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Found 1 result

  1. I started using the BTSync just last week. Just soon after the package was released by the team from SynoCommunity. They are on top releasing your product as an easy to install product. The package installed just fine, checking out the install code it seems it should just work fine for all Synology products, install fetches the right architecture (if available). After installing I ran over to another synology across town to go ahead and try it... it works great. After about 20sec installing the secret it was found and started synching... before I used a complex setup using a ftp account and syncing tools. This should simplify the secure backup scheme we have had in place for the last two years ;-) Anyway, so feedback to: 1. The synology DS409 is underpowered and memore starved (256MB) running a the Synology firmware (a debian linux system). Saying this I have noticed that because it's one code base for the sync and the gui serving it seems to be very slow. Now I realize this could be temperary, since it needs to calculate and sync a 30GB of data storage. So it wakes a while before it syncs up. 2. The webinterface The webinterface is showing some strange behaviours. When selecting a directory and then selecting a directory to sync. The icons get displaced. Now in the end it does select the correct directory, so its primarly "optical" GUI stuff, but it does mean the user needs to be a bit tech savvy. 3. Meaning of GUI items Now I am ok with a little information, however I don't need it to be a live update (on a webinterface). I rather have the NAS box calculating hashes and syncing out files. I do wonder how it detects changes, or, if there is even a way to force a sync action. 4. Connected or not? As a user I cannot find out what is going on with the connection. Is it syncing, is it in touch with the other deviced, is it... a little clue from the interface would really be usefull. 5. Keep resource use low... it seems to eat up all CPU available... not sure about memory. I see the NAS box slow down. To me this is fine, for a while, however I want BTsync to sit in the "background" and never use more then xx amount. So when I interact with the box it will be responsive, remember this is a real CPU & memory starved NAS box. Hope to see frequent and great releases.... Looking forward to future releases. Later Robert