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Found 90 results

  1. I recently upgraded from 2.0.?? to 2.1.4 (79). Formerly, I was able to look at the sync history and identify which machines had finished syncing, or had added/removed files. It was very convenient. Now, all it tells me for each machine is "Remote peer". This is totally useless now. I have 10 computers syncing, how can I tell which ones have synced or not now? History now tells me 8 times, "Finished syncing with Remote peer". Which ones have not? Why was this change made? How can I get peer names back?
  2. I renamed a folder name, then I found all my other devices deleted the old name folder and sync the new name folder as a new folder. I am not sure whether it is a bug, but I expect it just rename all other devices' folder name, not sync all files in that folder again. Thank you.
  3. Hello btsync community, I have a very weird bug by using btsyncclient on windows 8.1 on a local network. When I use a custom made fullscreen app, it doess flicker to black several times every roughly 10/15minutes, which makes it impossible to use it. That disappear if I close the bittorrentsync client. Any clue or advises to fix this problem ? Here are the details : # Conditions ## Hardware Local network 192.168.0.x/24 11 computer with static IP : 192.168.0.x *Gateway blank* computer : HP Pavilion 23-p010 All-in-One Desktop PC with Windows 8.1 1 router and switchs 10/100/1000 1 bit torrent sync server on a Synology NAS ## Software Each computer has a btsync client running synchronized There is one full screen custom app on each computer # Observation Each roughly 10minutes the screen does flicker (black frame blink during 3 seconds) on all machines It does not flicker if the application is not full screen # Tests If btsync client is closed on every machine, the flicker disappear By checking the network we found out that there is a stream/flood of SSDP request coming from each btsync client, wich is a local discovery network and that seem to cause the flicker screen - We tried to block this request in firewalls and windows services - We tried updating windows -> Nothing worked # Conclusion We had to remove bittorrentsync of all our computer to be able to use them normally with fullscreen applications, which is very annoying.
  4. I'm experiencing this strange behavior: primary pc: 1 folder shared in readonly folder size (windows):9.13GB folder size(btsync): 15.18 secondary pc subscribed to primary shared folder folder size (windows):15.18 GB folder size(btsync): 15.18 GB
  5. BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111 continuously prompts with an update to 2.x regardless of the user’s choice to not ask again. Removing the checkmark from “Always check for updates to this version” makes no difference whatsoever. Please fix.
  6. I've removed my 1.4 shares, to upgrade to 2.0 shares (of course i've made a backup from the settings and the database). First i've set the new share to be preapproved when new client connects, but even if i approved the connection, the client wrote "waiting for approval". So approvals do not work, it's OK, i don't need it. So i've disabled the approve requirement, and tried again... but the client still writes "waiting for approval" while it isn't needed. Then i said ok, i've just restore to 1.4 database, so restored everything that is related to btsync, but that isn't worked, as the client pc (slow arm pc) started to reindex everything, and ignore the old database. On the windows PC i've also restored everything, but it writes "cannot identify the destination folder", which means that btsync stores some data in somewhere else, not on my computer! So i'm gonna stop using btsync, not just because they released the heavily bugged 2.0 without proper testing, but because btsync 2.0 is communicating and storing data on an external server, which means it's not secure anymore.
  7. Hello, I have the pro version of Bittorrent Sync and I guess to have found a bug. I have two installations, one with my own identity and another with a test identity. Now the test: 1) Create a folder with some data to sync on the personal identity 2) Share the folder with the Android Device with the test identity and choose "Read Only" 3) Connect to the folder with the test identity 4) First, the granted permissions suddenly change to Read/Write and second, they are only changeable to Owner and Read/Write but not to Read only This can be reproduced at least on my fresh installation (the 3rd installation at least, due to other problems and no reaction from the BT-Team: What do I pay for? They say support within 24 hours!!). The rights can not be changed from neither of my 3 devices to read only for the test identity. On the other hand: If I share the folder from my laptop, the permissions can be changed in all variations and the seem to work.
  8. Since the upgrade to 2.0, some of my shares stopped syncing. I use several Linux servers and several desktop clients with 2.0. The main thing that is different from a normal setup is that I created the shares with a key that is 3x as large as the normal key. Simply 3 keys put together as one. This did work perfectly with 1.4, but with 2.0 my shares stopped working and only the ones with a normal key work. Also, in the desktop version the shares are now seen as ReadOnly, while the key is a normal read write one. Are longer keys not supported anymore?
  9. i've setup btsync on 3 computers all running windows 7 64bit. After one computer crashed because of BSOD several synced folders had all their contents removed. I looked in the archive folder to find them there. is there a plan to detect if a harddrive has been disconnected or other synced computer to know of BSOD. this has happened 3 times. you could reproduce it by disconnecting a USB drive during sync
  10. Hi, after several hours of trying, I'm able to short my bug report to this: I have 3 Computers, Two Linux (Raspbian/Debian, Ubuntu), One Mac (Mavericks). The Debian and the Mac uses Sync 2.0, the Ubuntu computer uses Sync 1.4. 1. When I add a 1.4-style read-write key to my mac, my key is one character too short (32 characters). Adding a space solves this, so I can add the folder. The key was once created with an older version of sync. It has no A,B or R in front of it. 2. Although it was a read-write key, the folder will be treated as a read-only folder. It only offers/shows me the RO key and it does sync the way a read-only folder does. It seems like it "forgets" the RW key. 3. There is no read-only-icon shown for this folder within the application. It is shown in the finder (file explorer), though. note: The folder is not already available in my 2.0 identity in a read-only way. I have no fix for 2 and 3. I'm going to log this now and send a mail to the support, but I thought this deserves a thead here.
  11. So, running btsync on linux (64bit nixos), it is creating a new identity everytime I reboot the server. The btsync user: btsync:x:113:498:Bittorrent Sync Service user:/srv/data/btsync2:/run/current-system/sw/bin/nologin His home directory: drwx------ 1 btsync btsync 252 Apr 14 14:48 /srv/data/btsync2 The config file: { "device_name": "fancydevicename", "storage_path": "/srv/data/btsync2", "listening_port": 45654, "use_gui": false, "check_for_updates": false, "use_upnp": false, "download_limit": 0, "upload_limit": 0, "lan_encrypt_data": true, "webui": { "login": "admin", "password": "reallysecurepasswordhere", "listen": "" } } I start btsync: btsync --nodaemon --config btsync.conf and look in it's home directory. [btsync@albion:~]$ ls -lA /srv/data/btsync2 total 2356 -rw-rw-rw- 1 btsync btsync 222 Apr 14 14:48 13083713615926578068.1429022881.journal -rw-r--r-- 1 btsync btsync 7168 Apr 14 14:48 ECF22524AAD0FADACEA007EAECD9926EB62196AC.db drwxrwxr-x 1 btsync btsync 2 Apr 14 14:48 License -rw------- 1 btsync btsync 1778 Apr 14 14:48 settings.dat -rw-rw-r-- 1 btsync btsync 121207 Apr 14 14:48 sync.lng -rw-r--r-- 1 btsync btsync 5 Apr 14 14:48 -rw-rw-r-- 1 btsync btsync 2267622 Apr 14 14:48 login, accept the licence + create identity (hitting the first bug: it prompts me that there is a new version despite "check_for_updates" being false), the directory now looks like: [btsync@albion:~]$ ls -lA /srv/data/btsync2 total 2396 -rw-rw-rw- 1 btsync btsync 222 Apr 14 14:48 13083713615926578068.1429022881.journal -rw-rw-rw- 1 btsync btsync 542 Apr 14 14:49 18374772040707393072.1429022966.journal -rw-r--r-- 1 btsync btsync 7168 Apr 14 14:49 4253E36490F603239A065B33DFD1EAE52029F861.db -rw-r--r-- 1 btsync btsync 2128 Apr 14 14:49 4253E36490F603239A065B33DFD1EAE52029F861.db-wal -rw-r--r-- 1 btsync btsync 7168 Apr 14 14:48 ECF22524AAD0FADACEA007EAECD9926EB62196AC.db -rw-r--r-- 1 btsync btsync 4224 Apr 14 14:49 ECF22524AAD0FADACEA007EAECD9926EB62196AC.db-wal drwxrwxr-x 1 btsync btsync 2 Apr 14 14:48 License -rw------- 1 btsync btsync 2168 Apr 14 14:49 settings.dat -rw------- 1 btsync btsync 1778 Apr 14 14:48 settings.dat.old -rw------- 1 btsync btsync 5376 Apr 14 14:49 sync.dat -rw-rw-r-- 1 btsync btsync 121207 Apr 14 14:48 sync.lng -rw-r--r-- 1 btsync btsync 5 Apr 14 14:48 drwxrwxr-x 1 btsync btsync 78 Apr 14 14:49 .SyncUser1429022966 -rw-rw-r-- 1 btsync btsync 2267622 Apr 14 14:48 I add a test share; all seems good. Restart the service: yup, all OK here. Reboot the machine and when logging into the gui, I get the licence box again. If I click through (the only option), my shares are gone, and looking in ~btsync a new SyncUser dir has been created: drwxrwxr-x 1 btsync btsync 78 Apr 14 14:49 .SyncUser1429022966 drwxrwxr-x 1 btsync btsync 0 Apr 14 14:59 .SyncUser1429023540 How do I stop it generating a new ID for itself? Log files (from a recreate) uploaded as gists here:
  12. Btsync crashes on my Windows 8.1 Pro - I tried both the 64bit and 32bit version of current revision. It opens correctly till the welcome window shows and crashes when I click "continue" I am a new user, hence have not had it installed before. Win 8.1 is up to date as by Windows Update. It also crashes if I use the built in support request feature. /edit: I tried the older versions 2.0.93 and 2.0.85 in both 32bit and x64 and they show same behaviour. Windows error report: ------------ Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: BTSync.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 55222abd Fault Module Name: MxMUm.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 50c19d33 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00014db8 OS Version: 6.3.9600. Locale ID: 1031 Additional Information 1: 19cc Additional Information 2: 19cce854302537c54a2cd73476abb0fb Additional Information 3: 5f0d Additional Information 4: 5f0d68cda56bbfae56e8c3072914032c Read our privacy statement online: If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\WINDOWS\system32\en-GB\erofflps.txt --------------------------------------
  13. I have read a FAQ: If you try to add a folder to BitTorrent Sync and you see this message, it's likely that you've already used the "secret" you're entering for one of the other folders you're currently syncing. It's not possible to sync two separate folders on the same device using the same "secret". But this is not my case... I have directory containing about 60,000 files. Which according to FAQ should not be a problem. It is syncing fine, but GUI shows error BitTorrent Sync cannot identify the destination folder. Nevertheless directory is syncing fine, or at least I haven't found any problem. If I change a secret for a while, and than set back the old one, everything is correct again. But the "error message" appears in 24 hours again... Any queses? I think this might be a bug. Is there any log file I can check? I am using ubuntu linux, The machine is running 24/7. Btsync Version 1.1.82 ( up to date ). Can this be caused because of rescans of folders? It can take more than 10min but, according to FAQ rescans happens every 10mins by default. I would like to turn off this setting (or set 24hours) because it is too often. But I haven't found the option in GUI. Is it deprecated? Thanks for suggestions hydrant
  14. I downloaded the latest version of Sync on my Pc and my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1. I created an accound on my PC, and when i try to link my iPhone via the QR Code it gives me the following message: "Can't link your devices. Please check your connection and try again" Do you have any solution for this problem? P.S. I tried to link my devices both on Wi-Fi and 4G
  15. On machine1, within my /home/user/BTsync folder, I create a folder called "symlink_test". I create another folder called ".symlink_test" (it starts with a dot, i.e., a hidden folder). Within symlink_test, I make a symlink to a file in the home directory (ln -s /home/user/somefile.txt .). Within .symlink_test, I make the same symlink. In symlink_test, the symlink gets handled normally. It is copied as is from machine1 to machine2, so machine2 now has an identical symlink that points to /home/user/somefile.txt In .symlink_test, it does not get copied to machine2. After a few minutes, it does appear on machine2, but at that point, it disappears from machine1! Then after a few more minutes, it travels back to machine1 and disappears from machine2. This back-and-forth continues indefinitely. This must be a bug. I see no other reason why the two symlinks should be handled differently simply because one of the subdirectories starts with a "." I hadn't noticed this issue before upgrading to 2.0, but it could have been present before. I'm using BitTorrent Sync only on Linux.
  16. Hello!! I would like to know what is the problem with my Bit Sync, It doesn't open anymore... I made a video for you guys to see exactly what is going on ... I really don't wanna reinstall the app and configure all the folders and options again...Is there any solution for this? why did this happen? Thank you!
  17. I have a number of excel files on my computer that are constantly syncing, despite the file being unchanged. I sync to a read-only version on a remote desktop that I control, so I am fairly sure the issue is on "my" end. In my experience this is only happening with excel files. I made sure the timestamp was updated, having seen that cause problems for other users on the forum. This is an instance from the error log. It will occur repeatedly, sometimes preceded by a "ping" or a "Extension:" line. [2014-05-11 14:11:12] Torrent \\?\C:\Users\******.xls status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:0 io:0 [2014-05-11 14:11:12] Force unloading torrent \\?\C:\Users\*******.xls
  18. Hello Developers, I think i have discovered a bug in your Sync Program If you add a random generated AES-256bit encrypted base64 string into the program, it asks you to load a folder for you to sync, however this automatically makes it read-write, apparently this shouldn't be possible? try it if you wish encrypt any random data with any random password ans use that key generated and add it to BitTorrent Snyc and choose a folder. give anyone you know that key, and they can act as peers, is this supposed to happen, as i think its not? Sorry if this makes no sense, I'm extra tired from programming java all night. No this isn't spam this is a authentic post and i think i may have discovered a bug. - Gigasea
  19. There is a clear problem with the Date Synced field in v1.4.103. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words and that truth is self-evident:
  20. Sometimes, when I try to open a folder in BitTorrent Sync, I get the message "Your access to this folder is not approved by folder owner" and I'm unable to access my data. After waiting a couple minutes and trying again, it just works. Or at least, after a peer synched with my phone. I'm not sure what's causing this. I have the built-in windows phone filesystem encryption enabled and installed the latest release ( of BitTorrent Sync today.
  21. Downloaded the program, chose to share a folder using email, and got the following dialogs. As is apparant there is absolutely no real text showing except the dummy text for the templates. Not too professional :-/ If this works for other users, my guess is that it is related to localization. Perhaps there were no strings found for the "no" (Norwegian) locale, and instead of resorting to English, it spit out dummy text
  22. Since upgrading to 1.4 (1.4.75 to be exact) I'm having serious issues with Sync. When another process tries to update an existing file while Sync is running I regularly experience problems. Here are some reproducible situations: Sync & Innosetup: - Reproducibility: always Innosetup generates installers. When a previous version already exists it will first generate the new installer in a temp file. If successful it will replace the old version with the new one at the end of this procedure. However when this file is located in a folder managed by Sync the old file gets deleted, but Innosetup fails to add the new file instead it gives the following error: Compile Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. The only way to use Innosetup in combination with Sync is to: close Sync, run Innosetup, restart Sync to synchronize the new file. Sync & 3DS Max: - Reproducibility: often but not always 3DS Max regularly saves to an autosave file. A few different versions are kept, but to prevent bloat the oldest gets overwritten each time a new autosave is made. When these are in a folder managed by Sync this process will regularly fail. Instead of autosaving 3DS Max will give an error indicating it was unable to write to the file. This happens with two separate Syncs one between four systems, another between three, all running 1.4.75.
  23. Hi! Localized strings are returned with wrong escaping in JSON, e.g.: { "message": "Der ausgew\u00c3\u00a4hlte Ordner wurde bereits zu BitTorrent Sync hinzugef\u00c3\u00bcgt.", "result": 200 } These are escaped UTF-8 bytes, which is wrong. Either don't escape at all, as UTF-8 is default for JSON anyways and if you must escape then see 2.5 in RFC 4627. You should also send a charset=utf-8 along with Content-Type. Regards
  24. When adding a local folder that is not empty (has files in it already) using an existing (read only) key, Btsync adds the folder but with a new key (read and write). This only happens if the local folder is not empty. This is a bug only in linux and only in versions >1.4 This: Results in: In the log below - `btsynctest` is empty and was able to be added with existing key. `btsynctest2` is not empty and was added but with a new key. [20140902 09:46:05.357] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifier "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:46:05.357] Error while adding watch for /home/stlouis/btsynctest. errno=28[20140902 09:46:05.358] Requesting peers from tracker 54.225.***.*:3000 for share BE1CF5961ABA****************[20140902 09:46:05.358] Using existent uTP tracker connection to[20140902 09:46:05.358] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:05.456] Got list of 1 peers for share BE1CF5961ABA2*******************[20140902 09:46:06.492] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:06.666] FC[E8AD]: started periodic scan for "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:46:06.667] FC[E8AD]: finished periodic scan, checking for missing files in "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:46:06.667] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest/.sync/Archive" started, max file age = 30 days[20140902 09:46:06.667] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest/.sync/Archive" finished[20140902 09:46:06.667] Trash: GetFileList failed for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest/.sync/Streams" - error 2[20140902 09:46:07.153] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:08.036] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:09.070] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:10.080] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:11.089] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:12.178] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:13.107] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:46:14.118] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:47:03.403] SyncFolderScanner: Removing notifier "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:47:03.404] Removing folder /home/stlouis/btsynctest from inotify[20140902 09:47:18.288] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifier "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2"[20140902 09:47:18.288] Error while adding watch for /home/stlouis/btsynctest2. errno=28[20140902 09:47:18.289] Requesting peers from tracker 54.225.***.**:3000 for share 89EED0C72C968*********************[20140902 09:47:18.289] Using existent uTP tracker connection to 54.225.***.38:3000[20140902 09:47:18.289] Sending broadcast ping for 1 shares[20140902 09:47:18.311] Got list of 1 peers for share 89EED0C72C96889*********************[20140902 09:47:18.672] FC[2B38]: started periodic scan for "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2"[20140902 09:47:18.672] FC[2B38]: file updated - processing file /home/stlouis/btsynctest2/notempty.txt t:1409665618 s:0[20140902 09:47:18.672] SyncFileEntry: Set owner time for entry "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/notempty.txt" to 77354[20140902 09:47:18.672] FC[2B38]: finished periodic scan, checking for missing files in "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2"[20140902 09:47:18.672] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/.sync/Archive" started, max file age = 30 days[20140902 09:47:18.672] SF[2B38]: UpdatePeersStat[20140902 09:47:18.672] Trash: scan for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/.sync/Archive" finished[20140902 09:47:18.672] ScheduledTask:UpdatePeersStat invoked:immediately reason:OnLocalTreeChanged[20140902 09:47:18.672] Trash: GetFileList failed for folder "/home/stlouis/btsynctest2/.sync/Streams" - error 2
  25. I just had the problem that I deleted a 150 MB file from this computer, on which it was initially also put in the shared folder, and it reappeared; it synced it back from the other peer. It should have propagated the delete. I had used that file before to do some experiments with kill -9 on btsync while it was running. I have been able to reproduce it twice. Btsync will have to be able to handle kill -9, because on Linux, that's how it will be shut down, since it's not a system service. And even then, computers can crash. Platform: both Linux 64 bit Version: 1.4 Steps Have a share on two peers. I added the write key of peer 1 to peer 2.Put a large file in peer 1While it is syncing and you see a partial !sync on peer 2, kill -9 btsync on peer 1.Start it again.Wait till it starts syncing (can be a while). You can also make another change on the folder, forcing a sync. Though, I don't know if that affects the result.wait till the sync is complete.Delete it from peer 1.It will reappear on peer 1. This is wrong. It should have been deleted on peer 2.