku.pdf", "size": 373406, "state": "created", "total_pieces": 12, "type": "file" } You can see there is part of (what it seems) badly encoded character (in this case one particular: ł or l with stroke). When tried to decode JSON using PHP json_decode() function it gave in return Å + one more not-printable character instread of what it should have. It is not limited to this single character. Other entries I've tried also produces similar bug. From what I could find in web (it is about another program, but the bug is the same - just in case it might be exactly the same problem): Any help would be appreciated. BitTorrent Sync version: 1.2.82 running on FreeBSD x64.
  14. Hi Developers, I found a bug in the mac client of btsync! Using the current software version of Growl (V.2.1.3) I'm getting errors in btsync and it randomly just crashes after about a minute of usage. The Terminal output shows the following errors: 2014-01-31 18:23:28.764 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister 2014-01-31 18:23:28.765 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Attempting to register while an attempt is already running 2014-01-31 18:23:28.808 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister 2014-01-31 18:23:28.809 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] Attempting to register while an attempt is already running 2014-01-31 18:23:30.068 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] GrowlApplicationBridge: exception while sending notification: connection went invalid while waiting for a reply because a mach port died 2014-01-31 18:23:30.153 BitTorrent Sync[404:507] We failed at registering with items in our queue waiting to go to growl, sending them to OS X notification center instead I could turn of this problem by unchecking the "Send notification after download finished" option in the btsync settings. But I guess this thing should be fixed anyway... Seb
  15. Today I installed BT Sync on our company NAS, a Synology DS214+. Everything works fine, but I noticed a strange thing when browsing the files on the NAS. The NAS is the 'host' of a folder; say btsync/, and a Windows PC is connected using the Windows application for Sync. On the PC we added a folder; say Subdir/ to btsync/. When we changed the name of Subdir/ to subdir/ (note the uppercase S), on the NAS both exist. So when you change the name of a folder, but only uppercase/lowercase, it makes both folders to exist on the NAS, which is a Linux device.
  16. Hi there, I have a shared folder between multiple Linux and a Windows Box. It contains 7.9 GB of files. All the installations on Linux and on Windows show that there need to be 7.9 GB of files to be transferred. The files are actually in sync and nothing is transmitted. This has been the case for all version before 1.2 and now also happening with the newest versions (at the time of writing 1.2.73). Is there a solution? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Markus
  17. My ipad and android phone and computer are all in my home network, my android phone can sync files to computer very fast, but my ipad just syn photes below 1kB. Most photes in ipad are synced very fast firstly util ipad sync a 650mb move file. Please solve the bug soon. I have tried for many times to restart/reinstall the sync application, but I fail. By the way, please open source the software, and we can solve such bugs by ourselves.
  18. I have 3 machines sharing a folder; Two run OS X Mavericks, One runs Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. All three are running 1.2.73 (the Ubuntu box is running the i386 glibc 2.3 version), but I've seen this problem on the past couple of releases. The two OS X boxes report themselves as being in sync, but they report the Linux box is out of sync. I've been running this setup for a couple of weeks and the Linux box does sync files which have been created or changed, but it always appears, from the OS X clients, as being not completely synced. I'm guessing this is a UI bug because I'm not seeing a continual upload from my OS X boxes, is that correct?
  19. Computer 1 has file locked Computer 2 deletes file after awhile computer 1 will sync the file to Computer 2
  20. I added a new device (called "andrej") to the group of 5 already synced devices. Strange is, that device andrej is downloading data only from one other device instead of all others. (See the attached screenshot). I tried to remove the synced folder and add it again (or change the key and change it back) but the result is similar... Downloading only from one other device just different one (it seems to be random which one it will use). Any suggestions?
  21. According to the documentation for get_folders: However, specifying a secret just return the same (full) folder list, not just the details of the folder corresponding to the secret.Of more concern is the fact that, without the password option enabled in your .conf, this query returns all of your secrets without requiring any authentication. This strikes me as a potential vulnerability. Surely a secret should be provided before this sort of sensitive information is returned?
  22. Hi. I have 82'd btsync on my archlinux. I sharing folder on my external HDD through USB3.0 and it has NTFS. Client on Win 7 can't download my files. They have long names. But i found a part, which creates difficulties: "May 3, 2013 8:51pm.flv" And i found, that ":" gives me that error. So, when you will fix this? =) Oh, sorry. Windows can't handle files with ":". But NTFS can. Very strange.
  23. I have played btsync for two weeks now. It was working pretty well at the beginning, and meet most of my requirements. However after start replicate my photos between my computers, I found couple cases that the new files added to sync cannot be recognized, and sometimes only part of new files added are synced to remote box, and btsync reported synced. My folders have hundreds to thousands photos, size from 4GB to 20GB. Remove the folder from btsync and add it back doesn't help. The indexing stopped at different spots. Remove the folder and added it back with different secret seems a workaround. I am using 1.1.48 on linux, and windows as well.
  24. The web interface on the Linux version doesn't work when the port is forwarded to a different port. If I do this, it [doesn't always work]: ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 host go to http://localhost:8888/gui/ If I do this, the page loads, but many UI elements don't respond: ssh -L 8889:localhost:8888 host go to http://localhost:8889/gui/ (edit) Now that I think about it, it's not a huge problem, I can just configure a different port on each computer and forward to the same port (as in the first case above). Doesn't matter which port number it is anyway -- doesn't seem to work perfectly in the first case either, but that may be caused by something else?