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Found 36 results

  1. Hello, I'm syncing with Android a folder containing a lot of 1 level subfolders and files. Usually only few files at time change and this are within subfolder, so to get an indication of what's going on I've to open all subfolders and see if there are file changing! I propose to add a stamp or an indicator in the app GUI to indicate what subflders are being modified during the sync, something like dropbox individual folder sync indicator.
  2. Hello! This might seem to be a very narrow use-case at first, but please read on ;-) I have a work PC with static IP address and need to sync pictures quickly from my mobile. Via the occasional WiFi or mobile data connection, this is not working reliably. I presume the mobile app tries to contact tracker and/or relay servers? I'd love to be able to configure the synced folder on the mobile to connect to a pre-defined host, like I can in the desktop app. That way I'm happily syncing various other desktop PCs in- and outside of the work-LAN with my work-PC. Which kind of acts as the "spider in the web" ;-) Even connecting different peers which would not have found each other, because I deactivated tracker, relay, DHT etc. So, how about making the desktop app encode the IP address of its host in case that is found to be static. Port as well obviously, so the mobile app can more quickly, reliably and in a bandwidth-saving manner connect to the work PC? This idea could be expanded to encode the other advanced settings as well. So that for music for example that I only sync between home PC and laptop in my home-(W)LAN, the mobile app could also be pre-configured to sync it only there. What do you think? Thanks for this app eithe way and many greetings :-) PS: I should add that the "occasional WiFi" is still within my work place, but separate from the LAN somehow. Syncing from work-PC (LAN) to laptop (WLAN) works fine, even when I didn't yet have the latter's sync folders configured to use a pre-defined host.
  3. Hi, all- I just went through the initial setup of BTSync on my mobile device. My reason for using it is to store an emergency backup of some auto-save files that are generated by software I'm using to complete a project for a client. As the project progresses, these files will grow in size to equal probably 3-4 GB total, so they should fit nicely in my phone's available space as a backup. What I want to know is, is the sync bi-directional? So if I accidentally delete a file on my phone, will it then be deleted on my computer? And if this is the case by default, is there a way to change it so that the computer's folder is treated as the "master" copy of the files, and the phone simply updates to match it? Thanks for any light you can shed! -Mark
  4. On mobile version of BTSync you could activate or deactivate sync on a 3g wifi network but this could be set only for general settings. Should be nice to let set 3g\wifi sync folder by folder ;-)
  5. Hi everyone! I'm excited about btsync. I've configured both my Linux box and my Android tablet but I also own a Firefox OS phone and would be nice to have btsync on it. Is there someone working on this? If not, I can start this port and share it with all. Thanks in advance.
  6. It would be great to be able to download a whole subfolder on an iOS device like it's allready possible on Android. I know that it is possible to download the whole sync and that it is also possible to download each file of a subfolder individually. But both is not an option for me. Greeting, usblinux
  7. Hi, I'm using Sync to sync my music folder between multiple computers, because I hate putting everything on a flashdrive everytime I download something new, to put it on my other computers. This works amazingly well, so I downloaded the Android app for my HTC One. The HTC One is now connected to the folder and as soon as I put a new track in my music folder on my main desktop, it immediately starts downloading it and syncing. It also says every item in the folder is synced. Here's the deal though: I synced the music folder on my PC with the music folder on my HTC One, but even though the app says it's downloading and syncing, my music doesn't actually sync. The newly "synced" music is just simply not in the music folder on my phone. When I delete the "sync" on my phone and re-sync the two folders, it immidately starts downloading the music, but then it DOES write to the music folder on my phone. I really hope you can fix this problem (or even read this post), or that somebody else has the same (and maybe know how to fix it).
  8. I am trying to use BTSync to replace dropbox. It is set up just fine on my iPad 2 (with iOS 7) and my Mac, but I do lots of writing and editing of text files. So I need a way to add new text files and edit existing ones on my ipad and then resync them with my other machines. I can open my files in other apps, but I don't see a way to get them back into the BTSync file structure. This seems to be the one functionality that none of the dropbox alternative sync systems have. Does it require a separate text editing app that will connect to the BTSync app? Is it just because Apple is a jerk and locks down its file system so hard? If there is any way to set this up, I'd love to hear. If not, then please consider this as a feature request to add that functionality. I know I'm not going to be able to shake Dropbox until I find some app that will allow the edit and reupload. Thanks! Other than this snag for my own use, it works great, and I'm really glad to see a movement toward local personal clouds.
  9. I tried it several times now with different versions (since several months): I would like to sync my notebook to remote BTSync instances via the portable hotspot of an Android phone. This simply does not work. BTSync on the notebook doesn't even see the other nodes/devices. Any ideas?
  10. As the title says, will there be the "predefined host" option for the mobile (android) version or did I just missed it?
  11. I just started using the Android version of btsync today and I feel that it works flawlessly, but I feel like it could use a few more features to make it a little better. Just throwing out ideas. 1. The choice between auto syncing or syncing file like it does right now 2. Advanced Features 3. Animated Task Icon when Syncing?? 4. Sync Speed Feel free to add your own ideas. And this is a feature idea list not a bug list, just has to say that for the people that will post about general unrelated bugs.