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Found 5 results

  1. I'm currently writing an application with Node.js which uses the BTSync API. Reading through the emailed materials and the Terms of Use, it appears that BitTorrent wants the API key to be kept secret. How do I distribute the application without revealing the API key? How can users use the included config file without seeing the key? And how do I ensure that the key is not revealed when the application itself is open-source? One solution I can think of is to create a closed-source executable binary in a language like Java, C, or Python (using cxfreeze) for each system which serves solely to s
  2. Canonical stops its storage service ubuntu one in the coming months. The code of the synchronization software is to be released as open source. Compared to btsync ubuntu one does not need as much computing power. Maybe you can improve btsync on the basis of the source code.
  3. Hello, In my Smartphone I use for install app. F-droid is a market with open sources app (like BitTorrent Sync) Currently for use BitTorrent Sync I need download new release and I haven't auto update. I don't know what is you opinion about alternative marketplace in android phone but some CyanogenMod user do not install google app for use a full open source phone. You can add BitTorrent Sync at this market at this page:
  4. Bittorrent Sync is a brilliant piece of software. Best thing is I can use one software for all my sync problems over all platforms without limits. Thank you. So, I like to help to fix some minor issues like cpu usage. The thing is. I can't because its closed source! Please open source it and the whole world (of experienced developers and security experts) will help you. And on the long term you really need this people...
  5. I'm very happy with BitTorrent Sync and want to use it not just for personal use. I'm wondering if there are any plans of making BitTorrent Sync Open Source for security and trust purposes?