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  1. I have a nightly script that pulls down database backups to my local hard drive. BTSync runs on the same machine and syncs these database backups to another computer far away. I noticed that when I move the backup files to a new directory, say from the root folder to /2014/02/, all of the files re-sync to the other machine. Does BTSync not detect that the same file has moved to a different folder? Is there any way to move files/folders around from with a shared directory and NOT have them re-sync again? This normally wouldn't be an issue but they're massive files.
  2. To try and fully explain the topic title... When considering the following folder structure: Parent FolderChild Folder 1Child Folder 2...and assuming that Parent Folder is already a sync'd folder, will it ever be possible to share just, say, Child Folder 1 with someone whom I don't want to have access to Parent Folder and Child Folder 2 via a different secret? At the moment we are warned that it is part of a folder that is already synching (or we are warned that it contains a folder which is already synching if you were to attempt to share Parent Folder after Child Folder 1 was already a synch'd folder) I ask "Will it ever be possible" because it may be by design - for technical or paradigm reasons - that it will not be. Alternatively maybe it's on the roadmap for the future.
  3. HI all! I have searched and cannot find a solution, so ... let us see! First of all, LOVE the product. Absolutely. What I am going to try and use this for is syncing user profile directories on 5 computers with one main serer. I would love if I could exclude hidden folders - any way this is possible? Is there a place for predefined ignore files? I did notice that once I deleted the sync directories, and then removed the files.... it still brought down an ISO that didn't exist somehow? Thoughts?
  4. Hello, Apologies if this has been addressed before (I could not find it in search). I have BTSync running on a Linux server acting as a NAS device. It's working great, except that new BTSync shares cannot be completely created from the web interface. The "Add Folder" button allows you to specify a secret and path to a folder. However, the folder must already exist on the filesystem (e.g. `mkdir`). BTSync will not create it if it does not exist. Is there any particular reason for this behavior? It seems that it would be more intuitive (and convenient) if BTSync could create folders (if filesystem permissions allowed) if they did not already exist. Thanks for creating BTSync, it's a neat tool!
  5. Can I change the order of folders in the web interface? Currently they're out of order, but I assume there must be a config file somewhere that handles it. I'm on Linux, using the unofficial Ubuntu package.