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Found 29 results

  1. Hello there, I've set up btsync using a two-way secret, trying to keep a folder on my laptop (running Ubuntu 13.04) with my home computer (running Windows 8). The gui reports that I have 42.1 GB in 64392 files in this folder. For some reason, the web (and Windows desktop) GUI report that there is still 122.7 MB remaining to upload from my laptop. In spite of this, there is no transfer activity reported on either GUI, and after enabling debugging output, I see that the log reports "State sync finished for folder..." When checking the results of the sync, I see that most things are synced as expected, but there are a few differences resulting from the SyncIgnore file (correctly ignored), and from the lack of symbolic link support on the NTFS drive. My question is: could these be causing the difference? If so, I don't believe that the GUI should report this remaining file size, and should rather say "fully synced". I have tried removing and re-adding the folder from scratch (letting it fully re-sync from nothing), and this did not help. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, After uploading lot's of content, the webgui for linux doesn't show the folder as synced while it is synced to the folders of the people I've shared it with. It continues showing the 'uploading-arrow', while the upload status counter stays on 0. In the list of folders it still shows a certain amount to upload (e.g. 20MB), while it isn't the case. It's the same with the two people I share the folders with, they both run windows, I run kubuntu 13.04 I hope this gets solved, it's quite confusing, I left my PC on because I thought it still needed syncing while it already was finished for hours...
  3. Anyway to show the host device as well in the linux web gui? When I check ":8888/gui" - It will show all the other servers connected to it, but I was wondering if it can display itself as well. Thanks guys.
  4. I was added few folders in the Linux gui (Ubuntu) on 8888 port. Then I was refreshed gui page... and now folder list is empty :/ I tried to add my folders again.. and after page refresh I again saw empty list. But synchronization is working fine.