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Found 86 results

  1. Please feel free to use build 1.3.109. Change log: - Compatibility to upcoming 1.4 builds - Fix for indexing stuck in certain cases - Cleanup old peers in Linux WebUI - Fix for issue of files non-syncing unless fully available Previous build change log.
  2. Please feel free to use build 1.3.106. Change log: - Fixed issue with inability to type in path manually in WebUI - Indexing is shown in WebUI when BTSync indexes files - Overwrite checkbox brought back for RO secrets in WebUI - Fixed issue with "#" symbol in the folder picker in WebUI - Fixed issue with encrypted secret not displayed in WebUI - Fixed issue with short / long path shown in WebUI - Fixed LAN discovery issue when many folders and files are added to sync dirs - Fixed continual indexing issue in certain cases - Minor cosmetic fixes Previous build change log.
  3. Please see 1.3.105 build here. Change log: - WebUI redesigned - Fixed issues causing app crash Previous build change log.
  4. Please see build 1.3.94 here. Changelog: - Various crashes fix The build is also published to the auto-update. Previous build change log.
  5. Hi all, Please see new 1.3.93 desktop client here. Changelog: - various crashes fixes - fixed French localization cosmetic issue Previous build change log.
  6. Hi all, The build 1.3.87 for desktop platforms is available now. Change list - Fixed app crashes Here is previous build change list.
  7. Hi all, We've just prepared new build for desktop clients, 1.3.80. Change list below. Desktop client 1.3.80 - Fixed crashes (Windows, Linux platforms) - Added full path column - Fixed issue with QR codes on Mac - Improved installer - Fixed issue with speed calculation for many small files Previous change list available here.
  8. Hi all, The build 1.3.86 for desktop platforms is available now. Change list - fixed issue with transfer speed wrong calculation - fixed issue with handle leak for Linux and Linux-based platforms - fixed issue with unicode characters in filenames on Mac platforms - fixed issue with limiting traffic for LANs - fixed app crashes - added columns configuration in Devices tab Previous change list.
  9. Dear all, Let me introduce BTSync 1.3.77 for desktop. The main changes in the build are fixes, please see the list below. Desktop changes Fixed crashes on all platforms Fixed issue with clients discovery in LAN Fixed issue with redundant .conflict files and folders creation Previous change list here.
  10. Hi all, Here is a new desktop build, 1.2.91. The main release change is compatibility with upcoming 1.3 client, plus some minor fixes. List of changes: Upcoming 1.3 compatibility Fixed issue with permissions transfer on Linux and Mac during initial scan Fixed issue with sync getting stuck after folder removal Fixed issue when deleted files get restored after peer comes online Fixed issue when new version not checked on Linux and FreeBSD
  11. There is a new BitTorrent Sync build: New version for iOS is available in App Store. Changelog 1.2.67 (November 5, 2013) Desktop: - Improved speed with large files (in 1Gb LAN and on low-end CPU devices) - Restore modified files in read-only folder - API and UI-less mode - Advanced features available through API : * new secrets with support of read-only encrypted peers * synchronize selected files only 1.2.68 (November 6, 2013) Desktop: - Fix crash on Windows when adding root of disk 1.2.71 (November 11, 2013) Desktop: - Fix crash when removing shared folder - Fix hang on shutdown 1.2.72 (November 13, 2013) Desktop: - Fix issue with QorlQ processor - Fix russian localization 1.2.73 (November 14, 2013) Desktop: - Fixed issue with infinite indexing - Added command line options for force logging on linux 1.2.82 (November 28, 2013) Desktop: - Fixed issues with incremental file downloads- Fixed auto-update Android: 1.2.7 (November 5, 2013) - Android 4.4 support - Speed improvements - Redesigned Help pages - Various bug fixes 1.2.9 (November 6, 2013) - Fix bug with loss of connection after changing networks 1.2.10 (November 8, 2013) - Fix bug when app overwrites files with older versions 1.2.11 (November 12, 2013) - Fix bug with Auto Sleep functionality 1.2.12 (November 14, 2013) - Fixed issue with infinite indexing 1.2.14 (November 28, 2013) - Fixed issues with incremental file downloads iOS: 1.2.29 (November 9, 2013) - Added version for iPad - Design changes and iOS7 compatibility - Ability to send and sync files in other apps via Sync - Save pictures and video from sync folders to Camera Roll - Improved connection speed - Other fixes and improvements 1.2.36 (November 22, 2013) - Bug fixes and stability improvements - Application name updated - Fixed crash on iPad 1