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  1. Well, i installed the bittorrent and the utorrent and when i open the torrent archive , appears a box with the options. I click in the ok and appears this error : Unable to save .torrent to C: /Users/Jhon/App data/ Ro.../Farcry3.torrent'. HELP ME PLEASE, I tried reinstall the program, and i dont found the utorrent folder in Appdata/Roaming
  2. Hi, BTSync 1.1.42 running on Ubuntu 12.04.2 Server. One folder shared, successfully indexed in full, with 3 clients using a read-only secret (no idea about which version they use) Looking at my sync.log file, there is this error message repeating every 10-15 seconds... for days now: The thing is, this ~200MB file has been removed from my side, but if I interpret correctly that small error message, it's probably still present at some remote peer(s). No idea which ones, actually, the message does not provide any clue. Still I guess it's at that peer which appears in a "stuck" state for weeks no
  3. Hello! My name is Margulan. I am developer of one huge project, and there is CDN functionality needed to be implemented. Currently I am trying to solve one annoying bug (?) while indexing source directory. We have lots of files (>5 000 000), almost consist of pictures, video, sound, books. At this time I try to index it with btsync to generate file index, but it hangs on 140.00 gb indexed. I attemped to restart daemon, tried to see logs and I have found nothing. I tried to increase 'soft' and 'hard' limits in limits.conf. Honestly, now I am stuck. Have anybody ideas? I red forum and the
  4. BTSync appears to crash and not automatically restart on Windows Server 2012. The crash log is: Faulting application name: BTSync.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x520c0dd7Faulting module name: BTSync.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x520c0dd7Exception code: 0xc0000417Fault offset: 0x00104d76Faulting process id: 0xd614Faulting application start time: 0x01ceafbceb0d4d1fFaulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exeFaulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exeReport Id: c7d62b5a-1c07-11e3-93f4-90b11c322831Faulting package full
  5. Hi, All of a sudden the message started popping-up (screenshot attached also). What can it be and how to fix it? I am on Win 7, 64, BTS 1.1.48. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello: Currently using btsync 1.1.48 to sync two servers. excellent piece of software. seems to be working fine, but.. in the sync.log file i see multiple examples of read failures as in this clip: [2013-07-31 22:37:35] ReadFile error: me2-iplog1.txt:0:21137:21137:3 [2013-07-31 23:01:37] ReadFile error: me-item2-sessions.txt:0:170:170:3 [2013-07-31 23:01:37] ReadFile error: session-records.txt:0:12052:12052:3 [2013-07-31 23:01:37] ReadFile error: me2-iplog2.txt:0:12738:12738:3 [2013-08-01 00:01:43] ReadFile error: arf-home-sessions.txt:0:923:923:3 these files are all contained within various w
  7. Hello there, I've set up btsync using a two-way secret, trying to keep a folder on my laptop (running Ubuntu 13.04) with my home computer (running Windows 8). The gui reports that I have 42.1 GB in 64392 files in this folder. For some reason, the web (and Windows desktop) GUI report that there is still 122.7 MB remaining to upload from my laptop. In spite of this, there is no transfer activity reported on either GUI, and after enabling debugging output, I see that the log reports "State sync finished for folder..." When checking the results of the sync, I see that most things are synced as exp
  8. I am running two Ubuntu 13.04 systems. Everything seems to be syncing properly between the two machines. The only issue I am having now is when my second machine goes and gets the files, it pulls them down and sets the permissions of the file as ... owner = root and group = root. Is there anyway to configure my BT Sync setup so when it pulls down the files it won't change the file permissions to root:root ?
  9. I updated my Ubuntu 13.04 BitTorrent Sync yesterday to the latest 1.1.22. Now I am having an issue on my Mac computer. The Mac BitTorrent Sync client keeps telling me my secret key is invalid. I just downloaded the Mac client yesterday so I should have the latest client. Is there a reason why the Mac client is saying my secret is invalid...? I re-generated several secrets and still no luck. When I use the final secret I created on a second Ubuntu computer it works perfectly fine, no invalid message there.
  10. My folder had some files with commas in the name and the sync would never start. I have two instances of btsync, one on a server and another on my laptop. On both machines I already had all the files syncd with another program so that when btsync started all it had to do was check the files on both configurations and only update those that were diferent. Adding dir by dir worked for those dir that didn't have files or dirs with commas in the name. Those that had didn't sync. But now that I fixed all the files and dirs the sync is working great. I love that it detects files on both systems chec
  11. Hey all, I have been using BitTorrent Sync since before it was publicly released and loving it. Lately though I just encountered my first big bug. My family and I got back from a vacation, my brother compiled the photos and create a shared secret on bittorent sync. There were three folders, one the pictures are syncing as normal, the second I have all the names of the files correct but they are all 0 bytes and the third has nothing (I assume it was meant to have something in it but I'll check). Thought this was a weird error and any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. System: Ubuntu raring btsync: 134.5 I am getting the following error: "[20130431 13:38:27] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1370000112 0" What should I do? Thank you. Rg, Max sync.txt
  13. Hi Guys I have setup and been sucessfully using BT Sync, between a Win8 computer and an iMac. All worked OK, but no that the sync has finished I get the following errors and no further sysnc occurs. Any ideas?
  14. Hi, I have problem with one machine in Windows XP SP3. It's getting the files from other two Windows 7's but it is not uploading anything. The status icon shows Direct Connection (it's LAN) and U: 130MB so he knows he should upload but he doesn't. Attached log from bad machine. I use BTSync 1.0.134
  15. Hi, i have a error on my Raspberry, view Screenshot. What should I do? Thx!
  16. Hi, Everybody! This night I tried to use BTsync. It's greatly works on my MB Air, on Mac OS 10.7.5, last Ubuntu Server x64 and Windows 8. BUT I have some strange bug, while trying to start it on my arm-based router with dd-wrt (DLink DIR-320). (It's all ok about router, there are web-server and some more usefull things) As in instruction I copied file from archeive and trying to run it... There are problem, I have : Do anybody knows why ? P.S. Please, forgive me for my English
  17. Hi, I am having troubles getting btsync to work on one of my computers. It starts ok, it finds peers and peers find this computer byt it syncs nothing. I found this message in the logfiles: "Hash doesn't match. Terminate." What does it mean and how can I fix it? It is Win7, x64. On other machines with the same OS no problem. Can it be some library missing, outdated...? Thanks for help!
  18. Testing restoration of files after they have been deleted and sent to .SyncTrash folder. Windows works as expected. I delete a file on Computer 1 (windows) and it moves the file to .SyncTrash on Computer 2 (windows) and Computer 3 (Mac). I then cut / paste file from .SyncTrash to original location on Computer 2 and it restores the file for all computers (New File). I then repeated the process and opened two windows and Moved deleted file from .SyncTrash to original location... it restored on all computers. I then delete the file on Computer 2 and file is moved to .SyncTrash on 1 & 3. I th