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Found 31 results

  1. So, I'm toying around with btsync as it seems to be a good solution for syncing multiple computers. But I have troubles syncing on my work desktop who is behind a gateway+firewall. Here is my setting : * home desktop: debian jessie (testing), behind my ISP box (via ethernet) serving as DHCP/router, probably using NAT. Probably no fix IP address. Usually off when I'm not at home. * home laptop: debian jessie, wifi to the box, on my home LAN. * work desktop: debian wheezy (stable), behind a gateway/firewall/router. Probably using NAT. The router certainly has a fix IP. Always on. I have root power on all theses machines, but I do not have root access to the work gateway. I can ssh to it. I usually connect (from home to work) using ssh + nc on the gateway to automatically "rebound" to my machine. I have installed tuxpoldo btsync-user packages (thanks) on each of these three machines. Even through it is not the same distro (jessie/wheezy), it is still the same package (v 1.13.0-1). So I assume version (in)compatibility problems are not an issue. I have absolutely no problem syncing on my LAN. However, nothing goes to (or from) the work computer. When I set up the secret on the work computer, the home ones were shut down, thus no sharing was possible, but I have since turned them on without any sync happening. From tests I've made on my LAN, that should not be a real issue. But since LAN discovery does not work the same way as internet does (through trackers), that may be a cause of problem. Since I do not have root powers on the work gateway, I can not add any firewall/NAT/… exception to handle this. I can probably, however, set up an ssh tunnel to go through it. As far as I understand, that may require me to add some "known host" to my home computer to directly plug into the tunnel, but that's not a big deal. I have never set up ssh tunnels before, but that's definitely something I can do if needed… From what I've gathered, it looks like the relay hosts should basically allow this scenario to work. I am using them (ie I have not removed them). So any idea on why this does not work or how to make it work?
  2. Running btsync on a debian arm distribution using a cubieboard 2.0 with a sata disk as hardware platform. It works well except that the processor freezes every day. This happens since btsync was installed. Any hints?
  3. I have BtSync set up on a handful of machines and it's working great: Debian 7 (x86) - Debian 7+ (Testing) (x86) - office computer Android 4.2 - Android 4.1 - This machine doesn't work: Debian 7+ (Testing) (x64) - Network setup: Internet > Router, anything on this network BtSync won't work > Router, anything on this network BtSync works fine On the problem machine (, I cannot get anything to connect outside of that subnet. The router has UPnP enabled and netstat shows the btsync is listening, but nothing connects. I can connect/sync if I have both devices on the same network subnet ( but nothing outside of that will connect; I have another router and devices on the range (router IP and they work fine (and the network uses the network as the default gateway). So I have to think the network is allowing traffic through, if the network functions. I've tried using a custom config for btsync, no change;I've ensured UPnP was enabled in my routers (error before this was "Could not map UPnP Port ___ retrying.");I've found the .sync/ folder and tried to create ~/.sync/debug.txt with FFFF inside it, but nothing shows in the logs;I've tried running with --nodaemon but there are no messages being printed to stdout or stderr that I can see (now that "Could not map UPnP..." is resolved)netstat shows the ports listening;there is no local firewall running on this machine at this timeconnections don't work to the next router (downstream) nor over the Internet (upstream) I am out of ideas, can anyone help me?
  4. Hi, I've recently come across bit torrent sync and I am really excited. I've been using dropbox but have outgrown it now with almost 1 TB of storage and other cloud synchronisation services are really expensive. I have installed it on my desktop PC and on Windows 2012 server and its working absolutely fine. I also have another server which is used to broadcast online radio which is a very powerful and secure server with a raid hard drive for backup and so I want to install it onto this Linux platform. I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Linux but with the GUI interface I think I will be okay. My problem is that the server that I want to put it on is a dedicated server which as I said I used to stream Internet radio and it is installed with Debian and our streaming software which is Centovacast. The storage space which is massive is pretty redundant so it makes an ideal place to keep data securely. The software that is currently on the system has its own GUI interface which is accessed by IP: 2199. It also streams out a number of radio stations which currently range from ports 8000 through two 8050 although we add new streams regularly and that software is configured to allocate an IP address between ports 8000 and 10,000. The manufacturers of the other software have said that I can install anything else on to the server providing it doesn't interfere in any way with the ports that their software uses. I'm a little bit concerned because I've seen that the GUI interface is accessed via IP: 8888. Clearly, with this software using ports 8000 to 10,000 I'm worried of any conflict here. On my PC version it using a port in the 6000 range for listening. What I do not want to do – and cannot afford to do is install any software that could potentially knock off-line our radio stations! Does anybody know exactly the range of ports that this software uses and if, during the installation process this GUI ports of 8888 can be predetermined to something else – maybe 6000 or somewhere well away from the software I'm currently using? As I said, the current software has its GUI interface access to port 2199 and then each of the channels for that we stream out on goes out between 8000 and 10,000. If anyone can give me some advice on this I would be most grateful. I am really excited about finally making some use of this expensive yet redundant storage space that I own and finally being able to do away with services such as A Drive and an FTP server both of which I am paying a monthly subscription for! Thank you in advance for your help :-) All the best Mike
  5. Sync has been working great for me for a few days; however, today I've added a third computer to the syncing network, and my Debian Linux system is having issues. It seems to sync fine for a while and then crash after giving an I/O error. After that, I can't access the web GUI, and when I attempt to kill the process, I can't: $ killall btsync $ ./btsync Can't lock pid file. It seems BitTorrent Sync is already running with pid 4729 $ pidof btsync 4729 $ kill 4729 $ ./btsync Can't lock pid file. It seems BitTorrent Sync is already running with pid 4729 $ kill -9 4729 $ sudo kill -9 4729 $ pidof btsync 4729 $ ./btsync Can't lock pid file. It seems BitTorrent Sync is already running with pid 4729 That process stays stuck there even after rebooting the computer. The only solution seems to be deleting btsync and .sync and rebooting, then unpacking the tarball again and running btsync. It works for a while, then the same thing happens. How can a process stay stuck like that even after rebooting? Anything I'm doing wrong?
  6. Hello, what should I install to run BitTorrent Sync on Headless (command line only, no GUI) Debian (Wheezy)? I am a little bit confused from the download selections in the download page. I have personal home PC running debian and want to have there Sync. It must work on command line only. Is there some documentation how to control Sync from command line? Thanks. urza