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Found 7 results

  1. As we know,It is no longer possible to use Sync normally in China.Because the server( is blocked. I found it working normally when using a proxy for the tracker server(just for the tracker server to avoid affecting speed).But I have to use proxfier for it. Could you add it as an option?
  2. Hi, I am a user from China,it is well known fact that Chinese dictatorship government try their best to limit bt sync speed. But by accident , I find a way to accelerate the sync speed, first turn on vpn, then start the resilio sync, after several minutes, turn off vpn, the sync speed will increase from 100KB to 2MB, it is miracle, can you explain it? If it is related to tracking server?
  3. I am trying to set a sync in China and once it is working, I want to sync to a folder on a computer in USA. Presently in China between 2 computers I am not getting past the dialog. These 2 computers are both windows 10. Should that matter? Edit: Seems to be working now, will test further...
  4. everyone know in china is GFW block a lot of ip address or domain name. btsync also can't connect to tracker server so it can't work. but maybe there is a other way to fix it. a lot of people in china use shadowsocks (socks5 proxy) to cross the GFW. but almost shadowsocks server has traffic limit,so they can't use proxy to download or upload some thing. so i think maybe btsync can make one option for user. only use socks5 proxy connect to btsync tracker server. but use direction to other peer.
  5. I have BTSync installed on 3 pcs and my Android phone. Until a few days ago, sync worked fine but now each client is not seeing any devices. Also if I check for updates in the app, I get "Unable to contact Bittorrent Sync update server. I have tired from multiple locations / internet connections, without any luck. As mentioned, everything had been working fine for months, so I am wondering if the GFW (Chinas firewall) has started to block this server (if it is even possible to block, because torrent works fine). Any suggestions?
  6. Hi. I'm an American living in China (PRC). I'm wondering if the Chinese government, which regularly censors and interferes with internet traffic, may be stopping torrent file tracking. Could this be why the SyncApp isn't working here? Just to be clear, the app works fine on my local area network. When I tried to use it between my home and my work office, that's when it didn't work. I thought that my work office computer would use the secret to connect with the BitTorrent Inc. server and then the torrent tracking system would connect it to my computer at home. Isn't that what's supposed to happen? Would using a VPN help? If so, I assume both computers would have to have a VPN running, at the same time, and probably to a VPN server in the United States or Europe? The reason I haven't tested this idea is because I have only one VPN account which can only run on one computer at a time. To test this I would have to get a second account, but I thought I'd ask first before I went to the trouble. Thank you for any advice.