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Found 90 results

  1. (Not sure where to make bug reports and this is really just a report and run) System date is up to date (2013/07/14). BTSync logging shows 20130614 OS: Kubuntu 13.04 64 bit BTSync version: BitTorrent Sync 1.1.27 First log line: [20130612 11:08:40.254] Loading config file version 1.0.134 Start time (from memory) was Friday (2013/07/12 around 11 am). BTSync upgraded that day and was last used (and shutdown) over a month ago.
  2. Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct spot to post bugs that have been found, sorry if it is supposed to be somewhere else. I recently upgraded to version 1.1.27 and since then, during syncing I cannot stream from iTunes to either of my Apple TV 2 devices. I checked to see if version 1.1.33 or version 1.1.26 would fix the problem but that had the exact same issue. I am now downgrading to version 1.1.22 to see if that will fix it. Anyone have this same issue?
  3. [bUG FIXED - 7/10/2013 - Ver 1.1.33] I started using BitTorrent Sync yesterday. It has great potential, but there is a major bug that I can replicate every time! THE COMPUTERS: The computers involved are two iMacs and a MacBook Pro, all three machines running OS X 10.7.5. THE ISSUE: I sync'd a 6 GIG folder (that contains 3,800+ files) on my work iMac with my home iMac and also my MacBook Pro. The initial sync worked well. The problem occurs when I move files from one folder to another... When I move a file on one computer (it does not matter which one), the moved file disappears on the other two computers when the sync fires (I am moving files around only within the sync'd folder). So for example, I move a file to a sub-folder (within the sync'd folder) on my work iMac. That file disappears on my home iMac and my MacBook Pro. Then, to make matters worse, if I update another file which again fires the sync, the file that I moved on my work iMac disappears from my work iMac (presumably because the file no longer exists on the other two computers). I checked the trash bin on all three computers and the file is not there. Then I check the .SyncTrash folder and behold, the file is there on all three computers. Not being able to move files around from folder to folder is a pretty serious bug. This same exact issue has occurred when I rename a file. But that bug seems hit-or-miss. Sometimes the rename syncs across all three computers. Sometimes the renamed file disappears and ends up in the .SyncTrash folder. Considering a rename is really a move in Unux, that makes sense. I also noticed that, if a file exists in the .SyncTrash folder on the laptop and I try to recreate a file with the same name on the iMac, the newly created file on the iMac is not synced to the Macbook. When reviewing the sync history, the history on the computer where the file was moved says "Renamed file [file name]" and the history on the other computers says "[computer name] removed file [file name]." I tested this issue for several hours on all three machines and I can replicate this bug every time without fail. I even went so far as deleting the sync'd folder, completely removing the app, re-installing and syncing again and the same issue occurs... every time! BitTorrent Sync has great potential but right now it cannot be trusted. Thanks, Chris [bUG FIXED - 7/10/2013 - Ver 1.1.33]
  4. I don't know if anyone has been stuck on just one file yet, but I have a windows x64 box trying to move files to a linux x64. Everyone goes smoothly until one last file (which I don't know how to identify) refuses to transfer over to the linux box. Any help would be appreciated. Logs show no record of initiation of a transfer as far as I can tell.
  5. Hey all, I have been using BitTorrent Sync since before it was publicly released and loving it. Lately though I just encountered my first big bug. My family and I got back from a vacation, my brother compiled the photos and create a shared secret on bittorent sync. There were three folders, one the pictures are syncing as normal, the second I have all the names of the files correct but they are all 0 bytes and the third has nothing (I assume it was meant to have something in it but I'll check). Thought this was a weird error and any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Version 1.0.134 Renaming a folder from 'TEst' to 'Test' for example will cause the files to be deleted on both ends of a sync. In my case the source was Mac. Depending on what is on the other end - including a Windows RO share the empty folder may or may not remain. I found out the hard way that iTunes (Mac at least) can rename folders while playing songs if the tags in a given album don't exactly match in their case. I was syncing my music to a RO share so I thought my library would be safe. Instead I had multiple Albums deleted. - I only noticed because I regularly check the Sync history. - ITunes simply followed the files as they moved to .SyncTrash and continued to play them so it was not obvious something happened. You have been warned.
  7. Hello! I've run into a weird problem where it seems that BT Sync keeps sending data forever, but the data is not actually used for anything. It'll keep receiving like this forever. Usually it eats 1-3mb/s of my bandwidth, it's unusually slow now for some reason. Note that the counter down to the right says that nothing is being transmitted. If I look at the shared folder, it is stuck at having 169.6 mb to go, forever. So, what's happening here?
  8. A couple days ago I awoke one of my computers from a week-long slumber (it had been turned off while I was moving). While the computer was sleeping, I had been editing the contents of the Sync'd folder on other computers (i.e., creating files, saving changes to files, etc.). When my computer awoke, about 90% of the folder contents (subfolders, files, etc.) were deleted on all 4 of the computers to which the folder was Sync'd. I had all of my stuff backed up in multiple locations, plus BitTorrent Sync keeps deleted files in the .SyncTrash folder. So all of my stuff was recovered. What gives? Why didn't the newly-awoken computer simply have the new files added to it? I've been using Syncing programs for years now (from LiveSync to LiveMesh to DropBox to Cubby, now BTS), and I've never had this problem before. I did not delete these folders myself, not even on 1 of the computers. Is this a known Bug, or is there a weird setting I need to adjust?
  9. Hi, the application continues to read and write the file .SyncID, this behaviour makes very difficult to monitor the folder for "real" changes. Can you fix this issue? Thanks! Matteo Migliore
  10. Hi, I have problem with one machine in Windows XP SP3. It's getting the files from other two Windows 7's but it is not uploading anything. The status icon shows Direct Connection (it's LAN) and U: 130MB so he knows he should upload but he doesn't. Attached log from bad machine. I use BTSync 1.0.134
  11. hey, we used the linux client in read only mode to share 4000+ files (in the same directory), but we were only able to retrieve 2450 files on other clients. PM me if you want the key to check what's happening.
  12. Hi, I have two machines each with a collection of about 124GB of media. They were previously in sync using “rsync”. One machine (let’s call it the backup) was about a week out of date relative to the other machine (let’s call it the master). I set up Bittorrent Sync on the master, and let it completely index (this took a really long time). Then I used a one-time read-only key to set up the backup. Almost immediately I received a notification on the master that a file upload was completed. Checking history on the master, I saw: 4/25/13 2:39PM Finished syncing file 2013/2013-04/2013-04-21/JV20130421_24375_DSC_0447.xmp added by backup 4/25/13 2:39PM backup added file 2013/2013-04/2013-04-21/JV20130421_24375_DSC_0447.xmp Sure enough, the master now had a week out-of-date version of this file! I stopped the sync immediately. I double-checked the backup to ensure that it was read-only. In the “Advanced” tab for the folder on backup, it reads “Advanced Preferences are not available with read only secret”. This seems like a pretty serious flaw. How can I debug where things went wrong?
  13. I synced a directory of about 20GB (10K files) and there were two files that showed that they were each doing about 1.2MB/s for a while, but the files were only 8MB and 3MB in size. I let it run overnight figuring it was a display bug and the syncing was going on in the background even though each computer already had a mirror of the data. When I woke up the same two files were still going so I paused it. On the Windows side I had dupes of the files. One had the double quote character and the other had a  which looks like a bullet in explorer. On the Mac there was just one of each file with the double quote. I paused syncing and renamed them to 'inch' instead of the character and all is well. I have seen this problem with other syncing products in the past, but just thought I'd raise it.
  14. Bug: fatal (installation program) I downloaded and ran BTSync.exe (md5sum 25f28dc590bf4bd651447c03e74cd159). I elected to install it on a Windoze XP machine, and made the installation directory a directory on a NAS which was seen by the OS as Z:\. When I was prompted for a directory to "sync," I chose to browse for one, got a list of drives and directories on my computer, and selected a directory, specifically one called Z:\XFER At this point a window popped up reporting the crash, and offering me to send in a report to the developers, which I hope it did. At this junction, I shall attempt to reproduce the error, following the same steps. Yes. The bug happens the same way (screenshot attached), however, this time, the installation program cycles back to the standard installation/I have a secret screen. I can then keep cycling to selecting a directory and crashing. I'll be happy to try it again when you fix the installation program, or to provide you with additional details to help you find out what went wrong, in case you did not receive a crash report from the installation program (I sent it twice).
  15. Testing restoration of files after they have been deleted and sent to .SyncTrash folder. Windows works as expected. I delete a file on Computer 1 (windows) and it moves the file to .SyncTrash on Computer 2 (windows) and Computer 3 (Mac). I then cut / paste file from .SyncTrash to original location on Computer 2 and it restores the file for all computers (New File). I then repeated the process and opened two windows and Moved deleted file from .SyncTrash to original location... it restored on all computers. I then delete the file on Computer 2 and file is moved to .SyncTrash on 1 & 3. I then use Computer 3 (mac) to restore file and get no joy. It is not recognized in file history and not synced back to Comp 1 and Comp 2. The only way I can get the file to restore is to move it to another folder outside of the sync folder file structure and then back again. Also deleted files don't enter the .SyncTrash folder on the computer they were deleted from.