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Found 2 results

  1. nat101

    BTSync LogCat

    Is there a way to tell BTSync (Android) NOT to log its stuff at all? The BTsync logcat is overwhelming and even if filtered out in my Eclipse's logcat console, it bogs my 6-core 12gig ram machine down significantly. Since I am using this tablet for my own Android development, I need to use the logcat console. But the BTSync logcat is not only slowing the device, my entire desktop Eclipse ADT gets bogged down. I am 100% that it's the BTSync app. So, back to the question: How do I tell BTSync Android app NOT to log anything. Thank you much. nat
  2. Dear BitTorrent, I had a great idea after reading about Sync and I thought I'd mention it because I think it would come as a very handy product to a lot of people who will be using Sync. What if you made a piece of hardware that you could connect to your TV and it would let you login to your Sync account allowing you to stream any video or music files right to your TV? I think this would be a great idea to put into motion because I've struggled with the problem of lag well watching many of my high quality bluray's on a cheap computer. Not a lot of people can afford really nice computers these days and a lot of us like our digital copies of blurays which we like to watch on our computers but this fills up a lot of space really quick because as you know, blurays that are good aren't compressed meaning they take up a lot of space. This is the reason I find Sync amazing, it's going to be of great use to me and anyone else in my position. I think the hardware idea would be great because then not only do I have a ton of space for all my bluray movies but now I can stream them without lag right to my TV using a small hardware device that you could create and either give to people with no charge or sell for a really cheap price since it's probably going to cost money to ship it to people so you'll need to make something from each unit you sell in order to pay for all the shipping costs. This could change the way we watch our entertainment forever, Sync could not just become the greatest online storage client in the world but also the best way to watch your movies and music with the touch of a button. Let me know what you think, same with all the users on this forum. I'm a totally new user here but I'd love to hear user feedback on my idea. I'm not asking for anything in return for my idea if taken into consideration. You're consideration in my idea would be all that I need to make me a happy man.