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Found 7 results

  1. When adding an encrypted key (i.e. a read-only key with no decryption key) to an already existing folder (that was synced earlier with the same key), the folder is added with an entirely different, unrelated key than the one provided, and it indicates no peers active. I've gone ahead and confirmed that it actually does use the new key (by adding the new key on another device) and it starts syncing the encrypted files. How can I add an already existing encrypted folder and start syncing the files with other nodes using the initial key? Thanks. P.S. I tried adding debug logging,
  2. I'm currently writing an application with Node.js which uses the BTSync API. Reading through the emailed materials and the Terms of Use, it appears that BitTorrent wants the API key to be kept secret. How do I distribute the application without revealing the API key? How can users use the included config file without seeing the key? And how do I ensure that the key is not revealed when the application itself is open-source? One solution I can think of is to create a closed-source executable binary in a language like Java, C, or Python (using cxfreeze) for each system which serves solely to s
  3. Hi, is it possible to get a folder key from a Linux installation without accessing the webui? Thanks, Jamie
  4. I have asked for API Key with the form but did not receive any API Key (nor by mail or message in the forum). What is the right path to obtain the Key, or how to understand if i'm eligilbe to obtain the key? Thank you in advance Antimo
  5. So I mentioned this in another thread, but I think it's probably worthy of it's own thread: My Drupal modules that I'm working on for the BTSync API all currently require that the server the user is running their Drupal site on is running BTSync configured with an API key. My concern is that only people with an API key are going to be able to use my modules as currently that means they have to apply for developer status. What is the plan in the future? Will the API key not be necessary in future releases? Or should a developers key be encoded into their application? Given that Drupal c
  6. Hello! first things first: Thank you very much for BTsync! I really love it and use it privately more and more! Now my "problem" (I searched for "renew" and "revoke" in this forum already): I have a bunch of people with read-only access to files. One of them must be removed for reasons. I re-generated a new Full access secret and distributed new r/o keys to all the others. But it seems to me the person I want to be excluded is still getting traffic?! Any hints to this BTsync behavior? Any help is appreciated! Warm regards from Germany Happy X-Mas! brubaker
  7. Currently it seems if someone steals (or guesses) one of your codes, they can hop onto the cloud with your devices and start stealing your files. Their device will obviously appear in the list, but if you don't check the list constantly and see it right away, the damage is already done. Is this correct? Guessing a code is low odds, but I could imagine "trollers" using many computers to continuously try different keys until one works. The odds of this will increase as there are more users but this threat should always be pretty minimal. It will always be easy to steal a key, however! Anyone co