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Found 39 results

  1. I've been using BTSync for a while now and it's absolutely fantastic! I've just set it up to sync a load of my files between my computer, an external hard drive in my house connected to a Raspberry Pi, and a second Raspberry Pi and external hard drive in my parents house. This had been working very well but today I rebooted the Pi at my parents house and when it came on the GUI (ipAddress:8888/gui) prompted for an account to be created and then showed the no folders message. On the other syncing devices it shows it as offline. I copied the contents of the .sync folder somewhere else so I could preserve it. Looking inside I saw that there were files called history.dat.old, settings.dat.old and sync.dat.old along side the same files without the .old extension. history.dat.old and sync.dat.old contain different things to their "new" counterparts but settings.dat.old appears to be the same (although it is just one long line so I may well have missed something). I tried renaming the .dat.old files to be the .dat files and the .dat files to be the .dat.old files and then restarting again but basically the same happened again. I've got quite a number of large folders synced between the two so I'd really rather not have to redo all the syncing if I can possibly avoid it. More than that I'd like to know how it happened and how I can stop it from happening again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I followed the instructions to install Sync on Raspberry Pi on the blog. wget fails as I believe the Amazon link in the blog entry to the ARM build is dead, so I downloaded 1.4.103 ARM build from I got it to install on my RPi, confirmed by the CLI entry "BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 2372. default port = 8888". But when I use the browser on my Linux Mint desktop to go to , I get a "Unable to connect" error. I have confirmed that the IP is correct by double-checking ifconfig on my RPi, and I am successfully running Sync on my Linux desktop with other machines on the LAN. Any tips?
  3. Hello I have bittorrent sync with the package manager on my raspberry pi installed. I would like to set the option limit sending rate to [kB/s] 10. I can set it, but when I open the options again to check my changes, they are lost. The following things I have tried. 1. apt-get update -> no changes (current Version is 1.4.83) 2. the service is running with the debconf-default.conf. Enhanced the right on the file chmod 666. The file is stored /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf 3. With dpkg-reconfigure: I have not found the option to set it on. What do I wrong? Thanks. jack
  4. I'd like to create a backup solution with raspberry pi and btsync: The Destination is my Computer which syncs the data to a hard drive conncted to the raspberry pi. At the same time I would like to sync the files to a gaerman storage provider (strato hdrive) which supports ftp. Would this be possible with btsync or do I need an additional application to transfer the files to this storage?
  5. Hello. I have set up a raspberry pi to be connected to my Wi-Fi network at home, have a USB connected 1TB hard drive, and have set up owncloud. Owncloud works with my external hard drive, but for some reason BT Sync does not work in syncing files. I have disabled relay and tracker servers because I only need it to work on LAN. On the GUI page, it shows that nothing is syncing to the folders I made a secret on my Mac and entered on the Pi and set it to save on the external hard drive. I think the problem is either the listening port is not open (which I don't really understand what it does), or the problem is permission errors, because owncloud thinks it owns the hard drive space. Also, I looked in the BT Sync debugging log on my Mac, and I saw that it receives ping to the IP of my Pi, but no transfers occur. Does anyone have suggestions?
  6. I have a simple setup. I have two folders on an x86_64 machine that sync to an ARM machine. This has worked fine for about a week. Today I upped the ante. I added a new 40GB folder to sync between machines. I added the folder on the source machine, the x86_64. After it indexed, I added it as ro on the ARM machine and the sync began. I stepped away and returned an hour later to find BTSync had died on the ARM machine. I don't see any clear errors in the sync.log file on the ARM machine. I ran btsync from terminal on the ARM machine to try and get more info. [root@arm .sync]# btsync --nodaemon --config /etc/btsync/btsync.config total physical memory -1 max disk cache 2097152 Using IP address Loading config file version 1.2.73 UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. UPnP: Unable to map port with UPnP. Loaded folder /backup/BTSync/folder1 Loaded folder /backup/BTSync/Drop Killed I didn't send the kill signal. I don't know why "Killed" shows up, but when it does, it corresponds to the btsync process dying. There's about a minute between seeing "Loaded folder /backup/BTSync/Drop" and when btsync chokes and the "Killed" message appears. The 40GB folder never shows up in the stdout. It seems logical that btsync dies while "Loading" that folder. Watching top, mem usage never exceeds 18%. CPU usage is high, but never holds at 100. Hovering between 80 and upper 90s. BitTorrent Sync 1.2.73 on the ARM machine Based on the churning I hear from the USB hard drive on the ARM machine, it sounds like it's dying while indexing this new 40GB folder. Worst of all is that since the sync folders don't load in the WebUI prior to the crash, I can't go into the WebUI on the ARM machine and remove this folder that seems to be causing the issue.
  7. Hello everyone. I got my Raspberry Pi today and I followed the following instructions followed on this website. The instructions were really easy to follow. But I ran into a few issues that I'd like to hear your opinion about. I would like to change the trash time. On windows and Mac OS it's easy to change from 30 days to 45 or 180 or whatever. How can I modify it? I ran into a storage problem. I used the following command lines to format the USB drive to test it out. df -h # find your drive here, e.g. `sda1`sudo umount /dev/sda1 # replace sda1 with your drive name !sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 -L BTSync # replace sda1 with your drive name ! It created a volume called BTSync just like in the guide. I didn't have BTSync_ until after I restarted. I don't understand why there are these 2 folders were created (BTSync and BTSync_). Can someone explain why there are these 2 folders when I only created one? Well, to the main issue: I have multiple folder secrets and I want to sync multiple secrets! I can't. I went into the file explorer and tried to create the folder and it said I didn't have permission. So the next thing I did was with my very little knowledge of the OS I opened the command line and moved myself to the BTSync folder and used "mkdir Documents" and it said the same thing, no access. How can I create a folder in that drive? I want to create multiple folders. One for each "Secret" that I have: One for documents, one for pictures, one for mobile, etc. Thank you very much for your time. Kind regards.
  8. Here is my scenario. I have a desktop computer (CompA) I have a 3TB HDD connected to Raspberry Pi ? I want to transfer files and folders , when they are placed in the shared folder , from CompA to the HDD connected to R-Pi. CompA(BTsync folder) --> R-Pi HDD(BTsync directory) I then want to free up space on CompA by deleting the files from the shared folder, as soon as the sync is complete. I don't want the files on the HDD connected to the R-Pi be deleted. What would be the best way to achieve this. is there a way to find out on the pi as to when a transfer session has completed and then , using a script move the files from the shared directory on the HDD to some other directory?
  9. Hi, I am a php developer and work at home on a Mac Mini. When I work at my customers offices I use a MacBook Air. Until now I used Dropbox to keep things in sync, after having upgraded to OSX 10.9 I started facing a number of issues so I am looking for an alternative solution. Actually I am playing with a Raspberry Pi in order to see if I can use it to replace Dropbox to keep my development and documents folders in sync. I have installed BTSync following the instructions at: and left it running all night, folders sizes are: Documents 7.7Gb in 22182 files Sites 12.8Gb in 149641 files The OS is installed in an 8Gb SD and the data is saved in a 32Gb USB Drive. This morning the Raspberry had only copied 1Gb of data and, after some investigations, I found out that the boot disk (and 8Gb SD) was totally full! I then found out that two logs files were eating up all the space: kern.log and syslog After I realised that I was using 1.2.82 on my Macs and 1.2.67 on the Pi I removed both log files so that I was able to download the new version in the Pi. After having installed 1.2.82 I copied .sync to .sync-old and then started BTSync. Accessing the web interface it was still stating that it was 1.2.67, so I stopped BTSync, removed the .sync folder and started BTSync again. By doing so I had to add again the folders to be synced, this is not a big issue but I would like to know which is the best procedure to upgrade so that, the next time, I will not have to wait BTSync to reindex everything once again. Can anyone please give me some clues? Also, to keep BTSync updated is it better to install it as described here: Or is better to manually update all the installations to avoid issues that can arise by running different versions? Thank you so much!
  10. Hi all, I've hooked btsync onto a raspberry pi via this tutorial: I can successfully ping my windows laptop from the raspberry pi and visa-versa.The raspberry pi web gui shows that I am connected to the windows laptop and that files should be transferring.However, my windows laptop does not show that I am connected to the raspberry pi, and no files are being transferred.Any ideas? The initial search suggests that its a firewall issue, but being able to ping both ways suggests not. Thanks in advance, This looks like a related thread:
  11. A pictures folder that was transferring (hadn't finished first sync) when I upgraded to 1.2.73 has now stuck saying there are no more updates, and doesn't want to transfer. The other machine which has the folder says this one (my Raspberry Pi) is connected, but there are no transfers in progress. I added another folder since the upgrade, and this one is syncing without issue. The folder just keeps saying Indexing, and that there is 14GB to upload to the other machine, which isn't right, as this is the machine that should be pulling - but it just never transfers anything. I'm not a Linux pro, so I'm not sure where to look for logs like I would be on Windows.
  12. I have a RaspBerry PI set up as a btsync-station and it works great! But after setting up two different syncs for two different folders I noticed that the transfers speeds went from ok to crawling (around 5-10kb/s).. My suspicion is that the number of concurrent transfers is what is causing the slow transfer since the Raspberry Pi with an external USB-drive should be much better at handling one file at a time. And I did not see this low speed until I went from one folder syncing to two folders. So my question is if there is any way to limit the number of concurrent transfers? The number of files in transfer ranges between 4 to 10 and I would like to limit that and see if the transfer speeds goes up.
  13. Hi ~! I am Newbie!! kk. I had a problem, but I don't know what to do. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to sync very fast file system that consists of an internal network of 10 raspberry pie. We must be synchronized faster than P2P general model. So I've used the BittorrentSync but speed was very slow. Perhaps, there seems to be a limit on the maximum number of peer BittorrentSync. I want to know how that can be synchronized to the high speed by using the Bittorrent protocol. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thx for reading. XD.
  14. Hi, Linux novice here. I have a home network, mainly Windows. I want to share my movies library with a family member around 100 miles away. He wants to do the same with me, so we will have an identical library at each location. As more movies are ripped to a library they will sync across both libraries. Bittorrent Sync on Raspberry Pi looks ideal, I've made a start but hit a barrier. I have 2 ADSL lines at home so I've tested this across the LAN and also over the internet. Everything seems to work correctly if each library is on a drive on its RPi (USB stick). But, at both ends we have our libraries on Windows machines (for example mine's WHS 2011). Within the Windows world these shares can be read and written to. Also, I use my library with an RPi OpenElec XBMC without any issues and the share can be read and written to. I'm running Raspbian on the RPi i want to use, I have btsync running on startup and I've mounted the Windows share (as root) at /mnt/Movies. I have edited fstab to automount the share on startup. If I 'cd' to Movies and then request 'ls' I can read the contents of the library, but not write to it. I've tried to change ownership to user 'pi' and to change permissions to '777' but receive 'permission denied' messages for both requests. Trying to use the btsync web gui tells me I do not have permission to write to the share, so that's consistent. I get the feeling I'm lost in the 'permissions' area. Can anyone help please? Many thanks, Andrew